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Much too early on New Year's Day, a grumpy Inspector Morse is summoned to investigate a murder at the Haworth Hotel. Indeed, even SKYFALL has a few Morse nods, including the reading of a Tennyson poem to enforce a character motif.
Respected by friends and enemies alike, both Bond and Morse are often berated by bureaucratic managers who eventually come round and support them. Morse and Bond both work within the establishment, yet are not quite part of it, somewhat on its fringes.
Created by the great COLIN DEXTER for his series of novels, INSPECTOR MORSE is something of a national treasure in Britain and a beloved character, worldwide. It is thought that the action in the new movie will take place largely in OXFORD as in the books and television films, with NEW COLLEGE a probable focus for filming, having been used in THE SAINT and TOMORROW NEVER DIES. There are also murmurings of a HARVARD sub plot, with cameos from JACK NICHOLSON, TOMMY LEE JONES, JESSICA LANGE, SUSAN SARANDON, HARRISON FORD and SAM SHEPARD.
SEAN BEAN, JIM BROADBENT, BRIAN COX, PAUL FREEMAN, ALUN ARMSTRONG, JASON ISAACS and a number of other stars who made appearances in the original series, are thought to have also voiced interest in making appearances.

It is unknown whether KEVIN WHATELY will reprise his role as Lewis, though lifelong Morse fan TOM CRUISE  has expressed an interest in playing the role should Producers fail to strike a deal with Kevin (his fee is apparently a huge ?20 million a movie). SAM MENDES is in line to direct the film, with JJ ABRAMS, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN and ZACK SNYDER keen to Produce. BARRINGTON PHELOUNG may return to provide some of his classic themes and orchestrations of opera, with HANS ZIMMER and JUNKIE XL ready to add extra background drum noises. Morse was first played onscreen by JOHN THAW, with the tv series running from 1987 to 2000 and launching the careers of directors and writers including ANTHONY MINGHELLA, DANNY BOYLE and JOHN MADDEN.
New Snap-on BreakFree Skin Case Cover Compatible With Iphone 6 Plus- James Bond 007 Ultimate Collection Vol. The victim is still wearing the Rastafarian costume that won him first prize at the hotel's New Year's Eve party; his female companion and the other guests in the annexe have vanished.
He can age into it, shooting his first Morse adventure back to back with his final Bond film and thereby leaving himself a back up franchise for his later years. And the pre Craig era Brosnan Bond film, DIE ANOTHER DAY was named after line in a poem by A E Housman.

One of Rachel’s first roles was in an INSPECTOR MORSE television film (TWILIGHT OF THE GODS).
Both CHRISTOPH WALTZ and ANDREW SCOTT have expressed an interest in recreating the DeVries role, but ANDY SERKIS has volunteered to do it for free with added Mo-Cap if required.
And both remained scarred emotionally by childhood trauma, thereby leaving them immune to a truly long lasting love (save one or two classic exceptions in each case).
But with pit-bull fervor he grabs the truth by the throat and shakes loose the bizarre secrets of a cold-blooded crime of passion.

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