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What if every time you spoke English, your words came out naturally and automatically – without hesitation – as if English were your first language?
How would it feel if you could express your exact thoughts spontaneously and continuously, without being forced to change what you wanted to say because you couldn’t find the right words? What would it be like if you understood everything you heard in English movies, TV shows, music and conversations, and could finally speak confidently – without ever feeling nervous or worried about mistakes – with the smooth pronunciation of a native speaker?
Until I discovered a simple, yet powerful learning method that helped me finally become a confident, fluent Japanese speaker… All without using confusing grammar tables, forgettable word lists or boring, unnatural listening practice dialogues. I was incredibly nervous around native speakers, so I would usually just sit and listen while others talked, pretending to understand their words and wishing I could express myself like they did. In conversations, I hesitated constantly, often having to think of what to say and translate words in my head before speaking. Those first few months were painfully frustrating, but I didn’t quit because I remembered how far I had already come.
On a walk through a park near my tiny apartment in Japan one day, I wondered what my problem was. The children were learning to use words and grammar spontaneously, naturally and continuously with the visual examples and simple stories their mothers used.
The children were learning the natural vocabulary, slang, idioms and expressions of native, spoken Japanese. The children were training their ears – and developing their pronunciation – by listening to fast speakers with difficult accents. What I had discovered is that most English learners struggle to become confident speakers because of how they learn.
If you actually want to be able to use grammar rules and words automatically, naturally and intelligently in real situations, however, you need an English Fluency Guide. While English lessons tell you what to study, an English Fluency Guide travels with you every step of the way to fluency.
Like a tour guide, an English Fluency Guide uses their experience and expertise to reveal highlights and danger spots along the path to fluency: what to study, what not to study, and the fastest, most effective ways to get fluent. They also help you learn more than just the language, giving you the skills and confidence required for personal and professional success. Most importantly, they train you the same way a native speaker trains a child – not with instruction in a classroom, but with simple examples, visual illustrations and stories that help you use the language without thinking or hesitating. This is how I will help you learn, using a simple video program I developed with my personal students called Master English Conversation 2.0. Master English Conversation 2.0 gently guides you from your current English level to fluency in simple, easy steps.
Each step in the program automatically corrects the bad habits you learned from traditional English lessons, while helping you build a huge vocabulary of conversational English expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and connected speech. As you move through the lessons, you begin to use correct grammar without thinking, understand more spoken English, improve your pronunciation, get fluent and become a confident speaker. You also learn how to meet lots of native English speakers excited to practice speaking with you for FREE – no matter where in the world you live – so you can make friends and practice speaking in the real world!
Right now, I’m giving you the chance to become a confident, fluent English speaker quickly and easily with a 6-month collection of some of our most popular Master English Conversation 2.0 lesson sets. Enjoy a game of Scrabble with two fast American English speakers and learn to use tons of great slang words, casual phrases, idioms and modal verbs so you can build a large vocabulary of conversational English quickly. Develop an ear for the differences between British and American English, and master sound blending, slang and idioms useful for both casual and professional situations so you can learn to express exactly what you want to say simply, correctly and naturally. Join two American speakers who can perform different voices and help you master advanced grammar and adverbs of frequency so you can describe yourself and your experiences continuously and in detail. Experience native British and American English during an outdoor magic show in Chicago so you can learn to understand and speak conversational English exactly as it’s spoken on the streets of America! I personally guarantee that once you begin learning with Master English Conversation 2.0, you’ll start understanding native speakers much more readily, speak much more smoothly and confidently, and meet more native speakers to practice with than ever before. You’re also getting a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee so that if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you’ll get your money back AND keep the lessons and bonuses. What’s the difference between the free Power Learning course and Master English Conversation?

