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Almost excellent although there is a surface scratch in the white field to the left of the image and the design is a tad off-centered. Three inch celluloid button which was made to commemorate Gore's 1,000 open meetings that he had hosted in Tennessee. Very rare historic paperweight which memorializes Bill Clinton's achievement of obtaining the magic number needed to win the nomination.
Very clean look but under strong magnification I see one spot between the A and the E in the word want that looks like foxing and one on the rim.
This was prepared as a sample for a ribbon that was never made, as far as I know, for Cordell Hull. This is the only example I have ever seen of this unused postcard which shows a Union and Confederate Veteran sending a message to "Mr. Beautiful Beige tinted lithograph, complete sheet music, unfortunatley marred by being cut down to place in an album.
Classic, color litho poster in nice condition except for the water stain shown in the separate scan along with some edge wear and other small stains that do not detract that much.

Two items in this lot, Elect Jimmy Carter for Governor flyer and an envelope when he was in the Georgia State Senate.
I purchased this ribbon many years ago from a major political dealer who listed it as a Andrew Jackson-South Carolina nullification ribbon. Great real photo post card showing a street scene in Plymouth Indiana with a huge banner with a Bryan-Kern Jugate portrait. This is an actual coonskin cap that was used in Estes Keafuver's campaign for the Presidency in 1952.
I obtained this cap from the nephew of a woman who worked in Kefauver's Presidential campaign. This is my favoirte Teddy Roosevelt campaign bandana, featuring Our Teddy and the song "We Want Teddy." Bandana appears to have had the outside margin trimmed since it is hand sew instead of machine stitching. Eleven inch wood carved and painted folk art rendering of Richard Nixon at the Grand Ole Opry.
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An articulate and charismatic figure during the first half of the 1960s, he was known as Mr. This card was a reminder for a Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp Meeting in Chattanooga Tennessee.
Signed on the back by Dow Pugh, 1991, an important Tennessee outsider artist, who is now deceased.
According to Crew this sheet was published by J Church Jr in Cincinnati Ohio Litho by Ehrgott, Forbriger & Company. This plate memorializes the rejuvenation of the Ku Klux Klan when they met at the foot of Stone Mountain in Atlanta Georgia. A postal card, cancelled in 1948 inviting folks to a rally at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee.

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