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So, Sir Goenka created a meditation philosophy and technique that at one point requires you engage in a 10-day silent retreat.
As the ten-day period progressed, he dove deeper into the pains that he had suffered in his life.
And so yesterday it was September 25, 2013 — strangely, it is almost four years to the day that my friend told me about his experience. What I’ve learned so far is that I am the possessor of a mind (and you too) that has so much potential. Within the pages of Project BE Bold are a combination of my writings, the insights of world renowned thinkers, and inspiring guest posts that have been shared by readers around the world.
Peaceful QuotesI hope you find great value in these Quotes about Peaceful from my large collection of inspirational quotes and motivational sayings. The Dragon Grotto is a large cavern located at the top of a set of falls near the Jade Palace. Shifu was seen practicing his inner peace by literally carrying a tiny water droplet and placing it on a plant.
The grotto made another appearance several days later, when during a stormy night, Shifu suddenly had a vision of Po being blasted by a cannon.
Is your mind always busy?  Does it feel like stress is your constant companion?  Do you long for some quiet, for just a little inner peace in your life? Although stress and anxiety seem to be caused by our circumstances, in reality, stress is caused by our response to our circumstances.  The good news is that we can learn to change how we respond to challenging situations.
Shortcuts are simple, brief mindfulness exercises that are easy to integrate because they are prompted by ordinary, everyday activities and experiences.  You’ll find that they are daily stepping stones to access your innate inner peace no matter how busy or hectic your life.
Shortcuts to inner peace create a restorative pause in our usual fast pace.  They quickly become new habits and, through repetition, actually change the way our brains respond to stressful situations. As you take your first sip, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, freeze the frame (make a mental camera click sound), and think, Life is good. This tool creates a “pause” which momentarily stops the physical and emotional spiral of the day.
Whenever you’re at a sink and touch water, let the stream of liquid cue you to say, “I go with the flow” or “I trust the universe” or “I have faith in the flow of what is.”  This exercise reminds you to let go and flow with the current of life.
Before you walk through the door, spend a moment “shaking down” your body, as if you are shaking off water.
When we clear or shake off energy from our days, we restore ourselves to a place of calm so that we can be present at home.
By reflecting on moments of joy during your days, you create a habit of positivity and you become increasingly more joyful and more peaceful.
Warm feelings toward others activate the calming aspects of our own nervous systems and offers us a deeper sense of inner peace. When the answer comes to you, feel the emotions behind the remembrances and let them flood your body. Redirecting our thoughts to life’s big priorities helps snap us out of patterns of stressful thinking. When you redirect your mind to an awareness of our breath, you create a moment of calm in which inner peace can bloom. 8 ) Cheesecloth  To do when you’re in a crowded, loud environment or when you’re being faced with a hostile encounter. Breathe in deeply and imagine yourself becoming a porous fabric, and let the fluid world—all sights and sounds—pass through you.

Watching that energy wash over us without consequence trains our brains to be nonreactive and lets us move into a place of peace.
When we take a moment to set our intention on calm, we set the day off on a trajectory of peacefulness and we break the cycle of automatic morning thoughts.
She facilitates and posts daily on three Facebook support sites, one for grievers, one for those seeking inner peace and another for couples looking to increase their emotional intimacy.
My favorite shortcut to peace is, as I lie in bed, stating peaceful affirmations about my day as if they have already happened and creating positive and peaceful interactions during my day.
My shortcut to inner peace: Slap on the headphones, listen to AtlantisAngelis (I never tire of it) while playing Zen Stones on my Mac! I like to take a few moments to connect to my breath and fill myself with white light from head to toe imagining myself as a beautiful sequoia tree standing tall and proud. That image makes me smile and feel peaceful so I can only imagine how powerful it would be to actually visualise it!
I find my peace by going out to the yard and looking at the trees when I really don’t have time to go any further. I like #1 personally… I drink a cup of coffee every morning, but usually in a rush or while diving into work at my desk. Agreed Something so therapeutic, soothing, and connected about hanging out by lakes and seas and rivers.
Finding this inner calmness and peace is coupled closely with finding the inner self, the part of us that is divine. Searching for Answers Mar 13, 16 07:23 PMI lost the man of my dreams due to certain circumstances and the hardest part was our love for each other still remains.
How to intercommuniate with god Feb 25, 16 12:08 PMI want to learn the art of intercommunication with god.
The purpose of the Sucky To Soulful Blog is to inspire my readers with authentic, humorous, insightful, and gutsy explorations of everyday topics that deal with personal growth, authentic living, and practical spirituality. In the  process you burn through your mental garbage — limited perceptions and the dramatic stories we tell.
The first time PJ dared to experience the process, he said the first day of complete silence freaked him out.
His failed marriage, his relationship with his parents, failed business pursuits, and the list goes on. It means that we seek to become healthy and whole, which will enhance our relationships with others. You may read about our disclaimer, our privacy policy, our copyright policy, terms of use, participation in affiliate programs, and the list of all our websites. It is here that Master Shifu often comes to meditate.[1] In the center of the cavern is a large statue of a Chinese dragon. Here he introduced Po to inner peace and told him that all masters needed to accomplish this goal. Realizing that something terrible had happened, Shifu traveled to Gongmen City himself where he partook in a tremendous battle with the other Kung Fu masters.
Written by Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Charlie Kaufman & directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson.
We can learn healthy, easy exercises that will calm our stressful thinking and redirect our experience to one of gratitude, acceptance and joy.

Look at the pedestrians and the people in other cars all around you, and recognize that each one of them is just like you: They want joy and they want to be free from suffering. Breathe out slowly and observe as words, insults, and emotions float through and around you while you remain unattached and nonreactive.
Not only it looks symbolic (as if we are shaking off all the stress and pent up energy) it also give you the idea that you can now relax. But when I do have time, I drive out to this one spot alongside the marina that is open and overlooks the river.
Just going for a long drive can be so soothing too, and sitting by the river is just awesome. With wild abandon, I began reading books by bold thinkers, interviewing & observing them and attempting to apply the principles they teach to my daily life. Just as Po readied up to learn this skill, he was interrupted by Tigress who informed him of a bandit attack on the Artisan Village. Hold your breath to the count of five and then purse your lips and exhale long and slow through your mouth.  Repeat several times.
I had tried to read the first page a number of times, but for some reason couldn’t continue.
Over a span of time, I learned that we human beings have the power to create any scenario we wish to see. Scroll to the end for a chance to win a copy of her book Shortcuts to Inner Peace: 70 Simple Paths to Everyday Serenity.
I really want to set more intentions and visualise my day going as I want before it starts, gotta turn that into a habit next. It even knows that we are unique and wonderful beyond any knowing our intellect allows for.
You and I can accomplish the seemingly impossible with a combination of inspiration, hard work, courage, and never-ending boldness.
This conflict between the intellect or egoic mind and the God within us is the great struggle in everyone's lives and sadly, most of us lose to the ego.Any search for this inner state of being is the divine trying to get through the illusion of life we have come to accept.
Even our searching, while earnest, lands us outward to more egoic devices and constructs, which we believe will get us where we want to go. If you’ve got a world full of people who have inner peace, then you have a peaceful world. Follow the directions and you’re off and running on a journey that is guaranteed to catapult you into personal growth at the speed of life! Ali uses her Shiftitudes -uniquely crafted self-affirmation acronyms - blog, books and courses to help keep you committed to your spiritual journey! Also, her Quotitudes – inspirational sayings, encouraging words and inspirational quotes about life - gently aid in helping you to achieve a positive mental attitude essential for personal growth and presence of mind.

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