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Let me preface this post by stating that I do speak (and understand) a little Russian, but I am, by no means, fluent and neither is my mother or my daughter.
This weekend my husband had a visitor come to visit — a Russian friend that goes back to their school days (they met each other in the United States). My husband often gently chided our visitor that perhaps he shouldn’t speak in Russian because neither my mom nor I understood. This entry was posted in Multicultural and tagged cultural differences, excluding spouse while speaking in a different language, Is it okay to speak in a different language, language differences, speaking in a different language by Hapamom.
I totally understand switching to Russian if things are easier to say in that language — my husband does this sometimes, too! I cannot for the life of me understAnd why your husband is passing up the golden chance to let the children absorb russian naturally. As to the visitors, i think flexibility is what counts: basic rule should be, we all speak whAt everybody understands.
I’ve been in this situation and also believe in a group setting the common language should be the one used. I don’t know the full context but, assuming there are no extenuating circumstances such as the ones Ute has mentioned above then I would be very angry with your guest. I would echo the previous comments, though, that this shouldn’t in any way be a reason for your husband not to spak Russion to your daughter.
My kids speak two additional languages besides English and use those with their father, while him and I use English with each other. One week before the half-term holidays our class 4C had, together with 4F, the possibility of taking part in an English-in-Action week. Each group had a project teacher and a drama teacher and teachers were swapped after each lesson.
All in all, we can say that we had a lot of fun, learned a lot about Britain and we can certainly recommend the English-in-Action week to everyone.
My name is Sanid Mujakic, I am fourteen years and my mission was to improve my English skills.

They taught us about the British lifestyle and we talked with them a lot in order to improve our speaking. After three days I noticed that my speaking skills got better because I was able to speak English fluently. He was extremely excited that his friend was coming to visit and spent the entire week cleaning (I should ask him to have visitors more often). He responded that it was okay because I understood it, and I needed to learn it as my husband is, in fact, Russian (I am paraphrasing).
Speaking in a different language isolates a person and makes them feel like they are being excluded — and could breed hostility. I am overwhelmingly happy that he often stands up for me (in English) to those that speak to him in another language so that I may be included in the conversation. Do you believe that you should be able to speak in a different language that not all parties can understand when you can speak (and understand) the language that all parties are able to understand also? I do find myself switching to Russian when Russian friends visit even at the table but usually I excuse myself because some things are easier said in Russian than in English (despite my English being on a native level). But yes, I can see why your husband wouldn’t want to add a language – he has that must respect for your family!!! I know he has our best interests at heart, but I agree he should begin trying to teach our daughter.
My husband didn’t teach our kids Arabic because he said it was too hard to go between English with me and Arabic with the kids. It would be most polite to use the common language of everyone present but there are reasons it doesn’t happen besides poor manners. I am not fluent in either of the two languages but I am thrilled my kids have learned them. The funniest sketch was the one with the two detectives Julian and Sebastian who found a corpse. Specifically, I noticed that his friend spoke to my husband often in Russian even though he speaks fluent English, and knew that I did not speak Russian very well.

On Thursday, we had a typical English breakfast with fried eggs, toast, baked beans and original English tea. We learned what ‘similarities’ and ‘differences’ mean and played a little game to learn which cities there are in England. She always smiled and laughed and she taught us interesting things about British culture, housing and the famous Royal family. I have had the same situation happen with my husband’s other visitors, too, but for some reason this time it felt a lot more pronounced. I know I should improve my Russian (I would like to and I am trying), but I may never be as good as the native speakers my husband brings home.
When a couple visits, usually there are 2 conversations held – one in English, one in Russian.
I have to add another thing: when we have guests who talk one of the languages we all know (more or less good), then we switch to that language if the guest prefers it. Note on your husband: he can drive the message home to his visitors by answering them in english only while you are present.
During the next days, we often played games, learned about music festivals and bands, about strange sports in the UK, about houses and about TV shows.
The majority of times, this is the the case, but it’s those rare instances that just make me very hurt and upset.
And seeing you making the effort to learn Russian would give them the boost to really like it and appreciate it.

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