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Islington light-middleweight boxer, Chris Baugh 1-0-0 aims to double his win tally on February 7th on a Hellraiser Promotions show at the Camden Centre, Kings Cross. He continued, “I got hit with couple of shots that I shouldn’t have in the first round by being too eager but then I settled down and nothing meaningful landed for the rest of the fight. Opponent Harjinder Gill 0-9(2)-1 secured a draw against Jesse Goodhand-Tait in his last outing on December 5th just one week after his loss to Baugh on November 28th. Of his first ever pro challenger, Baugh commented, “He was very slippery and had good movement. His next opponent is still to be named, most likely imminently with just four weeks to go until fight night, “There’s a few opponents on the table, I’ve been discussing it with my manager, we’ll hopefully have an opponent lined up by end of the week,” said the fledgling pro.
Baugh, who also runs his own personal training business, is trained by Bevis Allen and Roy Callaghan out of Rooney’s Gym in London. The degree-educated boxer is confident yet calculated with his ambitions for his career, “I take things one step at a time, I’ve got lots to learn, I’m in great company in the gym with Aarron Morgan 5(5)-0-0 who is fighting on the same bill. On fight night, in under a month’s time, Baugh promises to put on an improved, matured display, “You’ll see that I’m a little bit more patient, when it comes to it, I’ll be more clinical.
The self-assured Londoner moved around frequently as a youngster living in an assortment of different areas and boxing for a variety of different clubs as a result.
Regardless of the chopping and changing, Baugh has established a fan-base which is gradually building as he settles into the pro ranks.
Of his loyal fans, ‘The Bull’ remarked, “First thing to say is that when I went out on my debut it was an amazing feeling with the crowd there behind me and I appreciate the support so much! Baugh’s teammate Aarron Morgan 5(5)-0-0 will be keeping him company on the night as aims to continue his perfect record.
Tickets to the show are priced at ?35 for standard and ?70 for ringside and available from Team Bull on 07761 269 256.
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Millbank Prison was a large prison built beside the river Thames in Millbank, Pimlico, London.

My tom tom sat nav alerts me to where speed cameras are I adjust my speed accordingly , though it makes me feel I am in control and am able to beet the system the system is still in control in this perception of power of the tom tom. The fear of ghosts not because they exist but precisly because they dona€™t exist Just like ghosts, the god of the panopticon also has effects only as a fiction. The Guantanamo bay prisoners were made to wear these Eye shields and ear muffs meant to deprive them of all Senses both Light and sound, allegedly as a form of torture.
For Foucault, history is dynamic, and authority and coercion define the subject in different ways at different times. Prior to that, he has shared the ring with unbeaten Essex talent Ben ‘The Sensation’ Hall and 19-year-old West Midlands prospect Dan ‘The Hurricane’ Breeze. All I care about is getting fights and improving, as long as my performances keep getting better, I’m happy. Fighting in front of your fans is immense and I’d love to have that same support on 7th February.
Attorney General for up to a year and renewed continually thereafter resulting in perpetual solitary confinement, considered a form of torture under international law. The external walls form an irregular octagon, and enclose no less than eighteen acres of ground. The Internet and the panopticon make significantly similar assumptions about the creation of the subject within discourse. I want to say thank you to everyone that came to support me in the first fight – The Bull Squad! It was designed by William Williams in 1812 in accordance with the utilitarian principles laid down by Jeremy Bentham,. This vast space comprehends seven distinct, though conjoined, masses of building, the centre being a regular Hexagon, and the others branching from its respective sides. Each cell had a small window on the outside wall and a door opening on to the narrow landings in the galleries.
Both panopticism and the Internet construct space with a special attention to the subject's internalizing a particular model of space, and a particular notion of how people are distributed throughout space in relation to one another, and with a special attention to the defining of the individual through the space she occupies.

They can look forward to another good performance this time; I’ll be more clinical and looking to do damage. By this means the governor or overseer may, at all times, from the windows in the central part, have time power of over looking division of the Prison. The cells were well ventilated and had the luxuries of a water-closet, though water-closets were later replaced by the communal, evil-smelling recesses because they were getting blocked constantly and their pipes were used as a means of communication.
Further, both are intensely interested in the construction and distribution of authority over and within the subject. I’m sure that title fights will happen, when they happen,” said the unbeaten light-middleweight. Surveillance society as a top-down phenomenon in which an otherwise scarcely visible oligarchy utilizes new technology as a tool of social surveillance They understand panoptic society to be a sort of Orwellian 1984 or Kafkaesque Castle in which power is invested in the powerful if invisible. They had to wear a cap called a 'peak' that covered each man's face when they were together and numbers not names were used.
The aim, then, of the neo-Foucauldian critic is to bring the powerful to light by revealing how she uses the technology for surveillance purposes. When they took exercise the prisoners walked in silent rows, holding a rope that had knots tied man apart from the next.
In chapel, which they had to attend every day, they sat in little cubicles, their heads visible to the warder on duty but hidden from each other. Lincoln Prison's chapel is built to the same plan and is the only existing example of this type of chapel left in England.
In chapel, the men sang loudly since this was the only time they were allowed to use their voices.
They took the opportunity to talk to the man in the next cubicle while everyone else sang the hymns.

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