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1) Click Desktop tile on Start screen in order to go to Windows desktop environment that you are familiar with.
2) Right click the network icon on lower right corner of task bar area and click on Open Network and Sharing Center. 4) Ok, if there are wireless and wired adapters installed on your computer, you will be shown a list of network connections that includes your wireless (Wi-Fi) and wired (Ethernet) connections.
If you like to do manual network configuration, you can now key in the IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and DNS servers. Note: Default gateway is a router that can route the traffic to the other network or Internet, usually ita€™s LAN IP address of your home router. If you have DHCP server configured on your router or you have dedicated DHCP server, you can configure your computer to get IP address and other network information automatically by selecting Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Note: If you have a laptop and use it at home and office, and it uses static IP at home and the IP assigned by DHCP server at the office, you can make use of alternate configuration to set IP address and network information for these 2 different networks.
First, set Obtain an IP address and DNS automatically on General tab as according to what I specified above, so that the laptop will be assigned IP addresses automatically at the office. Your computer wifi is connected to the AP mode config wifi network that appears (WiFly-EZX-xx).
You will see the word 'Configuration stopped' when the config procedure is complete successfully. Please respect the time and effort that went into creating each PCSTATS Beginners Guide, do not illegally copy.
To install a TP-LINK device you should configure the computer to obtain an IP address automatically first, so that the computer can get a correct IP address from the TP-LINK device.
During a recent CompTIA A+ class several students asked about examples they might use to prepare for supporting helpdesk calls requesting assistance with Wireless Access Point (WAP) configuration. Nevertheless, the request and my desire to enhance the course raised a curiosity.  I did some digging to see if WAP emulators might be broadly available. Not just the vendor manuals, which might be useful, but actual online device emulators.   A small, representative sample of my discoveries based on some of the more common device manufacturers available in North America follows. The emulators that I share in this blog do not appear to require an account or registration.  I found site or emulator instructions in very few cases, so you are primarily left to your own skills and efforts as you explore the interfaces. As I was testing many of the following emulator sites, most of the emulators supported common, default administrator and password settings. As one example from the Linksys site, I selected the BEFSX41WAP, discovering two firmware versions. The most robust solution that I discovered was the Cisco Support Community – Small Business Online Device Emulators.

Several vendors provide online emulators designed like software ‘wizards’ to guide the general user in the configuration of a recently purchased WAP. TrendNet also provides a broad range of Trendnet product emulators including much of their modem, switch, wireless access point and firewall router lines.
Netgear primarily provides router configuration SmartWizards for some of their more common routers, and online manuals are easy to locate. Interface is now offering a wireless networking course for IT professionals and I will be certain to get some input from Dr.
In order for computer to communicate with other computer, laptop or other network devices, it needs to have IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers configured properly. Right click the connection you would like to change its network settings, and click on Properties.
Please bear in mind that IP address of your computer must be unique, because none of the 2 computers in the same network can share same IP address that will trigger IP address conflict problem. DNS server is an application server that can translate URL to IP address, so that you could browse websites without problem. After that, click Alternate Configuration tab, select User configured option and key in your home networka€™s static IP and other network information. Unplug the controller power and set the config switch back to normal before applying power. This procedure will also allows your computer to automatically determine most network parameters. Give the sites a try yourselves.  And make a note of any WAPs that you might support in your home or business environment. Most of the drop-down windows are also interactive, though you cannot save settings within a page or as you navigate amongst the pages. In addition to several, current platform emulators, the site offers several focused support communities, blogs, technical support, and the ability to register your Cisco products in order to obtain additional, detailed support. With a little searching, you can find Netgear emulators, though most appear to be legacy options. Please keep in mind however, that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow. By setting this, when there is no IP information assigned due to no DHCP server at home, this alternate configuration will be applied automatically, so that you dona€™t have to spend time on configuring IP manually every time at home.
Follow the steps below to know how to set your computer to automatically obtain an IP address. CompTIA A+ objectives don’t require an equivalent level of detailed knowledge, and course delivery cycles prohibit maintaining a varied inventory of current WAP devices with a consistent interface that enables step-by-step lab instructions.

Bookmark them.  Some of the emulators offer better support than the manual delivered with the device.
For example, the Cisco small business support site provides an exceptional support environment.
Try combinations with the ‘A’ in admin and ‘P’ in password capitalized if lower case doesn’t work. All told, a great helpdesk support tool, albeit not a means to actually set and test a configuration.
At least one or two I tried are cloud based configuration wizards designed for live support – and they attempt to download settings to or via your computer when you save settings. Our Network+ and Security+ courses provide the opportunity to examine or configure WAPs consistent with their relative exam objectives. In some cases, the emulator did not prompt for an account and password, enabling direct access to the emulator.
As you drill into some of the emulator links you will find multiple firmware or interface versions for many of the devices. Belkin, DrayTek, ActionTec, and Apple provide extensive documentation, though appear to provide emulators only for selected WAPs.
You don’t want to download any content unless you know the outcome or are truly trying to generate a WAP configuration.
You effectively need to do a web search for a specific D-Link model to determine if an emulator exists.
The website offers only simple navigation, though the broad number of devices supported makes it worth a bookmark. I found D-Link models DIR-655, wbr2310, DIR-6228, DAP-1522, DIR-605L, DSL-2640B, and DIR-657 with very little effort. Note that several of the emulators on the VoIProblems forum are regionalized, such that language interfaces and security options are either limited or focused for an intended audience. Also the most current emulator on this site appears to be dated from 2006, so you are unlikely to find more recent models. In the left column, select Ethernet (for wired connection) or Wi-Fi(for wireless connection), then Click the Advanced.

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