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TweetIn today’s economic market place people have been trying to figure out how to become self-employed and they want to learn some self-employment ideas. In yesterday’s blog post we looked at different types of work from home companies that an entrepreneur may get involved with.  Today we will look at some self-employment ideas entrepreneurs may contemplate before diving into one of the ideas discussed below.
As Robert points out you should think like a big business owner and investor, therefore when looking at self-employment ideas think about opportunities that will provide an income for you now but also turn into a stream of residual income for years to come. There are many network marketing companies to choose from and I will discuss the different types in a later blog post, but if you are interested in the one I am using that has helped supplement my current income, click here. Now let me mention even though I discussed a lot of ideas here in this blog, the idea is less important than the execution.  As a business owner and entrepreneur you have to develop the right mindset that will allow you to succeed in whatever business venture you decide to pursue. I trust the self-employment ideas discussed here will help you decide which investment opportunity to pursue, but if you have any questions about this article or any other post on this site contact me for further information. I just want to tell you that I am just new to blogging and absolutely savored you’re blog. From classic headshots to light-hearted Facebook snaps, we have 6 quick and easy self-portrait ideas to liven up your photography. In fact, one of the first photos ever taken of a human, produced on a daguerreotype plate in 1839, was of early photographer Robert Cornelius’ own (rather grumpy-looking) face. Most photography students are now regularly given self-portrait tasks and coursework, as it’s a brilliant way for them to hone their skills. You don’t need more kit than your DSLR, a kit lens and a tripod, but the latter is essential as you’ll need to compose your photos carefully in advance and have freedom to move about in front of the camera. When it comes to taking a self-portrait from a distance, a wireless remote makes focusing and shooting a whole lot easier. A simple, formal monochrome headshot is a really useful photo to have, and it makes the perfect addition to a CV, LinkedIn profile or a business website. This is self-catering your wedding for beginners- for folks who aren’t used to spending hours in the kitchen for a party of 40.
Believe it or not, Josh and I had toyed with the idea of a snacky reception long before butting against the budget wall.
When Michael graduated from college and got an adult job, the first thing he spent his paycheck on was a king size mattress. Seen this wedding so many other places and there’s always a little something I pick up from it. Krista- We were lucky in that only a scarce few were out of towners, and they were all family. After the dessert reception, we took our family and wedding party out to dinner- which included those few out-of-towners. If that’s out of the question, there are tons of other options- ask someone to host a potluck before the wedding, etc. People will all end up gravitating to each other and end up organizing their own evening plans. Besides, don’t you want them to find their own place to eat so they can have a good long gossip about the wedding?
I’ve seen the advice to buy instead of rent in a number of places, but I think it really depends on the rental prices where you live.
You rock darling – GREAT list and quite a few things applicable to those of us that didn’t even self cater (organization, having help, details)! Also, on the day of the wedding my mom and I were stressing that the 4 apps we had during cocktail hour werent going to be enough so we hauled our asses to Sams Club and stocked up on gourmet cheeses, crackers, pepperoni, grapes, and assorted berries.
Warning: Some of the work shared in this post needs to be taken by some extra precaution, so while trying take all the necessary precautions to avoid any serious injury.
About Us Welcome to my portrait hub as the name suggest our site is solely dedicated to portrait photography.
We started this site with a mission to help our readers by updating them with current and Upcoming trends in the portrait photography world. Sharing what you’re doing and where you’ve been with your friends and followers has become fun, easy and virtually instantaneous.
Since the earliest days of photography, self-portraits have been taken seriously as a way of expressing a photographer’s creativity, improving camera skills and practising techniques.

