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New Zealand law does not define religious, or philosophical, organisations eligible for approval to perform marriages. Most organisations approved to perform marriages are faith-based and cluster around well-known religious views. The next step for the church, if they choose to do so, is nominating a marriage celebrant for approval.
In Australia, the Spaghetti-ites say the group is in the process of establishing an official presence in "His Noodly Honour". To resist and overcome Salad is to experience what it truly is to be a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The FSM "church" for the sake of posturing and belittling just tore a huge hole in that ideal.
This is just political posturing to take advantage of loopholes in the law to stretch it beyond it's original intention.
People can spend their lives together in love and respect without requiring a religious ceremony's endorsement. Giving thanks for a delicious boloagnaise as it is a reflection of the creator's natural genius and everlasting love, is a religious practice.
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They included a statutory declaration made before a solicitor and the "objects of the church". All those times I have been called a Heathen and I didn't even know it was a respected philosophy.
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