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ProductivityGetting a handle on your business and personal productivity can be an overwhelming task.
Contact UsPlease feel free to send us a note about any program or issue you would like help with. In the case of our new manager, understanding why the change was necessary may not have been communicated in a way that she could understand.  In addition, since she was new, she did not have a complete understanding of the current organizational situation.
The new manager felt threatened and did not see why the change was being made before she had an opportunity to work with the staff herself.  Her passive-aggressive behavior could have been eliminated by using these first two steps. This step involves normal training and education activities.  By providing a variety of methods to the end user, the organization can ensure that each individual know what they need to do to change, and what to do once the change has occurred.
Our new manager received the same level of training as other team members and should have had the requisite knowledge of how to make the change in her behavior.
This fourth step is to actually practice the skills and behaviors that will be required to ensure the change occurs and is successful.  The organization must provide the support to enable individuals to get comfortable with the new processes and procedures.
Once again, our new manager received the same training and opportunities to practice as the entire Kaizen Event team.
It?s not enough to implement new changes, it?s important that the organization ensure that the change is sustained through positive feedback, rewards, recognition, and performance measurements.
Paramedics point to problems with employer’s fatigue management policyAs the NSW Ambulance service addresses union concerns regarding worker fatigue, HC speaks to an employment lawyer about the legalities of sleep-deprivation. It is essential for HR and managers to be well informed of their legal rights and obligations, and to consult the Fair Work Act 2009, National Employment Standards (NES) provision for guidance.
Kelly warned that the utilisation of personal leave is a workplace right and as such organisations should not unnecessarily risk an adverse action or discrimination claim by requiring excessive evidence.
Kelly noted that part-time employees have the same entitlements as full-time employees, but on a pro-rata basis according to their nominal weekly hours.
Fair Work Australia has provided a comprehensive fact sheet on navigating personal leave entitlements, available here.
It would appear that an organisation can have all the 'right' systems and processes in place to address or manage absenteeism.
Shell’s corporate footprint will be ground zero for its HR team in coming weeks, as it seeks to execute a round of job cuts in order to gain increased efficiency.
They might not behave badly in the interview process but certain personalities should send warning signals to HR.
Hello readers, in this article you can get information about Shared Leadership Is It Time For A Change. Transformational leadership and shared governance: an action study anita bamfordwade rn, ma, dnurs, mrcna 1 and cheryle moss rn, bappsc, graddipedadmin, msc, phd,.
1 leadership strategies for culture change developing change leadership as an organizational core capability a white paper by john b mcguire. Download Shared Leadership Is It Time For A Change Transformational leadership and shared governance: an action study anita bamford-wade rn, ma, dnurs, mrcna 1 and cheryle moss rn, bappsc, graddipedadmin, msc, phd,. Download Shared Leadership Is It Time For A Change 1 leadership strategies for culture change developing change leadership as an organizational core capability a white paper by john b.
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Process of which social change is be distributed, promoted, and expressed by leaders to multiple communities and diverse populations. Shared leadership is leadership that is broadly distributed, such that people within a team and organization lead each other it has frequently been compared to. Home issues about change archive vision leadership and change vision leadership and change introduction. Thanks ken, i understand what you mean now i agree with marshall suggestions to develop shared leadership, it makes sense based on what i see everyday at work, in teams. Transformational leadership and shared governance: an action study anita bamfordwade rn ma dnurs mrcna 1 and cheryle moss rn bappsc graddipedadmin msc phd. Captains the traditional view of leadership is one person at the top sitting where the buck stops. Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about Shared Leadership Is It Time For A Change.
Nudge theory offers very helpful ways to understand how and why people think and respond to change-management. Managing employees can be a wonderful experience when you have people who understand the importance of being team players, who follow through on assignments and maintain a level of professionalism in the workplace. Do you have an employee in your workplace who is so negative that it affects the morale of your other employees?
