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Someone recently asked me to name my 3 most essential secrets for success as an Entrepreneur. I always feel Steve Jobs was a great example of a passionate leader — and look how that transferred to his staff and customers. More times than I can count I have wannabe Entrepreneurs come to me with their ideas for a new business – sometimes the ideas are even quite original and good but yet I will meet this wannabe entrepreneurs a few months later or even a year plus later and the still have not got started.
Look there will be plenty of challenges in any business – no matter if it is the start-up phase or you are a long established business.
You have launched your business – it is succeeding but without the ability to stay focused and calm when challenges arise you cannot hope for long term success. With hindsight I can say that fortunately for me I learned my lesson about remaining calm as a young entrepreneur (aged 16) when one morning I woke up to discover that my website hosting company (and my website) had disappeared overnight. How long did it take me to think of a solution – actually not very long at all once I calmed down. Had I not calmed down and got my head around that issue who is to know, I might not even being doing what I am doing today. OK, lets get this straight, not everyone will disappoint you, in fact very few will disappoint you but those that do can leave you feeling very sore and often angry. In my business I have content writers, JV Partners, Programmers, Affiliates, Web Designers to name a few that I deal with daily.
Whatever it is that has gone wrong it will almost certainly have cost you time and money – but getting down in the dumps about it and being annoyed will not help much, if at all.
As long as we are in business we will be learning – even when it goes wrong we learn something, even if it is only that we have discovered a method that does not work! I appreciate this is not the usual long list of points that I might be better known for in a post but I do hope you agree there might just be something new here that can benefit you and your business. After seeing how well it worked for us, we decided to develop it into a plugin our readers could use. Well Michale, You’ve given 4 points but in my viewpoint first 2 points were enough which did mention. So along with point 1, point 2 and 4 are really important, yet I agree point 1 always comes first. This is the biggest benefit of planning when you get to important intersections you know which way to turn.
And guess what, these 3 simple but often overlooked steps to guaranteed success is applicable to every area of life; business, relationship, academics, finance, health, etc. Anyone and everyone who succeeded in business or desires to succeed should repeatedly follow these 3 simple steps. If you ask anyone who ever achieved success, they would tell you they had an idea of what they wanted to achieve. I find many entrepreneurs who set out in business with only one end in mind; profitability. The third thing every business makes is not profit, but credibility (market trust earned from repeatedly delivering value). The fourth thing every business makes is not profit, but systems (a structured way of ensuring the continuous creation, communication and delivery of value to the customer). The fifth thing every business makes is profit, an accumulated monetary reward earned from doing all the above. There you are, you cannot put profit first because you it’s not the first thing you make in business. So, the end in mind every entrepreneur who desires business success ought to begin with is not profitability, but utility.
Utility is the benefit, value, satisfaction, change, impact, contribution, difference you want to make in the life of the customer through the business you’ve set out to build.
The second simple but often overlooked step to guaranteed success in business is learning what it takes. Successful entrepreneurs are able to build successful businesses that matter because they first desired it and then they became students of the process. A lot of entrepreneurs have a strong desire for success, they know where they are headed but only a few of them commit to the learning process.
Most of businesses tend to think about themselves nowadays and often overlook the customer who has always been, and will always be the true measure of success in any business. Unreasonable Lab Nigeria: In Search of 25 Unreasonable (Unusual) Entrepreneurs to Change the World! Company operations have direct impact on business performance and internal measures of success can be applied in order to assess the nature of this impact. Most important operations-related internal measures of success within balanced scorecard include the amounts of waste and scrap, duration of time to produce a single unit, numbers of defected units, numbers of returned units, and the level of effectiveness of labour utilisation. Balanced scorecard has been widely praised by business scholars and practitioners for its advantages that include possibility to identify ‘best practices’ more effectively, opportunities to identify additional sources of competitive advantage, achieving alignment between key performance measures and organisational strategy, possibility view operations from holistic approach etc. Accordingly, acknowledgement of operations as one of the critical measures of success within the framework of balanced scorecard can be interpreted as indication of great impact of operations on business performance. Unless the quality aspect of operations is addressed in an effective manner, proposed management initiative of producing upgraded product range for online sales may have negative effects in internal measures of success at least in short-term perspective.
In the last decade, almost all companies have undertaken projects to improve upon their closing and reporting procedures. A young budding entrepreneur asked me to identify the most critical factors contributing to the success of a business, especially relating to start-ups. The fire inside is what ignites the beginning of an idea, and the ongoing nurture of the little seed until it becomes a giant tree. During my 40-plus years of doing business in many industries, I haven’t met a lazy, successful business person. The works involved are not the exciting stuff you’ve often read in biographies or business schools.
The third most important factor that an entrepreneur must possess is the ability to absorb stress at an extremely high level. However, dealing with stress is a process you could learn by practicing certain mental exercise.

