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Note: Some links that lead off this site may be affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. Sometimes we make stuff up about ourselves if your suspect you may be guilty of this; ask yourself, what proof do I have to support this belief?
The more we act in alignment with our values this boosts our confidence and in turn our self image.  If you do not know your top ten values this could be a valuable first step. Sharon has worked as a Freelance Personal Trainer in many reputable gyms such as Fitness First, LA Fitness, Esporta and GOLDs gym and produced many success stories during this time. She has a keen interest in Social Enterprise and improving overall well-being and happiness in the community. I think we do a huge disservice to our children when we stress self-esteem instead of self-respect. For more posts on the topic of Children, visit Bridget Chumbley’s place, One Word at a Time. When we understand that before anything else we are sons and daughters of the Living God, it will change the way we look at ourselves. Amen…I think we, as a society, are seeing the consequences of placing so much emphasis on self esteem in recent years. We are relational creatures and we find our way through our primary relationship with our creator, who loves us dearly.
Tremendous teaching…I hope this makes it to every parents email, blog or whatever…just so they see this truth!
Confidence is one of my favorite traits, as I believe lack of confidence and self-esteem is one of the easiest ways to sell ourselves short.

So confidence and esteem can be gained by changing our outer reality, by it is most often gained by changing our inner one.
In today’s world of personal development where we are now learning about vibrational frequencies, the Law of Attraction and quantum physics, to talk about self esteem feels a bit old hat! Confident body language, called powerful poses by Professor Amy Cuddy, can change other people’s perceptions — and even your own body chemistry! Watch to see how adopting confident body language for two minutes not only increased participants’ perception of power, but also increased testosterone and decreased cortisol. Her straightforward writing style empowers small business owners to make their own graphics for social media success! I have gone through the process of needing to regain my confidence and bring up my employable status. All, some or none of them may be true.  Often we can distort our own beliefs and assume things that other people are thinking, which can lead to a lot of energy lost in something that is not actually ‘real’. An individual with a healthy self-respect “likes” themselves — even when encountering the inevitable failures in life. If they sold self-esteem in the Sky Mall catalog, it would like like a smiling (but evil) Buddha. Being the mother of a 11-year-old girl going on 16 or something, I’m dealing with this on a daily basis. The way your conduct yourself not only builds you, but builds confidence in the way others see you and that is where the employee part comes in.
To esteem something is to “hold in high regard.” Self-respect and self-esteem are quite different.

While on the other hand, you raised an excellent point, it’s almost like self-respect is not even part of the equation. When life is lived in fellowship with him, to his glory, all the rest falls into its proper place. But my Dad has long insisted that Self-esteem is bogus, and I think self-respect got thrown out with it, because us kids got neither.
Body language can get you want you want if you really believe in yourself and work on it ever chance you get. Self-esteem balances precariously upon a comparison with someone who’s always “a little better.” When we esteem someone or something, we face serious trouble if we do not measure up to those standards. Our esteem may ebb and flow, whereas a healthy self-respect (liking ourselves) is always grounded in what we are (and are not) — not in what we can or cannot accomplish. He takes any type of discipline as if they were directed at his spirit and not his actions. Yes, a good self-respect will help him some, but if he doesn’t (with the help of his counselor) work through these things that are tearing him down, he will have no self-esteem and therefore will have no self-respect.

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