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Apple announced its 6th generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, at a special event in San Francisco this morning. The camera saw an upgrade in silicon and software, though it seems to be the same optical package as the previous generation. A15 is much better and advanced architecture than A9.It is very power efficient and fast that event dual core A15 can easily beat quad core A9 in every aspect. Look forward to frequent updates Anand and Brian.Unrelated, how does Apple keep some of their SoC tech from being stolen by their fab Samsung? On September 12, 2012 Phil Schiller announced the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the original iPhone. WWDC once again came and went without any new iPhone announcements, re-affirming that that 2011 hadn't be a fluke.
The Apple A6 image signal processor (ISP) added spatial noise reduction as well as increased speed. Apple also added a 3rd mic for better noise cancellation and beamforming not just for phone calls, but FaceTime, Siri, and other, newer technologies.
The iPhone 5 launched in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the UK on September 21, 2013. WWDC 2012 came and went without any new iPhone announcements, re-affirming that that 2011 hadn't be a fluke and that fall was the new summer. Team Ampware wants to make the iPhone 5, 5s and 6 human-powered: Introducing the CrankCase.
With all the hype and buzz about the new Apple iPhone 5 coming out and the new IOS 6 available September 19th I decided to give a very basic rundown of everything you need to know.
The speakers have much better quality now, going from three to five magnet transducers, which will result in a clearer, richer sound. Geruchte uber das iPhone 5, oder wie Apple sein Smartphone der nachsten Generation letztlich nennen wird, sind nicht totzukriegen.
Recht frischen, aber sich wiederholenden Geruchten zufolge soll das nachste iPhone uber einen kleineren Dock-Connector mit 19- anstelle der 30-Anschlusse verfugen. Um Besitzer von iPhone-Zubehor nicht vollends zu verargern, soll Apple entsprechende Adapter anbieten. Au?er dem vermeintlich kleineren Dock-Connector wird von diversen unbekannt bleibenden Quellen darauf beharrt, dass Apple bei der kommenden iPhone-Generation mit der Tradition bricht, sein Smartphone mit einem 3,5 Zoll-Display auszurusten.
Die Jungs von BGR wollen uberdies exklusiv an Informationen uber weitere Spezifikationen des Apple-Phones gelangt sein.
Die Kollegen von BGR, die zum Teil recht zuverlassige Quellen besitzen, wollen hingegegn in Erfahrung gebracht haben, dass sich das iPhone 5 zurzeit in der dritten Phase des sogenannten „Engineering Verification Tests” befindet. Aufgrund der spaten Vorstellung des neuen iPhone-Modells ist Apple im aktuellen Quartal ein wenig hinter den Prognosen zuruck geblieben. Bin von JellyBean auf dem Nexus S so enttauscht (alles ist langsamer, ruckelig), dass es nun wieder ein iPhone werden wird. Kostenfreier Branchen-Newsletter, redaktionell uberarbeitet, 2x wochentlich direkt per E-Mail.
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Latest news releases and statements, information on spokespeople and contacts for journalists. If there’s one device that has changed our technology, that would be the almighty iPhone. The iPhone 5 sports a remarkably slim design that still makes room for a larger display and a faster chip. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
A lot of the features found in the iPhone 5 can also be found in earlier generation iPhones. The iPhone 5 doesn't offer a radically new shape, but the shape is about the only thing that's not radically new this year.
With a chassis carved from anodized 6000 series aluminum, hardened Gorilla Glass on the front, and inlays of ceramic or pigmented glass on the back, the iPhone 5 has been compared both favorably and ludicrously to precision, luxury time pieces. The iPhone 5 still only comes in two colors, but this year those two colors are also two-toned. I exchanged my first iPhone 5 after noticing a chip in the bezel, but the new one has held up just fine under normal, careful use. While the aluminum finish is polished and and initially feels "slick", there's enough friction when gripped for it to not to be especially slippery. Apple conceived of this iPhone form back in 2005 and has been working inexorably towards it ever since. The real question is, once Apple fully realizes this vision of the iPhone, once they've gotten as close to perfecting it as technology allows, what will they do next? The 4-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1136x640 resolution, 326ppi in-cell display is the iPhone 5's most obvious, most visually impressive new feature. With the iPhone 5, for the first time, Apple has changed not only the screen size, but the aspect ratio as well. 4-inches at 16:9 is a compromise, one that avoids turning the iPhone into a tiny tablet, or losing the density and the specific type of usability Apple values. In this case, they're the Apple A6 system-on-a-chip (SoC), the first custom processor to grace the iOS platform.
In that regard, both the iPhone 4 and the iPad 3 bear the burden of being the first devices of their class to have to run Retina displays, and that drained performance away from the overall system.
