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So this comes from a place of great respect and understanding about the difficulty of making good TV and getting good TV made — the genre is home to programming that ranges from life affirming and inspiring, to guilty pleasure, to this-is-a-gravely concerning-reflection of our society.
One thing we’ve really got a hankering for is innovative, entertaining, educational content. Brain Games, hosted by Jason Silva, unlocks the reasons we think, feel, and act the way we do.
Jason Silva speaks onstage during the 'National Geographic Channel - Engage Your Brain' panel discussion at the National Geographic Channels portion of the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour at the Langham Hotel on January 10, 2014 in Pasadena, California. Jason Silva is an extraordinary new breed of philosopher who meshes philosophical wisdom of the ages with an infectious optimism for the future. Called the "Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age" by The Atlantic, Jason Jason SilvaJason Silva6 PICTURESJason Silva Jason Silva Jason Silva Jason Silva Jason Silva Jason Silva Pictures draws from his experiences as a television personality, a media artist, a filmmaker, and a techno-philosopher to share his inspirational take on scientific and technological advancements.
Jason's riveting on-stage delivery style, and his hyper-enthusiastic insights on creativity, innovation, technology, philosophy and the human condition are equally unique and mind-blowing. From 2005 to 2011, Venezuela-born Silva was a presenter on Current TV, the Emmy-winning, independent cable network started by former U.S. An active and prolific speaker, Jason has spoken at TEDGlobal, Google (three times), and keynoted events for Microsoft and IBM.
There is a school of cognitive philosophers, Andy Clark and David Chalmers, and they wrote the “extended mind thesis.” They talked about the fact that the mind resides in the feedback loops between brains, tools, and environments. I remember when I first learned that our eyes can only process low resolution, two-dimensional images.
So reality is not something your brain absorbs, but it’s something that your brain creates? With technology improving, is there anything you see coming that you’re really excited about?
We at mental_floss love trivia, so let’s say you’re at a party and need to start a conversation. How’s this one: There is more energy per second—per gram—flowing through the corridors of the chip in your computer than there is on the surface of the sun!
Another one I like to tell people is that a study out of Stanford recently found that experiences of wonder and awe—experiences that force us to rethink what’s possible—are therapeutic. Host Jason Silva speaks at the 'Brain Games' discussion panel during the National Geographic Channel portion of the 2012 Summer Television Critics Association tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 3, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

We help networks promote and market their shows, and we’re busy creating a few of our own. Each episode covers a subject like superstitions, anger, or passion, breaking down the biology and sceince of what actually is happening inside our brains. Packed with (um, brain) games, perceptual illusions, and other things that will stoke your nostalgia for 6th grade science (what up Mrs. Combining intriguing insights and a mastery of digital film-making, Jason delivers philosophical shots of espresso which unravel the incredible possibilities the future has to offer the human race. Using his series of short videos, which play as "movie trailers for ideas," Jason explores the co-evolution of humans and technology and have garnered over 2 million views. An Idea DJ and a visual poet, Jason is above all, an optimist and a curator of ideas, inspiration and awe. Vice President Al Gore, where he hosted, wrote and produced more than 100 hours of original content.
Sometimes it’s the non-academics that give us the most interesting perspectives on scientific ideas. We take that limited information, and our brain makes inferences and estimations about reality.
Geoffrey West at the Santa Fe Institute is known for his treatises on the fact that cities have metabolic rates. It’s the way technologists and secular people have found a way to fulfill their aspirations to transcend outside of religion. Now, that’s concentrated energy that’s flowing through this particular space in a microchip.
The momentary explosion of awe can leave you with residual feelings of altruism, well-being, and compassion. People have called you a futurist, a walking-talking TED talk, a wonder junkie, a shot of "philosophical espresso." Which do you prefer? There’s a great line by Sophocles, he said, “Manifolds of wonder, and nothing towers more wondrous than man.” I always liked that line.
But it’s an uphill battle to create and produce that sort of programming these days — and an even tougher challenge to do so in a way that keeps audiences engaged and tuned in.
Wilson, you were the best) the show has a companion interactive website that allows you to challenge yourself while watching.

He was a featured speaker at The Economist Ideas Festival, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, the DLD Conference in Munich, The Singularity Summit, the PSFK Conference, Mexico's Ciudad De Las Ideas and Seattle's Interactive Conference. Here’s what he had to say about our minds, the “rapture of the nerds,” and the future—and why we’re already there.
When I left Current, I started to create short films on the web, and the short films explored the co-evolution of humans and technology, which is really the relationship between brains and technology. But, you know, our ancestors would look at aircrafts, and they’d be pretty certain that we were gods. But I really like “Idea DJ.” I remix ideas and regroup them in a way DJs remix music samples.
We are the most impressive species in the universe, and it might sound a bit narcissistic, but I think that’s how man should see himself.
It’s been nominated for an Emmy, and now we’re doing 20 more episodes … Its success speaks to the fact that whatever formula we’ve come up with, it seems to be working. We’re going to have apps that download genome into our bodies directly, just like how we download new IOS’s everyday.
But it’s also electrified and traveling across space and time and being pumped into your brain. We have a lot of ancillary content that we’re making on the web that’s meant to look a little bit more like my videos. When you look at New York City, you’re actually looking at the mind; you’re looking at brain! And, with technology, we transcend space and time because our minds can be all over the place. I can make a YouTube video seen by millions of people, and it’s like my mind has transcended my body. And in the future, when we transcend even more of our biological origins, people will probably still be complaining about the signal dropping.

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