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In any business environment, it is inevitable that you have to hold your fair share of staff meetings in order to set goals, see how everyone’s doing, and determine whether those goals are being met.
To switch things up from time to time, make an effort to bring in some interesting and entertaining guest speakers. If you incorporate these five steps in your staff meetings, then you’ll be able to improve the quality and the scope of your meetings.
Here are some things you can do right now to improve your health and start on your way to living a richer and fuller life. By accepting our past reality as something that happened because it was meant to, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened, we can take ourselves out of victim mode and put ourselves into power mode. Essentially, arguing with reality keeps you stuck in a constant state of anxiety with no solutions, growth or learning. When we fill our bodies full of empty calories (in other words, foods that are packed full of preservatives, processed sugars, pesticides, trans fats, and GMOs), we are starving our bodies of the nutrition it needs and can only get from natural whole foods.
If you are one of the negative people, then ask yourself what you need to do in order to change. In a world that is full of outside influences trying to tell us who to be and what to do, we need this type of practice so we don’t lose sight of our higher nature. Are You Responsibly Healthy?Click here to get your free gift, “Responsibility – the Key to Health and Happiness”.
At the same time, project managers are expected to come up with creative solutions to solve complex problems—all the while coming in under budget. Using real-time online project management software is still the best way to keep track of all of the moving parts, but using a mind map is about letting the project manager diagram the core idea of a project. A mind map is a visual means of organizing information, typically through a Web-like diagram.
Lifehacker did a survey in 2013 to find out which mind-mapping software offerings were the most popular and the five they came up with were Mindjet, Coggle, FreeMind, MindNode, and XMind. In a meeting, when your eyes begin to glaze over as employees present and then discuss plans for completing a particular phase of a project, ditch paragraphed or bulleted notes for a mind map. Take project members inside your head by presenting a mind map, either on a whiteboard or by throwing a software-generated map up on a screen.
After trying out a mind map as a personal note-taking tool and introducing the method to a project team, one of its key benefits is that it helps a team think outside the box. Dedicate an entire mind map or just a few branches of one to represent which team members are responsible for what within a project, who reports to whom, a clear projection of project workflow, and who needs to be brought in at various stages of the process. Brainstorming sessions often result in useful tangential ideas, so a team should keep a running mind map of ideas that may come in handy for projects to come.
One of the biggest advantanges of using a mind map is that it can be used to create and perpetuate a visual vocabulary of the different pictures and symbols that represent different states of project progress, specific departments, or any other component within a project’s management.
A mind map is the visual representation of a project and all of its moving parts, so creating a chronological progression of objectives, complete with distinct milestones and stages, is a great way to keep the entire team up to date with a project’s progress. If you can get your small to midsize business (SMB) team or your department within a larger enterprise organization onboard with mind mapping, see if your company’s project management software contains functionality that resembles mind mapping or if it can integrate with a mind-mapping solution.
Next article7 valuable lessons for becoming an entrepreneur while keeping your full time job.. Another brain exercise that will enrich your general knowledge and help prevent memory loss is playing word games and solving crosswords or other puzzles.
Studies have revealed that people who talk to themselves actually have a lower risk of developing dementia later in life.
From time to time you may encounter someone in your family system, workplace, religious context, school, or business etc. If getting-along with others is an issue  for you that you have decided to overcome, we would be happy to support your personal development through our consultations or coaching services. Click the link to add your name to our contact database and receive your free copy of our e-book: Life is Just for Living.
Join Our YOU in Mind Community Subscribe to Our YOU in Mind Community and Get Your Free Copy of Our e-Book "Life is Just for Living. A team staff meeting should be efficient and communicate everything that you need in a short amount of time. This can even be as basic as just bringing along somebody from another department in the company for the purpose of updating your entire staff.