What there isn't is NFC (Near-field Communications), which is used for commercial transactions, rapid checkins, and other, similar, touch-and-go data exchanges. LTE 4G (Long Term Evolution) provides for a theoretical maximum of 100Mbps, which is faster than many home-based ISP connections.
LTE 4G support is split over three models, two GSM and one CDMA, in order to meet the needs of different international carriers on different bands, and segments of those bands.
Because of LTE 4G, every iPhone now has a SIM card slot and tray, even on Verizon and Sprint. Multiple stills will be integrated for better low light performance, in an all ISP solution.
Because of the 25% thinner body, Apple wasn't able to include a better physical camera (cameras love depth) but they somehow managed to squeeze a camera into it that was just as good as the iPhone 4S.

After 10 years of 30-pin Dock connector, Apple swapped it out for the smaller, more flexible Lightning connector.
Some in the media and in the markets began to run with the "Apple is doomed" meme, and Apple's ability to innovate and excite was called into question. It allows photos to be turned into mini-movies, with sound, via frame-to-frame compressed videos. If you'd rather fix it on your own instead of buying a new iPhone, you've come to the right place.
This is a short and sweet version that you can hopefully read rather quickly so you are up to speed with all the news.
Connectivity – As expected, it uses LTE connectivity, so it will be much faster that the current iPhone 4S.
Front FaceTime camera They have also made the 720p front camera better with a new backside illuminated sensor. Audio Apple has also upgraded all the audio: the microphones, the built-in speakers and the earbuds, now called EarPods.
These will improve the quality of your voice calls—whoever calls anymore—and sound recordings. Price and availability They are keeping exactly the same prices as the previous generation. Siri: The search functionality of Siri has been greatly expanded to fetch sports scores, list movie times and book tables at restaurants. Damit bleiben auch Produkte mit dem 30-Pin-Dock-Connector mit dem kommenden iPhone kompatibel, so Rene Ritchie von iMore. Es wird vermutet, dass der kalifornische Computerkonzern ein etwa 4 Zoll gro?es Display verbauen wird, um der im Nacken sitzenden Konkurrenz aus dem Android-Lager Paroli bieten zu konnen. Doch wenn wir uns an das letzte Jahr entsinnen, als aus allen Ecken ebenso solche Schutzhullen auftauchten, waren alle stark davon ausgegangen, im Oktober ein von Grund auf neu designtes iPhone 5 zu Gesicht zu bekommen.
So berichtet die Financial Times hinter ihrer Paywall, dass Netzbetreiber sich in weiser Vorahnung mit den winzig kleinen Nano-SIM-Karten eindecken, da das neue iPhone wohl mit diesem neuen Standard ausgerustet sein wird.
Doch angesichts dessen, dass der Herbst und damit langsam aber sicher die Prasentation des neuen Modells naht, wird bereits wild spekuliert, wann das iPhone-Event denn nun stattfinden wird. Auf diese Phase soll laut Angaben der Website ein „Design Verification Test“ folgen, bevor die Produktion letzten Endes anlauft.
Yesterday, Apple unveiled their much anticipated iPhone 5 and today, you have the chance to win one!
And in their place the iPhone 5 offers an aluminum unibody, accented by glassed, that houses not only a new, all-digital Lightning connector, fast LTE 4G networking, a monstrous Apple A6 processor, but for the first time, a taller, in-cell display. They're closer this year than any year past, achieving an unprecedented level of thinness and lightness, a screen that dominates the front as never before, and they've finally been able to return to aluminum for the back, albeit with glass still lingering at the top and bottom.
In both cases, it wasn't about making something that looked radically different but about making something that worked radically better. Likely because Apple didn't want to reduce the pixel density of the Retina display, impede the one-handed ease of use of the interface, or sacrifice the pocket-ability of the iPhone.
It would give up some pixel density, staying at 960x640 but reducing the ppi to 288, and it wouldn't have increased the amount of information that could be displayed, like the 1136x640 resolution does. It's remains IPS (in-plane switching) so the viewing angle remains tremendous, but in-cell makes the iPhone 5 display even better.
Not exceptionally so, not even at a high brightness level, but better than previous generations. Previous versions of Apple's A-series, including the A4, A5, and A5X, all ran existing processor designs like the ARM Cortex A9. I didn't think Apple would go the custom CPU route for another year or two, but clearly they're investing heavily in chipset architecture and its paying off.
While Geekbench and Sunspider are the perfunctory performance metrics, they're neither scientific measures nor real-world indicators. How long it takes the iPhone 5 to boot, to launch and app or game, to render a website, and to resolve things like location and dictation are what really matter to real people.
Apple doesn't seem to believe NFC is the solution to any current mainstream problem, at least not yet. Because Apple is prioritizing battery life, they're doing everything on a single radio with a single process, and because no carrier yet supports VOLTE (Voice Over LTE), the iPhone can't handle simultaneous voice and LTE data connections the way phones that use dual radio connections can. And just like the iPhone 4 switched from mini-SIM to micro-SIM, the iPhone 5 switches to nano-SIM.
