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If the lamp does not light, check for a broken or disconnected wire around the engine and oil pressure sending unit switch. If the wire at the connector checks out OK, pull the connector loose from the switch and, with a jumper wire, ground the connector to the engine. Using a pressure switch socket, deep-well socket or wrench, loosen and remove the pressure switch from the engine. It is now a legal requirement for all sites that leave or put cookies on a users PC to make you aware of this.

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Ive looked at switches on ebay etc and they look pretty simple to fit - just screw in tight and reconnect the wire? If the lamp still fails to light, check for a burned out lamp or disconnected socket in the instrument cluster. On the 3.0L engine, the oil pressure switch is located on the oil filter adapter housing, next to the starter motor.

I have looked into this problem online and see that other people are experiencing a similar thing.

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