Negativity from a co-worker not only  can cause turmoil, affect productivity and create job dissatisfaction for your other employees, but it also can result in your losing your best staff.
Always speak with any employee who is being inappropriately combative, cynical or dismissive.
You spend most of your time in the office, so it is natural that an occasional office romance may blossom. Supervisor and employee romances are fraught with legal issues and should be avoided at all costs.
You will also want to immediately address any instances where it appears that your co-workers’ relationships are spilling over into the office.
How often have you heard an off-colour or downright offensive joke in the workplace, or a comment that clearly crosses the line?
Don’t allow your staff to make statements that are offensive or inappropriate in any way. Managers often assume that there is no need to discuss a specific dress code when hiring new staff because they believe that their employees should understand what is considered appropriate. Conversely, you may have an employee who believes that she is dressing appropriately because she assumes that if she were not, that you would have told her so. If your expectation is that for business reasons, employees cannot wear sneakers, shorts or open-toed footwear to work, tell them so and explain your rationale behind the decision. Stealing from the workplace, creating conflict with other employees or not turning up for work are all signs of an employee who cannot be trusted.
As a manager, you must address these issues immediately and determine whether further management counselling, a suspension or termination is in order. Addressing workplace issues when they occur and clearly communicating and managing expectations are the key to ensuring that the workplace is productive, professional and even fun. Article by Dianne Shaddock, the founder of Easy Small Business HR, Employee Hiring and Managing Tips. The self-storage solutions provider is ramping up its expansion plans in Singapore and moving into the region.

INSURER AIA Singapore, with the largest agency force in town, attributes its latest strong financial results to its staff strength.
Additionally, all employees, (including casuals) are entitled to two days of unpaid carer’s leave for each permissible occasion. My last 18 months there have given me a lot of time to reflect on these issues where 'the sickie' is an almost enshrined right. But eventually, a brothel owner’s adverse action secured its former receptionist’s court win.
Most are interested in growing their careers, contributing to the company, getting along with their co-workers and doing a good job.
Try to find out what his underlying issues are and whether his outbursts have anything to do with job dissatisfaction. Co-worker romances, which may seem harmless, could backfire if the relationship ends and the co-workers are still working on projects together or sit in close proximity to each other. Although you can't mandate that your employees not be involved with their co-workers, you can certainly make your standards of professionalism clear to all of your employees. Address comments that you hear immediately and be sure to follow up on concerns that your employees may bring to your attention.
You will need to make sure that your dress policy is consistently applied with all staff (and always put it in writing). But from time to time, you may be faced with an employee who is not aware or doesn't care when his behavior or actions crosses a line. Sometimes, making your employee aware of the behaviour and how it affects others will help to resolve the issue.
Unfortunately, a line is sometimes crossed when the relationship is between a supervisor and employee or between two co-workers within the same department or division. Miller has assisted businesses anticipate and prepare for change, maximizing their productivity. Requiring doctors' certificates, notice and disciplining people for not providing them is only treating the symptom, not the problem and reasons for the sick days. As businesses develop and implement new projects, launch new products and undergo transition, Deb has filled a critical role; improving work processes and efficiency by applying her expertise in ?Lean,? Chances are, however, that there are a series of strategies that you don?t know that cause you to waste time and to lose out on the leverage that you could be getting with your time and your business. Deb has developed customized software and project management training tools, leadership and team building seminars and as an LMI Franchise owner has innumerable training programs at her disposal.
We accomplish this goal by providing you with the latest information in: Personal productivity Change management Process design Project management Technology And much more We also provide you with quick tip videos to help you learn and apply concepts FAST! There are many subprocesses involved and organizations need to streamline, standardize and document each one of them. Some of the topics we address in the Membership area for Process include: Standardizing and documenting your processes Process and Value Stream Mapping Lean Concepts and tools: 7 Wastes 5 S Rapid Improvement Events Continuous Flow Kanban And much, much more!

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