This is a huge deal because it means Apple beat both TI and Samsung on bringing A15s to market.
Legacy applications will be letterboxed until they are updated to support the added real estate.
The package has been reduced in size by 25%, it's unclear whether that will have any effect on image quality, though. The density stayed the same, at 326ppi, so that resulted in a size increase to 4-inches and pixel count increase to 1136x640 to fill up all that extra space.
For the Apple A6, Apple licensed the ARM v7s instruction set and made their own design -- a 32nm CMOS dual-core Apple CPU that can run from between 800MHz and 1.2GHz. Re-branded under the old "iSight" name, Apple did add a new, dynamic low-light mode which they claimed was up to 2 f-stops better. They added 4G LTE support, thanks to Qualcomm MDM9615 and RTR8600 chipsets, with a maximum theoretical speed of 100mbps.
There, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing introduced the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the original iPhone. They claim they have improved the image stabilization in this version, added face detection (so it will be able to tag people automatically in videos) and, this is good, it will allow you to take full still photos while recording video. It also has face detection and—at last—the operating system will enable FaceTime over cellular. Falls Apple diesen Standard andern sollte, durften sich Hersteller von iPhone- und iPad-Zubehor freuen, Besitzer entsprechender Gerate allerdings machtig argern. Gegenuber dem Techmagazin BGR wurde von diversen Netzbetreibern bestatigt, dass diese Karten bereits getestet werden. Dafur hatte Samsung dank seines Galaxy S3 die Nase vorn: in weniger als zwei Monaten konnte der sudkoreanische Hersteller mehr als 10 Millionen Einheiten seines Android-Flaggschiffs verkaufen. By switching to a bigger screen, Apple has increased their addressable market, and now people can choose an iPhone with a bigger screen.
It would, however, have made everything bigger, including text, and it would have maintained app compatibility.
This allowed Apple to combine the touch sensor into the LCD display, turning what were previously 2 discreet layers into a single layer that's 0.5mm thinner. Add to that a 44% greater color gamut, and blacker blacks, and you have richer, truer images for everything from interfaces to avatars, photographs to videos. This year, instead of sticking with the Cortex A9 or moving on the new ARM A15, Apple zigged instead of zagged. Existing between the ARM Cortex A9 and A15, and between dual-core and quad-core PowerVR chips, freed Apple to find the best balance of performance vs. There's simply no way to account for the differences in architectures and "optimizations" across platforms. It's so fast now, especially when combined with the new network connectivity (see below) that the mechanics really, truly disappear. There are other technologies Apple can and is using for similar purposes, like the mobile checkout option on the Apple Store app, but it'll likely be a while before Apple thinks the market is ready for a full-out Apple NFC or NFC-like solution.
So, customers were forced to choose between fast (AT&T) and reliable (Verizon) or unlimited (Sprint).

For that reason, just as with iPad 3 LTE 4G, you're well advised to keep an eye on bandwidth caps, especially if you're streaming a lot of video or doing a lot of tethering. That means, if you're using LTE data and a voice call comes in, you'll drop down to HSPA data on AT&T and other GSM networks. There Apple SVP of worldwide marketing announced the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the original iPhone. Apple also claimed the 5-element lens has been aligned with even greater precision for even greater sharpness. Because of the thinness and their obsession with battery life, however, they didn't add dual radios. It caused a lot of pain for a lot of people who'd accumulated a lot of Dock connector-based accessories over the years, and Apple dropped the ball in a major way by not having their adapters on the shelves in anything approaching a reasonable amount of time. Even if you can’t hold it steady, iPhone 5 is smart, using its gyroscope to correct for any variation in motion and make a perfect panorama. And either with the use of a QR code or bluetooth, merchants can collect your payment info and send you on your way. And as an added bonus, you can update Facebook and Twitter straight from notification center. Apple konnte diese Anderung dennoch durchziehen, denn durch einen verkleinerten Connector hatte der Hersteller mehr Freiheiten beim Produktdesign.
Diese sind schlanker und langer, sodass nur ein dunneres iPhone mit gro?erem Display darin Platz finden kann. Ob Apple wiederum LTE nur fur bestimmte Regionen anbietet, wie es beim iPad 3 der Fall ist, lasst sich zurzeit nicht beantworten.
Diese Angaben widersprechen sich auf den ersten Blick mit Berichten daruber, dass sich das neue Modell bereits in Produktion befinden soll, doch hierfur haben die Jungs von BGR auch eine plausible Erklarung.
The white is Storm Trooper white, its crystalline diamond-cut chamfers brighter and shinier than ever.
At the same time, Apple wants to maximize content and minimize distractions like bezels and casing.
