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Well, you can speak English quite fluently, even if you haven’t got an immense knowledge of vocabulary and furthermore you don’t need to know the grammar rules perfectly, either.
You don’t need to know everything perfectly however you need to know at least the basic structures and some everyday words. Don’t forget there is always better, so don’t panic, don’t haste and practice as much as you can. Well, I have to say there is no easy answer to this question; learning any skill takes time and dedication. The reason why I say this is that to become fluent, you need to be able to speak without pausing to think of the correct words and sentence construction. You may be familiar with a large range of vocabulary, but are probably not able to create fluid conversation (natural flowing speech).
What you then need to do is NOT to ask them to explain grammar rules, but to listen and take note of the many phrases they will use during your conversations.

Ana is a fan of giving away free and useful materials both for English learners and teachers. ESL Associates is a language training service specializing in individual and small group classes. Improve your ability to communicate at work with our short and long term programs for individuals.
However, if you want to become fluent in English conversation, then you should try to learn English without thinking about grammar too much. This could be because you fail to recognise the differences between spoken and written English, one of which is that when speaking, people use phrases instead of sentences. The best thing is to find native English speakers you can converse with, either in person or on the Net.
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Don’t wait a situation that you need to speak English, start practicing now and you can do it on your own. There are lots of web sites that you can download podcasts or audio books, get them in your MP3 player and listen wherever and whenever possible. After a while you can record your own voice and listen it to notice and correct your mistakes.
If you have a really limited grammar and vocabulary then you won’t be able to evaluate it yourself so get a friend to listen to you or your recording and get feedback.

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