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ABC's Good Morning America program released an interview today with Kylie Bisutti, a 21 yr old Victoria's Secret model who decided to no longer model for the famous lingerie company because of a conflict with her Christian faith.
Kylie Biscutti had become a model with Victoria's Secret by winning the 2009 Victoria's Secret Model Search. Kylie will continue to pursue modeling, albeit with a bit more clothing, because she wants to be more wholesome about it.
May the peace of God, that passes all understanding, comfort your heart and mind as you endure trials and temptations. Remember: nothing you give up can compare to the promises of God for both this life and the life that is to come. How not to wear a sundress this summerHow not to wear a sundress this summer may be just as important as how to wear a sundress.
The next Secret Church gathering will be simulcast from The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, on Friday, April 24, 2015. The culture around us is constantly changing, and successive changes are often accompanied by significant challenges. SC15 Registration Discount Expires Sunday, January 25.  Early Registration pricing is discounted 20%. GrowAdd to your faith goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and love. Find a place of peace to faithfully rejoice in The One who said… Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Durham, North Carolina — A former lesbian is sharing her testimony with the world about how God opened her eyes to the truth of the Gospel and set her free from the chains of sin and unbelief. Nearly 15 years ago, Rosaria Champagne Butterfield served as an English professor at Syracuse University in Upstate New York. However, in 1997, Butterfield decided to research why Christians were opposed to homosexuality.

The letter was from a Presbyterian minister in Syracuse named Ken Smith, who asked her why she believed the way she did, and how she knew that she was right. Butterfield then became friends with Smith and his wife, and began to take a genuine interest in the Scriptures. Dear Reader, our hearts are deeply grieved by the ongoing devastation in Iraq, and through this we have been compelled to take a stand at the gates of hell against the enemy who came to kill and destroy.
Well writen and a breath of fresh air, simply because the truth spoken in honesty and love brings change about in a life.
Keep your site fresh and your visitors coming back by featuring Christian News Network's top news stories on your site. Christian News Network provides up-to-date news and information affecting the body of Christ worldwide from an uncompromising Biblical worldview.
She says she left after feeling like a "piece of meat," and has also written a book about the experience. At that time, Kylie was a Christian, and newly married; however, as she grew in her relationship with the Lord, she felt convicted about honoring her husband with her body as well as being a good role model for others. Do not send cut flowersConsumers who are concerned about the environment and health should be aware of the good and bad options of buying cut flowers.
Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land. Millions across the globe are persecuted for their faith while billions are ignorant of Jesus, lost in their sins, and desperate for hope.
She began looking into the Bible, and in the meantime, submitted an article to her local newspaper refuting the Christian organization Promise Keepers, which serves to help men have strong marriages and families. Although Butterfield threw the correspondence away, deciding not to respond, she later fished it out of the recycling bin and put it back on her desk.
Bibles for Iraq is a project to put Arabic and Kurdish audio Bibles into the hands of Iraqi and Syrian refugees—many of whom are illiterate and who have never heard the gospel.Will you stand with us and make a donation today to this important effort?

May this be a lesson to many of us who say we are children of Jesus(who loved us)while we in the name of Christ do not share The Lord’s standard in love. Our objective is to present the news with the word of God as our lens, and to bring to light what is hid in the darkness. Kylie realized that it was best to simply walk away from Victoria's Secret, so that is what she did.
How does a Christian respond to the rapid rise of so-called same-sex marriage and the increasing acceptance of homosexuality? Butterfield, a radical feminist, was also involved in a lesbian relationship, and lived with her partner, who was active in charitable work. How does a Christian live in a world of sex slavery and rampant pornography, a world where babies are aborted and widows are abandoned?
If this is true then i should rather keep quiet and ask The Lord to deal with the pride in my own heart. How does a Christian think in a culture of pervasive racial prejudice and limited religious liberty?
What does a Christian do in a church that exalts prosperity amidst a world of extreme poverty? During this Secret Church, we will explore biblical foundations for answers to these questions and come to significant conclusions regarding how Christ calls every Christian to engage culture with a firm grip on the gospel in the church and a fervent passion for God’s glory in the world.

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