This year 4-inches at 16:9 was the first and biggest compromise Apple was willing to make, and the best one in their opinion. That might not sound like a lot, but when you consider the iPhone 5 is only 7.6mm to begin with, it's significant.
They licensed the ARM v7s instruction set and rolled something uniquely their own -- a 32nm CMOS dual-core Apple CPU that can run from between 800MHz and 1.2GHz. Likewise, HTML5test measures only iOS 6 Safari's compatibility with standards, and nothing iPhone 5-specific at al.
Apple nailed the 1:1 multitouch tracking with the original iPhone, but some lag and stutter and delay has always lingered around the edges of the OS.
Bluetooth 4.0 has been carried over from the iPhone 4S, and while its low-power, instant pairing holds the same promise today that it did last year, we're still waiting for the accessory industry to catch up and make good on that promise. It's chicken-and-the-egg, of course, but Apple has traditionally been conservative when it comes to radios. It also keeps the iPhone 4S dynamic antenna design, which reduces the likelihood of attenuation and allows for the best signal connection possible.
Apple also switched to in-cell technology, which let them combine the touch sensor and LCD into one layer.
Also, the surface of the iSight was switched to sapphire crystal to make it more scratch resistant.
Since LTE doesn't support simultaneous voice and data, the GSM iPhone 5 had to drop down to HSPA+ while talking. Both are facets of a single truth -- that through craft something is revolutionized, refined, and one day, replaced. Last but not least soll auch NFC-Suppport (Near Field Communication) an Bord sein, wie es bereits in allerhand Android- und Symbian-Phones zu finden ist. Denn bei der angelaufenen Produktion konnte es sich um die Fertigung der schon fertig entwickelten Gehause handeln, nicht aber schon um die Montage des kompletten Smartphones. Im Oktober letzten Jahres wurde anlasslich der Vorstellung des iPhone 4S eine ahnliche Umfrage durchgefuhrt, die ergab, dass 22,5 Prozent die Kaufabsicht hegten. While the blackout look of the anodized aluminum on the black and slate iPhone 5 is more singular, more monolithic, it will also show chips, scuffs, and scratches more readily than the naked aluminum of the white and silver model. The iPods had and have stainless steel backs that have always been susceptible to scratching and scuffing with normal use.
And if there's one thing Apple nails more consistently and constantly than any other company in modern memory, it's great design. Given LTE 4G and the new, thinner design, Apple couldn't decrease the screen-to-casing ratio by staying with a 3.5-inch display. If the pixels previously looked like they were painted beneath glass, the iPhone 5 made them look like they were painted inside the glass.
Durch die Verwendung eines kleineren Ports konnte Apple beispielsweise die Gro?e des Gehauses reduzieren, einen gro?eren Akku verbauen oder mehrere Anschlusse, wie eine Audiobuchse, positionieren etc. Sicherlich ist es durchaus moglich, dass es sich dabei um ein originales Bauteil von Apple handelt.
Mithilfe dieses neuen Designs soll das kommende iPhone eine noch kompaktere Bauform erhalten. Die darauf folgenden Quartalszahlen ergaben, dass Apple uber 37 Millionen iPhones absetzen konnte. All in a beautiful aluminum body designed and made with an unprecedented level of precision.
With the iPhone 5, you're not waiting for pixels to push or on-device data to load or system processes to catch up. Our community iPhone 5 speed test results show a much more normal, much more expected pattern of LTE 4G results. A also doesn't supported simultaneous voice and data, the CMDA iPhone had to drop data entirely. Is it a boring, uninspired, end-of-line update that should have Apple desperately seeking to once again "think different", or is it iconically, deceptively, insanely great enough to delight customers, inspire developers, and once again drive the entire industry forward? Dass Apple anstelle eines proprietaren Anschlusses einen microUSB-Port verbaut, ware wunschenswert, ist aber illusorisch. Vor allem im Hinblick darauf, dass Apple die neue Hardware zusammen mit der im Juni prasentierten neuen Version iOS 6 einfuhren wird.
Angesichts dessen kann davon ausgehen werden, dass das kalifornische Unternehmen einem hei?en Herbst entgegenblicken und vermutlich einen noch hoheren Absatz generieren kann. That's almost unheard of these days, and shows just how seriously Apple is taking every bit and atom of the iPhone's design.
For areas without LTE, Apple added DC-HSPA+, and it's still impressive theoretical 42mbps capacity.
Fur den neuen Service Passbook, der mit iOS 6 kommt, durfte diese Technologie durchaus einen Mehrwert bringen. In fact, it takes a moment -- an awkward, giddy moment -- to adjust to the sensory paradox.
Apple had succeeded in once again making the best, if not the biggest, display in the business. Because the overall volume of the iPhone 5 is 12% less than its predecessor, it feels like it's gone from a short, substantial slab to a long, lithe slice.

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