There are a lot to lose in a failed venture: life savings, family security, personal reputation and maybe on-going debts.
Another big factor that would help the success of a business is a management team who has the 3 keys to open the shut doors during the journey. The experience in business success and failure would give the entrepreneur a road map of the journey. The connection to other professionals would shorten the learning process of the entrepreneur. Finally, the extensive knowledge of the industry is the fatal difference between a novice and a professional. Of all the factors contributing to business success, luck and timing is the most difficult to quantify and could cause problems to even the most experienced and sophisticated entrepreneurs. As I indicated at the beginning, these influencing factors are common in a normal, competitive business setting facing a budding entrepreneur in a true market economy. One word of encouragement: a recent survey from Forbes magazine revealed that 32% of new fortunes (over US$1 billion) in the last 20 years belonged to a crowd of under-35 entrepreneurs. Sinh tho?i, ong tu?ng la? sang l?p vien c?a Alan Phan Associates (APA) co tr? s? t?i California va H?ng Kong. Also, I am not that comfortable with the word secrets any more, I far rather say they are real world business lessons learned in some cases the hard way by yours truly. Basically they have over thought things, are waiting for the perfect moment (which will never come) and feel more comfortable talking about what they are going to do rather than DOING! At the time I was super annoyed with the web-hosting company owners – in reality I had been scammed. Fortunately it was only a small beginner website (but it meant the world to me at the time) and using Google and the Cache feature I was able to rebuild the bulk of my website very quickly. I have had people steal my ideas, copy my websites, abuse my intellectual property, steal my software, fail to pay commissions owed and generally be rat-bags! If I’m really honest, it still gets me down but these days I suppose I have just become more philosophical about it.
Indeed being annoyed and angry is more likely to cost you even more money, because I promise you it is hard to be creative and upbeat and run a business when you are annoyed and angry. What is more I’d love to have your thought in the comments below and even if you have something that is usually not mentioned to add yourself. Today, it gets us more subscribers than our homepage opt-in, footer opt-in, sidebar opt-in and squeeze pages combined. Meaning, it is within your power to desire success and also within your natural capacity to achieve it. But because I write for entrepreneurs, I will focus more on the psychology of business success here. For every kind of success you desire in life, each requires a set of universal processes you must follow. No amount of learning will get the work done if you don’t get off your butt and do the work required. Being able to paint the picture of what the customer gets by doing business with you is a winning strategy.
I like the idea of developing a way of alternating the active (doing) and reflective (purpose and process). I'm the Chief Community Leader here and this is where we raise the bar of entrepreneurship. Great impact of operations on business performance can be explained by using the term of balanced scorecard, that consist of a set of measures used to assess four critical aspects of a business practice: financial performance, customer service, internal processes and innovation and learning. In other words, on-site factory is already operating to near capacity with limited space for increasing inventory, and therefore attempts to increase the volume of output with disregard to quality, capacity and inventory is going to cause internal measures of success to decline which can lead to the overall decline of business performance.
A presentation of cash-flow, statement of shareholders equity, management reporting and a multiple of additional information have become commonplace.
The subject has been studied by many academic researches and written in many business books.
Yet, all business starts with an idea, or several ideas which go through a process of transformation and crystallization, not unlike the iron bar in the huge baking oven. Without the relentless passion to spur on the battle, any entrepreneur, big or small, will quit after a series of setbacks.
Even if some tried to impress upon you that they succeeded without working hard; in reality and retrospect, they really had to spend a lot of time to get any business off the ground and grinding it through many obstacles. Many of them are mundane boring things that you would have never thought of doing before you become a business owner.
Stress comes from all directions: from your creditors first of all, then from all the so-called stakeholders (partners, shareholders, suppliers, employees, taxmen, regulators, family, society…). If you are paying attention to this problem and seriously want to overcome, you could do it. If your risk appetite is small, you would never think that anyone with a right mind would leave the port in a small boat facing a storm. A fund manager for an estate portfolio of a conservative bank would never understand the magnitude of the risks undertaken by any business owner.
Difficult as it is, it would be thousands times more challenging if you don’t know the road, the high and low, the curve and the intersection. Knowing the professionals who could advise you on legal issues and the tax requirements of your business would save plenty of unnecessary headaches. Any business model, even a simple retail store, contains many operational secrets and hidden techniques that only insiders are privileged to discover. Like the Greeks used to say, “when you go against the Gods…” Most Chinese entrepreneurs believe in feng shui, in astrology, in selecting the right day for business opening. However, there are always exceptions and outliers; and in many emerging countries, irregularities and irrationalities might be the norm.
The brave new world of IT, Internet and finance does indeed bear the imprint of young people. Khong bi?t n?u business plan co, li?u bac hay tr? ly c?a bac co th? th?m d?nh dc giup khong ??

