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The result:Instead of clicking on File and then New - rather use the Ctrl N to create a new document, much quicker and you don't need to touch the mouse.
The result:Instead of using the mouse to move and click on the menu item, use the above quick key to instantly bring up the printing window. When you have an application open, like MS Word for example - using Alt F4 will close the application and all open windows associated with the application - basically an equivalent to using the "File" "Close" menu.
This is similar to the Alt F4, but only closes the active window, so in MS Word if you have 2 documents open, it will only close the current window and leave MS Word running with the other document.
It "captures" the current active application screen to the clipboard, so that you can then paste it into other applications. The below image is using the "Alt" + "Print Screen" to capture just the active application. Allow your Windows operating system to close just the application that has frozen and then to open the application again to continue working. This will bring up the option screen - select "Start Task Manager" from the list and then highlight the bad application, and click on the "End Task" button. Use this after you have tried closing the application in all the correct procedures - like the "File Close", or the big red "X" in the top right.
Jump between the open applications on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer in a 3D view. The cursor will jump to the end of the current line and highlight the enter line of text from the current cursor position. The cursor will jump to the beginning of the current line and highlight the enter line of text from the current cursor position. Whatever information you have gathered with your Ctrl C, Ctrl X and any other means, can now be pasted into the document. A quick way to undo the last command or typing - and if you are really undecided, you can use Shift Ctrl + Z to redo the last command. This is a good shortcut, but with time, you will replace most of the "Alt E" with direct shortcuts like "Ctrl C" etc. In Office 2010, you will not get the Edit menu, but it will ask you to either continue with the old key sequence or just abort the key shortcut. A quick tip about Office shortcuts, remember than pressing the Alt key on it's own brings up the quick key letters on the menu ribbon, so that at a glance you know which letter does what action. I use it a lot in applications where they hide the menus away, like Firefox, Media Player etc - a simple "Alt + F" and there she is! Pearson Publishing disclaims any liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense however caused, arising from the use of or based upon the information provided through this service and does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. This impacts many apps, but perhaps two of the most important are Messages and Mail, which have pretty small fonts by default. Toggling bold text causes a quick reboot, whereupon all text is then replaced with a much easier on the eyes bolder version.
The settings toggle indicators rely on color now, with green indicating a setting is turned on and white indicating a setting is turned off.

This setting just makes things more obvious, it’s a good one for improving usability even for those who have no issues with color perception.
The appearance of iOS 7’s home screen, Dock, lock screen, Control Center, and Notification Center are largely dependent on the wallpaper that has been set on the device. Subtle gradients and more abstract images look great as wallpapers in iOS 7, as do any image that isn’t particularly busy or full of clashing colors.
Some users have reported getting motion sickness from all the wild and fancy motion parallax and zoom effects throughout iOS 7, but you can reduce the motion effects through a simple settings adjustment. This is particularly recommended for iPad devices that are intended for use by young children, because the motion effects on larger screen seems to have a greater chance of effecting nausea, and because the youngest amongst us may not be able to fully understand why they suddenly don’t feel so great. Going further, you may find that some of the speed improvement tips can also help general usability too, if for no reason other than improving the general responsiveness of devices, particularly some older model iPhone and iPads. So it is like Windows, where you have to change a bunch of things right out of the box just to make it barely usable? Last day I got a call from one of our company branches saying that they are trying to print a web page from internet using Internet Explorer and their print out from internet explorer is too small. Question:I am reading a PDF file in small applications, I hope I can increase PDF font size to make it better for reading. Answer: There are two situations, if your PDF is text based PDF, you can increase PDF font size by VeryPDF PDF Editor easily.
VeryPDF PDF Editor is an application which can be used to edit text, hyperlinks and other elements of PDF, and add comments and annotations to PDF. When you need to increase PDF font size, please click button Edit Content and you can draw lines to frame the whole page or some area where you need to increase PDF font size like I showed in the following snapshot. Then right click the red frame around the text, there will be dropdown list, please choose Properties menu option, you will see menu option like I shown in above snapshot. In the font size part, please input the font size value you need to increase PDF font size, then the font size will be changed at once. For Windows 7 users, you can also click the vertical bar to the right of your date and time in the bottom right of the screen. Often software vendors want you to record the error you get in their prospective applications and this will capture only the active screen, so that you don't have to cut and adjust the dimensions to be able to send them the image. Remember this will not save your current document, but will help your computer from corrupting data in the future. This way of closing applications is not perfect, but better than switching off your computer to fix hung applications. If using paste from pull-down menus, there are often types of "paste" - like paste as unformatted text etc - but more on that in a future tip. We’ll show you how to quickly boost the text size which can help to reduce eye strain, enable bolder fonts for easier reading of just about everything, make settings toggles more obvious, improve the general appearance of the home screen, and also how to reduce the likelihood of getting motion sickness from the parallax eyecandy. Even if you have great eyesight, boosting the text size just a bit can make for a nice improvement in appearance and also reduce eye strain.
That means the wallpaper matters much more so than usual in the overall appearance of things, so if you find iOS 7 to be garish to look at or hard to read at times, you may find that setting a more subtle wallpaper makes a major difference in the overall look and feel.

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The following screen shot and article written from my real life experience and is 100% genuine. Just go into yer printer setting and select printing preferences, change it from portrate print to landscape print. Generally, font size scaling on Windows is already well optimized on normal resolution for most people. But if your PDF is image based PDF file, for now there is no good tool for increasing PDF font size directly. And all the VeryPDF software is free download, so you can install this software and test it without any fee produced.
Please install this software by double clicking the exe and following installation message.
This method can be used to the whole page, the whole PDF, simply frame the whole page or the whole PDF file. This is particularly true with the home screen icons, where a bright and cluttered wallpaper can make the icons and text clash against the background and hard to identify. A nice little bonus is the potential to get battery life by cutting away some of the eye candy too. Maybe you can try to convert image PDF to searchable PDF file and then adjust PDF font size. When installation finishes, there will be icon on desktop, simply click it then you can launch this software. If you think texts on this image are too small to read, you can follow the guide below to increase the size without changing resolution of your monitor or laptop.
Please pay more attention to our website, I will publish article about how to increase PDF font size of image based PDF file. So in this article I’m going to explain how to change font size when printing from internet step by step.
On Display, check the check box Let me choose one scaling level for all my display under Change the size of all items.
Note: If you want to change text size only some items, such as Title bars, Menus, Message Boxes, Icons, etc, you can adjust under Change only the text size section. But if you need to save some work first, click Sign out later, then save your work and sign out manually.
You can try with other scaling sizes (125%, 150%, 200%) to see which one is best for yours. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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