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The colourful folklores and myths of Rajasthan come alive at Dwarika Prasad Jangid, which displays Kawads, which are miniature temples made of wood with as many as 12 doors. Elephants, plum headed parakeets, yellow-footed tree pigeon and frogs…Dastakar Ranthambore, an NGO, has brought the entire Ranthambore forest, with them. Dilawar Hussain, from Kashmir, shows off his collection of Kashmiri paper maiche jewellery boxes with enamel work. As the evening’s performance comes to a close, the devotees form a procession to Dhyanalinga. They have gathered here for the Navratri celebrations, which begin with a villupattu performed by Bharathi Thirumagan and troupe.

Handcrafted by the village artisans of Ranthambore, the stuffed toys, jholas, quilts and kurtis, feature motifs of the flora and fauna in the forest. He stocks printed coasters, wall hangings and pendants featuring Kerala mural motifs in bright hues. A maha arati is performed in front of the Dhyanalinga and prasadam is offered to all devotees. Stalls, designed like huts and made of palm leaves, have been put up by the artisans from different parts of India.
We have used some of the best ones on our fabrics,” says Ujjwala Jodha, a member of the organisation.

The lovers of grand brocades can always count on the Banarasi weaves’s stall from Uttar Pradesh.

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