Power Learning reveals the principles of rapid, successful language learning, like how to remember words instantly, and what dangerous learning mistakes to avoid. Though both the monthly program and the 6-month fluency course contain the same kind of Master English Conversation 2.0 lessons, there are two main differences between these two learning options. Note: You can upgrade at any time from the monthly program to the 6-month course, or from the 6-month course to the monthly program. We recommend at least an hour each day, but you can make great progress in just 15 minutes each day if you’re busy. Will the program help me meet people to practice with… Even if I don’t live in an English speaking country? I’m so excited to help you become a great English speaker, and I’ll see you on the inside! Does the inadequate knowledge of English and the inability to speak English confidently affect our Personality & Progress?
Our professional colleges like Engineering, Medical and other higher technical education colleges have English as medium of instruction. The principle of a leading college of Architecture told me recently  “Our students are excellent so far as the subject of architecture is concerned. In architecture, engineering, medicine or any other discipline of higher education most books available are only in the English language. Furthermore, with the coming of more and more FMCG Companies in India, the use of this language is increasing by the day. You cant remain esoteric and work in your Rashtra bhasha … its a competitive global economy. I had dreams of traveling and meeting new people, but when I finally arrived and couldn’t communicate, I felt so sad and alone.
I had failed French in high school, and barely passed Spanish in college, so I had very little confidence in myself. I also couldn’t understand the pronunciation and accents of native Japanese speakers, or the slang, idioms and expressions they used in conversations. I didn’t understand how so many Japanese people could understand fast, conversational Japanese while I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand the accents of native speakers or become a good speaker because I was learning Japanese the wrong way. I was learning Japanese THROUGH the English language, and had been training myself to think and translate in my head before I spoke. I was trying to memorize words and grammar with forgettable lists, complicated rules, translated flashcards and boring drills.
What I realized in 5 minutes of watching those children gave me more insight into language learning than I’d received during all of the years I’d spent trying to learn languages. And because you learned your native language in simple, easy steps, you can now speak spontaneously and confidently, without a second thought. This important lesson set also reveals one of my favorite techniques for meeting new people, even if you’re feeling nervous or shy. You’ll also learn some very useful technical words and study the body language of native English speakers. In one of our most popular lesson sets, you’ll also learn to understand the culture of British and American humor, puns and jokes.
These lessons will probably teach you the same traditional, ineffective techniques that you’ve been struggling with for years, and you’ll have to learn on their schedule.
Personal lessons with an experienced, native teacher like me can also be a great investment, if you can find the right teacher. This is an excellent option if you’ve got the time and money – and know how to learn effectively. It’s designed by learners for learners, affordable, and proven to help you become a great speaker. Master advanced English words, phrases, expressions and grammar while reviewing the challenging vocabulary of education and the law so you can learn to debate, discuss and speak about complicated and professional subjects in English intelligently, and start to express complex ideas more conversationally.
In this lesson set from our original Master English Conversation program, you’ll experience two conversations between family members so you can develop the ears to follow multiple native speakers in a conversation, learn about American family culture and understand how family members speak with each other informally.

In your second bonus lesson set from our original program, you’ll get to enjoy two fun conversations about family pets – one about dogs and the other about cats – so you can learn the real English phrases and expressions native speakers commonly use in conversations about family pets and animals. This important, best-selling video reveals the one idea that’s been absolutely essential to my language learning and business success. So act quickly and join today to receive all of these powerful lessons and bonuses before the lessons become more expensive. Master English Conversation is a complete language learning program that teaches you the actual grammar, words, phrases, culture and practice strategies you need to know to become a confident, fluent English speaker. Lessons will work on your iPad and any smartphone or tablet that can play MP4 videos, MP3 audio files and display PDFs. This means watching, listening to, reading, dictating or speaking with your lessons – or speaking English in the real world. There aren’t any graded tests, but each lesson set contains a special audio lesson that will check your knowledge of the lessons, help you practice speaking and show you which lessons you need to go back and review.
In spite of that, often the students are not able to express themselves in English confidently.
Besides, the technical terms used in these subjects are also in English.  Therefore the knowledge and the ability to express in English becomes necessary for all students of higher education.
The only reason why India is able to beat China in grabbing outsourcing contracts is because we can speak English … this is changing. Classes can cost thousands of dollars a year, and I’ve never heard of a single school guaranteeing fluency or speaking confidence.
But be prepared to pay at least a hundred dollars or more per month for individual lessons, and don’t expect guaranteed improvement. Before choosing this option, though, know that MORE THAN ONE THIRD of businesses are aggressively hiring people specifically for their language abilities.
After experiencing The Insight, you will have the key to staying motivated, even when life becomes challenging, so you can finally become a confident, fluent English speaker. The second is that the monthly program gives you access to our most recent lesson sets and additional lessons while the 6-month program gives learners a collection of some of our previous, but most popular, lesson sets.
But once you have them on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can learn with them anytime, anywhere without an Internet connection. The unique practice strategies I reveal are the exact same techniques I used to meet Japanese speakers and become a fluent Japanese speaker. You’ll also receive special challenges, homework assignments and missions in each lesson set to apply what you’ve learned in the real world.
Those who cannot express themselves in English fluently and clearly are at a great disadvantage.
If we let go of English altogether, then we would be loosing on all these contracts … Sadly India relies a LOT on the service industry and cannot bear to lose any of the limited international outsourcing contracts that it receives. The plane ticket alone could cost you thousands of dollars, and no one will guarantee your results. Fluent speakers of English as a second language can significantly increase their potential for promotions and expect salaries 25-30% HIGHER than those who can’t speak English in many industries.
There’s also a Facebook comments section where you can meet other Master English Conversation members to connect with. Ultimately, you’ll know the program is working when you start understanding more English in your everyday life, and speaking more confidently. They also enjoy greater freedom to travel, connect with more international business contacts and make friends far more easily. 6-month program learners receive more lessons at once, but monthly members get the best of Master English Conversation 2.0 with access to our most recent lesson sets.
Commercial organizations in this case can organize English speaking training as a part of their efficiency promotional effort.

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