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I trust you had a chance to check out an earlier post at – 30-day Bikram hot yoga challenge anyone? And Bikram Yoga is the best form of Yoga because of the heated room that improves circulation and elimination and perspiration. This entry was postedon Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 10:32 pmand is filed under All about health, Fitness, Goals, Lifestyle, Looking good, Wellness, Yoga. Yes, bathing in a warm Himalayan crystal a€?pink salta€? bath for 20+ minutes does promote deep relaxation, plus helps to detox your body too. I have personally seen it and can attest that it is by far the best form of exercise and that  is coming from a guy that has been going to the gym for 20 years, averaging about 2-3 days during that time and also from a Certified Personal Trainer!
This healthy salt bath can be considered as a complementary therapy if used with the intention to restore the body with its active 84 essential minerals and 11 trace minerals.

If you are gutsy and up for the challenge, do the 30-day challenge or even the 60-day challenge. The amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga are the best that you can get in about 90-mins of practice!
It is spoken of as the a€?good salt.a€? Your skin is known as the third kidney, or the Wei Chi and toxins are excreted through the third kidney by sweating. Light a candle to add room soft lighting.Use a dry brush to help stimulate the lymphatic system and to remove dry dead skin. Nothing feels better than this dry brush massage.Additional Options to Consider During Bath TimeSet up audio player to listen and practice therapeutic breathing exercises.
Learning and practicing breathing exercises can help manage stress, promote relaxation and aide in sleeping disorders.

Our Breast Cancer Yoga a€?Calma€? tea blend contains Oatstraw and Chamomile, both of which are proven medicinal relaxation herbs.After Bath CareBe sure to stand up slowly and with care. Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to rehydrate the healthy relaxed cells.Pink Salt Offered By Breast Cancer YogaVisit Breast Cancer Yoga and try our Pink Salt bath crystals. Breast Cancer Yoga also offers therapeutic gift baskets that include all the above mentioned products.

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