It can seem a little intimidating to plan and take a shot of yourself, but our six simple, easy-to-set-up self portraits are a great way to get started.
Don’t worry too much if you haven’t got one, though – we’ve got all the info on how to take shots with a self-timer or intervalometer instead. We’re going to look at how to set up a simple monochrome headshot which is perfect for a CV, some silly ideas for Facebook profiles that are a cut above the rest, and some more unconventional self portraits that play with props, weird angles and other creative ideas.
You could use a kit lens for this, but if you can get your hands on a wide-angle lens the distortion will be much more pronounced.
The beauty of self-portraits is that you’re completely in charge, and you can be as creative as your imagination allows. When I say this, I’m thinking of all of the little ways quality or aesthetics may suffer in DIY.
Her spare time is spent sipping bourbon with her husband and playing Don’t Throw That in the Toilet with her sons. Because after sleeping on twin extra long dorm beds for the four preceding years of our relationship, having enough space for two people to sprawl out in a host of geometric shapes felt like the world’s greatest extravagance. We plan to have 4 different cuisines for our wedding and we just knew a single caterer would not be able to pull it off. We’re having one too (though not self-catered due to something about liability and licenses) but I am having trouble shaking off the guilt of requiring our friends and family, 90% of whom are from out of town, to find their own dinner.
The majority of people lived anywhere from one block to 20 minutes away, leaving us guiltless about letting them find dinner themselves. Don’t feel guilty if you are serving them lunch at lunchtime and then once the event is over leaving them to their own devices. Nobody said anything about not being able to find dinner, and all the guests from my side were out-of-country. We spent a lot of time in Costco trying to figure out quantities and trying to have one of each thing for everyone. I’m self catering our dessert reception in June, and have had so much trouble finding resources for this. 1), but we have enough DIY pieces and parts to our plans that this list is still extremely helpful. So take action and start experimenting with your imagination as you are the inspiration of yourself.
We are a Group of hobbyists who came across this idea of starting this blog by getting inspired by many professional photographers in the field of blogging. Sian used a handheld Manfrotto LED light to illuminate one side of her face, but natural light from a window would work just as well. You can take the shot handheld as the camera needs to be fairly close to your face for the effect to work. Flip the final image horizontally in post-processing so that the camera logo reads the right way. Think about how you want to express your personality – perhaps you could embody a favourite film or hobby. Don’t let them press the shutter button though – if they do, it’s no longer a self-portrait. This is a great technique if you’re uncomfortable standing in front of the lens instead of behind it. Whether that means sew your own dress or find a great deal on flowers- if your wedding is your first foray into some project, you’ll be far more stressed than you need to. I was constantly doing stupid stuff such as planning on serving coffee, but not realizing that this meant I would need cream, sugar, stirrers… you get the idea. My wedding wouldn’t have been nearly as meaningful without the hours spent in prep and clean-up with the tried-and-true family and friends that stuck through it all.
So I’d love to hear more about what time of day your dessert reception was, and how your guests dealt with finding dinner on their own. We just picked a regular old restaurant with a banquet room, and because it no longer had the W tag (it was AFTER the wedding!) we paid about $20 a person.
Did we miss an amazing night out at the bar with all our friends from every part of our lives drinking together?

Face paints, hats and comedy glasses are all fantastic for transforming how you look and adding an element of humour to an otherwise plain selfie. Try different poses, and lean towards the camera and angle your body sideways for a natural, relaxed portrait. Hands are expressive, or you could take a close-up of one eye, or a shot of your feet in the environment.
He suggested I not worry so much about making sure there are exactly 150 brownies, 150 of each cupcake, etc. But this is something that you not only need to coordinate with any nice helpers, but also the facility.
But over the past decade, the once extravagant king bed started to become a real pain in my… back. I’m still excited about our plan (because how can you go wrong with sweets, cheese, coffee & booze? One things we did to help was list a few of our favorite restaurants and the address and website in a out-of-town little booklet I made, and I know some people tried these out.
Our church was nice enough to give us all day the day before to set up, and also let us leave our stuff after the wedding and come back later that night to pack it away. Don’t forget trash cans, places for dirty dishes to collect (we used big galvanized pails) etc etc. You can hire catering staff for this, but we hired some teenage girls- think like, the responsible kids your neighbors hire to babysit.
Thank goodness our wedding turned into an all day affair (noon to 11pm), cause at 10pm we were throwing the burgs & dogs on the bonfire for a nighttime snack!! This includes listing everything that you need to bring to the venue and home from the venue, blueprints of where things will be on the table, labels on serveware of what kind of food goes in what dish… and on and on. You can buy frozen, ready-made desserts or appetizers in bulk and just let them thaw, and throw em on a tray.
If you’re going on honeymoon right away, your family or friends will be the ones handling this. With all of that—there was an itty, bitty, teensy, weensy part of me that wondered if maaaybe I was missing out on something by catering my own wedding with only dessert.
But maybe, if you’re really concerned, make a list of restaurants, movie theatres and bowling alleys nearby so people can choose their own activities? And then I thought about how even when I have 6 or 7 people over at my house, there is ALWAYS food left over. Or, if you have those catering connections mentioned above, borrow the big ol’ commercial sized stuff.
We got ours from a caterer friend- if you know anyone who caters, works in a restaurant, runs a school cafeteria, etc. When it comes to tables and chairs, you may just want to try to find a hall that has them for you to use. We made it work by spending so much time with people on the lead up to the wedding that we were DONE with it by the time the reception ended, and they were done with us. We had our reception in the church’s “fellowship hall.” Places where groups tend to gather anyway will have stuff like chairs and tables and (muy importante) freezer space.
I’m a major perfectionist and I have a guilt complex about asking anyone to do anything for me.
Luckily, if you’re doing a dessert, cocktail, or other type of snacky reception, you don’t need as many tables and chairs, anyway. So not only did I wonder if things would be done the way I wanted them, but I felt bad asking someone to handle it.
Give each person you hire specific responsibilities and lay out a very detailed list of what they need to do- even down to a timeline, if you think it’d help.
And if you don’t have connections, I’ve heard they sell similar types of things at BJ’s and Sam’s Club and the like.

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