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Aside from being a little bit closer to the good kind of Daylight Savings, the biggest silver lining to the downfall of summer is the knowledge that fall TV is finally on the horizon, bringing some trusty old friends back into our lives once again. Paul McCartney, rock star, family man, northern lad, contender for most famous person on the planet, is leaning back on a squashy sofa.
We meet at the wonderfully named Hog Hill Mill, McCartney’s private recording studio in Sussex. The upstairs room where we talk is full of memorabilia from all points of his 50-odd year career.
Of his own conversion in the mid-70s, McCartney has often told the story of how he and his first wife, Linda, were having a roast dinner, looked out of the window, saw lambs gambolling, and realised they didn’t want to eat meat any more.
As a vegetarian, I have a rather more prosaic admiration for Linda McCartney – she probably stopped people like me (lazy vegetarians) starving; definitely from having to learn to cook in any meaningful way. What about bringing up their family as vegetarian: didn’t any of the kids rebel – even a little bit?
McCartney is happy to acknowledge that he wields the kind of clout that means he can embark on a personal correspondence with the Dalai Lama. Despite the enlightened atmosphere of the 60s and 70s, McCartney thinks attitudes towards vegetarianism are generally better these days. Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall use meat in their recipes, but they’ve been prominent campaigners for better conditions for animals – what does McCartney think of that?

Getting back to that poor “unmanly” vegetarian guy – what words of comfort could you give to him? A space where friends can discuss, and research, photos of The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, their friends, and families.
Please move along (nothing to see here) if you've come to this site expecting blind reverence of The Beatles, it has never been my intention to have this blog as a place of blind and one eyed fandom, it will be, and is littered with purile and base humour, silliness, and a small snifter and squirt of disrespect.
But the summer has been long and hot and has left us a little foggy on what went down during spring finales oh-so-long ago. Mindy ended things with Casey, hooked up with Cliff, then ended things with Cliff after she and Danny awkwardly attempted to join the Mile High Club.
Danny shut down an art exhibit featuring nude photos of himself, hosted by his ex-wife Chloe Sevigny.
Cartman briefly brought peace to the Middle East by convincing Kyle to publicly state how much he loved Cartman's farts.
George Zimmerman was asked to kill another unarmed black teenager, because "He's the best" at it. After our interview, he will return downstairs to the studio to play with a new computer programming system for music. Before her death in 1998, she had huge success with her series of meat-free cookbooks, and eponymous food range.

When her food range came out, it seemed to kick-start a revolution of choice in the food industry: suddenly there were a lot more vegetarian products available. He tells me a story about finding out that the Dalai Lama wasn’t vegetarian, and writing to ask him about it. The Beatles have brought so much joy to the world over the years, but there is still so much to learn about them. I'm unnerved by people who take The Beatles and the phenomenon around them as serious and clinical, we all know it was the trousers. If you want my real point of view then, yeah, I would encourage people to go vegetarian, but that’s not what this campaign is about. The fact that the food looks top-end and delicious is all credit to Eat Your Heart Out, McCartney’s on-tour caterer.
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