M?i s? trao d?i va thong tin post tren site s? du?c v?n hanh b?i tr? ly than c?n, da?i die?n gia di?nh va nh?ng ngu?i yeu m?n Ti?n Si. APA chuyen v? ho?t d?ng M&A lien l?c d?a va tu v?n chi?n lu?c kinh doanh toan c?u cho cac cong ty da qu?c. Now I had every reason to be upset but it was not until I calmed down and started thinking of solutions rather than being upset that a solution came to me.
End of the day, the company isn’t going to do anything to help me so I have to take action.
And as I shared what I’m about to share with you in this unusual article during the discussion, I found out it was NOT so much of a secret, but rather often overlooked.
Those who succeed in business and in life are not superhuman; they just follow 3 simple but often overlooked steps to guaranteed success. Knowing where you are going is not sufficient, if you are not armed with enough information on how to get there.
A firm commitment to study the required process to attain the kind of success you desire is what differentiates those who succeed from those who don’t.
No amount of purpose, vision, mission, goals, and ambition will get you to where you desire if you don’t get off your butt and do the work. People always want to know what they will get from you that is different from what your competitions offer. We are a TRIBE of Unusual Entrepreneurs, we are not your every day entrepreneurs who go into business to put food on the table and pay bills.
I don’t think I would be able to add much insight, especially for those who want serious scientific data and specific case studies. Setbacks are as natural as the bad weather: the rain or the storm will come despite how many sunny days you experience. During the start-up phase when the business was short of money and resources, the owner must be willing to work as a janitor or a handy man, especially during weekends.
The personal fear of failure will also contribute a fair amount of personal stress. There is no escape from it, even when you are asleep or on a vacation. The attitude of a true entrepreneur is different: riding the wave with all the gusto of someone who believes that somehow he will conquer the challenges and bring home the trophy. Most statistical data from government and university indicated a failure rate of over 70% for all start-ups. Having the help of financial professionals to raise funds or to monitor cash flow would be a must for any management.
There is not much an entrepreneur could do regarding luck; but the conventional wisdom is the harder you try, the luckier you become. In places like China, Viet Nam or Burma, an ambitious opportunist would do much better than an entrepreneur who plays by the rules. People buy passion – if you are not passionate about your products and your mission how can you expect your customers to be? This is the often overlooked secret of successful entrepreneurs; they are students of business. They have a mental picture of what and how the service or product they are getting would fit. However, the young friend was insistent since he was impressed by my 40-year plus credentials, by my involvement in countless successes and failures, including many of my own undertaking. Without a desperate desire to succeed, the encountered problems will be too big for the heart and the will to go on. If you are trying to raise a family with young kids and starting a business at the same time, you would have no time to sleep and the resulting insanity would drive you to the mental house faster than you think. One should note here that people with Type-A personality (easy to get upset, angry or excited) are most vulnerable; yet, they are often the ones who want to be a business owner. Without the clear understanding and the willingness to take on huge risks in advance, the entrepreneur would be discouraged and buried at the first sight of trouble.
Connecting to important players in the industry to secure sales and supplies are very valuable in any growth prospect. Many business owners also possess the “gut” feeling, the uncanny timing when the right opportunity arrives.
However, whether you are an entrepreneur or an opportunist, creating a sustainable business is never an easy task, like getting a degree from a university.
Alan Phan di?u hanh qu? Viasa Fund t?i H?ng Kong chuyen d?u tu vao th? tru?ng Trung Qu?c (2002 – 2008).
3 Get on the Road is my current challenge and opportunity – thanks for your help with this. Every now and then, we need to evaluate what we are doing to see if it is still in line with where we are going (purpose) and still in line with our plan (process).
It is our means of doing what we love [passion], changing the world [purpose] and being financially rewarded for it [profit]™.
I obliged by crystallizing the contributing factors into the most essential, summarized for easy reading and ranked them according to the importance I personally graded. The biggest difference between the ideas that succeed and the ideas that die prematurely is the fire, the insatiable desire and passion to succeed no matter what cost. Even if you are lucky enough to afford a high price for an already-successful business, you are still required to spend a lot of time attending to a whole range of issues that need quick decisions on a daily basis. You can pass all the courses in flying colors by working hard and doing all the right things; but in the real world of business, the outcome is always uncertain. Ong cung la sang l?p vien va CEO c?a nhom cong ty Hartcourt co 7 cong ty con v? IT t?i Trung Qu?c (1995 – 2002). These 6 factors include 4 internal catalysts (desire, work, health and attitude) and 2 external influencers (connections and luck). Now you know why the previous owner was so anxious to sell the cash flow stream to you so he could enjoy the golfing and the fishing.

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