You can prompt everyone else to practice their skills too by introducing team-learning activities that either sharpen or teach skills to your various team members. Note how these steps involve both a degree of discipline and a degree of creative flexibility.
Even something as simple as getting a cold can throw your life into a whirlwind and make you appreciate when you felt well. Missing out on life because you are physically ill, emotionally distraught or spiritually empty is no fun at all. By keeping your focus on the not-so-good, you are setting yourself up just to attract more of it, as well as keeping yourself in a negative mind set. One of the most futile things we can do is argue with reality, whether it is our past or something from our present. It is no secret that anxiety and stress lead to poor health, and eventually to chronic disease. If your emotional wounds and past traumas seem like too much to handle on your own, don’t be afraid to reach out and seek help and support. Ultimately what our bodies need and want is food that is packed full of the nutrients that keep it functioning at its best. Whether it is more sleep or better quality sleep, our bodies need time to rejuvenate and repair. A spiritual practice is something that helps keep you connected to the deeper part of yourself.
I send them out each Monday morning, click here to sign up and receive your bonus free gift! Project managers are often tasked with coordinating multiple teams, keeping track of workflows, and making sure all of the moving parts are communicating and collaborating on delivering the finished product that both the business executives and the clients expect.
For a project manager sporting a normal human brain without an eidetic memory and perfect recall, using a mind map is a great way to make sense of this flurry of information. He or she can do this in order to really think about the most efficient way to complete a project rather than simply facilitating it along a traditional path. Mind mapping is at its most visceral when done on paper or a whiteboard with pens or markers but there’s also plenty of good mind-mapping software available. Coggle and Freemind are free, MindNode is mobile-optimized for iOS, and Mindjet has the most comprehensive suite of applications and tools, including significant project-management capabilities.
It will help you keep track of the main ideas and progression of a discussion, and will keep your mind engaged in the minute details by turning them into a perfectly acceptable adult equivalent of doodling while the teacher is lecturing.
It will get your team thinking about project-related questions in the same sort of free-thinking way, and a presentation tool like Prezi is ready-made to bring a mind-mapped concept to life with animations and graphics. For example, if a customer throws a new demand at you and, as a manager, you’re having trouble figuring out how integrate the request into the finished product, putting the team in a room with a mind map, a whiteboard, and markers makes for a more open and collaborative path toward a solution. Importing project tasks, teams, statuses, and other resource and planning data directly into a mind map is a good way to visually represent progress and productivity to the entire team. This is part of the inevitable, natural process of aging that takes its toll on all aspects of human life.
Not only does it add to your personal skill set, but it’s also an outstanding brain exercise that can prevent, delay or even reverse memory loss. It can be Sudoku or a Scrabble game – whatever appeals to you, as long as it stimulates your mind with new words and makes you associate them with objects or actions. In other words, talking to yourself and even telling yourself stories is an outstanding way to delay memory loss and to stay focused on important details. You can even laugh and be genuinely lighthearted in situations that would typically provoke vexation. Therefore, becoming life-long learners on improving our people skills and by extension our relationships with others, has a direct impact on our quality of life and our overall sense of well-being. Coach Cheryll helps local and international clients overcome their workplace, career management, job search, productivity, self-confidence and goal setting challenges.
Allow all of your team members just a minute or so to report on their progress in their specific area of accountability.
At the same time, if you’ve set aside one hour for the meeting, don’t think you have to stick to an hour-long meeting when everything’s already been covered in 45 minutes! After all, it’s a lot more efficient to stay up to date on what’s happening in other departments when there’s a regular contact from that department.
Team or staff meetings are meant to promote a more efficient workplace environment, and if you implement these 5 ways, you’ll have better small business staff meetings.

We are not meant to go through life alone and there is nothing strong or courageous about suffering in silence. If you are not moving enough or getting the exercise you need then your health is going to be negatively affected. Spending time with complainers, whiners and generally negative people is not going to lift your spirit and does not provide a healthy environment to enrich the soul. You probably drew them a lot in elementary school with colored paper and crayons, and the core concept hasn’t changed.
In each, you plug in your project’s concepts, data, and keywords, and the software generates a customizable mind map, with varying levels of minimalist or vivid graphics. Then let each member customize their own mind map from there to foster creative thinking from within your existing project management solution.
While we cannot prevent the effects of aging, we can slow them down, and even reverse them in some cases.
Language-learning activities will help you remember, recognize and understand words, which will take your cognitive function to a whole new level. It is now known that playing different word games and doing crossword puzzles on a daily basis can significantly reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Simply listen to your favorite kind of music on a daily basis, and try to remember the melody or lyrics (and sing or hum along), and you will find it both useful and entertaining! However,  based on who the person is, you may not have the freedom to terminate your connection or avoid the person. This effectively eliminates the typical breaks in relationships and cooling of friendships brought on by negative emotions.
I hope you found these tips helpful and that you will continue to grow more adept in handling your various relationships in satisfying ways. Master the art of holding efficient team or staff meetings, and watch how results in your workplace will meaningfully increase. Be sure to stick to the agenda though, because lots of business meetings have an agenda and then fail to adhere to it.
Arguing with your present circumstances will not put you into a mindset where you will be empowered with solutions on how to change these conditions.
I am suggesting, however, finding a balance that includes a positive, supporting outlook and lightness of spirit—one that keeps us grounded in our highest self. It could be a daily mediation practice, it could be getting out in nature, it could be journaling, it could be prayer, or anything that allows you to connect to your spiritual side.
What you’re doing is breaking down a subject or an idea for yourself in a way that only you know how.
Memory loss is a frightening subject for most of us, but the good news is that there are some measures we can take to slow our cognitive decline. Language learning is a great weapon against memory loss that improves vocabulary and grammar, as well as the elements of mental and verbal fluency. Instead of feeling trapped, fearful, anxious, or angry, take action to improve your relationship. Healing your mind brings you more joy and happiness and is a wonderful gift you can give yourself and others.
If sleep is a problem for you, then there are plenty of resources available to help find both the cause of your sleep issues and the solutions that can work for you. Mind maps begin with a main concept or idea in the center and work their way outward from there. You can use a combination of words, colors, images, and symbols and connect them by lines and arrows of different colors according to however your brain decides to lay it out.
You-have-it-within-you hard as it may be, and as undeserving as the other person(s) may be. Still, challenge yourself and freely affirm others with as many of these messages as you can.

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