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Yet there I was; a€?grounding myselfa€? by spreading and stretching each toe as far as possible while wobbling around like a bobble head.
Considering that Carrie just finished a two month yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh and the practice is an important part of her life, I figured I should at least give it a shot. Painful, incredibly frustrating, educational, stretchy, inspirational and something Ia€™m glad I did.
I wona€™t lie; there were several times in each class that I was ready to walk out the door and quit. As the course went on, the teacher a€“ a seemingly cold Polish woman a€“ began to warm up to me and was giving me smiles and helpful advice by the end. For help, we had a guy from Spain who seemed frustrated that he was stuck with a class of beginners. Nestled in the Daramkot trees above McLeod Ganjin Dharamasala, India, the Himilayan Iyengar Yoga Center is a thing of beauty. Every morning, Carrie, Lauren and I walked across wide open fields, up and down stairs, through backyards, past stupas hidden in nature and over little bridges to get to class. Came across your blog while researching for a teacher training course in yoga,(I think its great that you gave it a try for the women in your life), as you said your wife did a coarsen the same, would she have any recommendations on which course to choose or how to go about short listing them?? Iyengar Yoga Foundation Class 5Buy Now$9.25This class refines and integrates the standing and seated poses from Classes 1 to 4, continuing to build on the strength in your arms, legs, and core. The Iyengar style of yoga is a static style that is known for it’s attention to anatomical alignment. Using the form below, please provide as much detail as possible regarding its intended use; including URLs, size, duration, etc.

Depending on the position, props could be wooden stools, rubber bricks, blankets, bolsters, pillows, straps, and rungs on walls. Then, at the end, we alternated between sanding on our shoulders and bending over backwards for what seemed like an eternity.
Plus, the girls convinced me that it would be the easiest way to start because of the props. Not only was it tough to get my body to cooperate, but I lacked even the most fundamental knowledge of yoga terminology, ideas and poses. Rather than offering constructive criticism and suggestions, he would come over, slap peoplea€™s arms and feet into the correct position and ignore all questions. It was a completely new building a€“ octagonal in shape a€“ with a lovely courtyard and birds chirping in the distance. But the whole experience did leave me open to the possibility of doing more yoga in the future. Inhale and hold Triangle Pose.Exhale back into the hamstring strecth inhale into a lunge pose then exhale down to 8 Limb pose. Bend the knee lunge pose and inhale then exhale back to Downward Dog Pose inhale into Cobra pose and exhale back to Downward Dog Pose again.
In this sequence you are introduced to Hip-Openers to allow mobility, good stretches and flexibility around your hips. It is also known for the use of props which not only allow muscle groups to release tension and tightness, but more importantly, it accommodates for differences in body types and structure.
John Norris is a certified Iyengar teacher well-known for his clear verbal instructions, and his ability to bring students deeper in yoga postures.

The idea is that ita€™s more important to do the yoga position correctly than to try and force ones body out of alignment. Right off the bat, our teacher started throwing out things like a€?go to tadasana.a€? Today, I could tell you that tadasanameans to spread your toes, find a center of balance, thrust your pelvis up, straighten the back and pull down your shoulders. Simple focusing on the flatness of the feet and the evenness of the weight distribution on the feet can be applied to almost all the other yoga postures in the flow below.
Fortunately, the other assistant was a kind hearted woman from Canada who was gentle and incredibly patient with my beginner questions and problems. During the transition one attempts to use the fundamentals of even weight distribution from Tasasana.
By the end, I was extremely proud of the fact that most of the poses were coming easier to me. Not that I was an Iyengar Yoga expert, but I could actually hold positions without losing balance and getting (too) frustrated. My personal favorite was the wheel pose (chakrasana), which I was incredibly surprised to find that I could actually do!

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