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Learning to speak English fluently is an important thing to accomplish, especially for ESL students, and for many different reasons. For many years, this website has been helping English learners how to get a grasp of the language.
Hope these sample lessons will enhance your vocabulary, increase your confidence and will also give you an understanding that how you can speak in all situations.
And that you will be able to communicate better the next time, there are visitors at your doorstep.
There is no course that can teach you to speak English in 100 hrs or 48 hrs as coaching institutes promise.
Filed Under: Writing Tagged With: creative writing, creative writing prompt, ESL writing, ESL writing promptIs English a Language of Love? June 12, 2014 by English Tonight Leave a Comment When most people think about the language of love they think of Italian or French.

You just need to go through the lessons and the exercises--each and every lesson on this website and the methods told to learn English.
Here is a sample conversation of a situation where you are at a shop or general store to buy goods. Below you will find the different meanings of travel, trip, vacation and journey in English. Just have a look at the language used here and you would realise that it's quite easy for you to learn.
And so many English students want to learn to speak English fluently for one main reason: to succeed and make money. It is in school that you’ll meet most of your future friends, your future spouses, as well as your future business partners.
There is no question that learning English is a prerequisite for succeeding in business in America, but learning to speak English fluently brings with it many hidden benefits.
Forming powerful bonds early on with classmates is important and will ensure great success in this country as a whole.

Learning to speak English fluently is a big part of connecting with your classmates, because most of them will have been speaking the language from childhood. You can ask your friends for help understanding what a particular phrase means, but they will probably have trouble explaining it well.
Many Americans are interested to make friends with people from a different country, but most Americans only speak English. At TalkTrain, we use phrases and idioms that ESL students have voted in as the most difficult to learn and the most useful to learn. If you want to engage your new American friends on their level, you need to learn to speak English fluently. If you go with TalkTrain language courses, before long you’ll be able to speak English fluently.

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