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To be selected for the Top 100 is to be anointed by Jobs, an honor not necessarily based on rank. Though its name isn't to be uttered, the blessed nature of the gathering creates a caste system at Apple.
Given how secretive these meetings were and that 2011 was Steve Jobs' last year at Apple, the email is a fascinating historical document. The penguin on the postcard looks a lot like Jet Pack Guy, even though the glasses look slightly different. It appears on the first page of the EPF Handbook, as part of a small note on agent paychecks. In case it’s been a while since you studied world history, here’s the standard take on Athens vs. A decade ago, two graduate students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had an idea for a better way to search the Internet. The fact that the House just passed a second stimulus tacitly concedes that the first one failed. Every aspect of the campus, down to the finish on the steel beams, had been meticulously designed by the company’s owner, Steve Jobs.
They outfitted the area with Christmas lights, shag carpets, lava lamps, and, of course, a stocked bar.
This version of the speakeasy is dubbed “Lucky 7 Lounge,” spelled out in letters adorned with Vegas-style glitter on the deep crimson walls.Pixar also has an out-in-the-open bar. That’s not all the Jobs-designed campus offers: There’s a theater and Olympic-sized pools, outdoor amphitheater and basketball court also on the list. It's called the Top 100, and every year or so Jobs gathers these select few for an intense three-day strategy session at a proverbially secure, undisclosed location. He and his chief lieutenants use it to inform a supremely influential group about where Apple is headed. Each session is as well crafted as the public product debuts for which the CEO is so famous. Jobs referred to the group, but not the conclave, in an interview several years ago withA Fortune.

Click on any of the highlighted portions to see a note featuring a text or video annotation. This postcard was sent every month to PSA agents, until June 2010, where it was replaced by the Jobs: EPF Agent postcard.
As an Athenian, you could get a good education and could pursue any of several kinds of arts or sciences.
If anyone has better explained the dual nature of Steve Jobs — a ruthless warrior who “enslaved” employees by some accounts and prized creativity and the liberal arts — I have yet to read it. Job creation has fallen by 25 percent since the recession began, much more than the 15 percent increase in job losses.
The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it intends to begin regulating carbon dioxide – that would make energy more expensive. The more resources Washington consumes, the fewer businesses can use for their own projects.
But doubling down on more spending won’t encourage entrepreneurs to start or expand businesses. Obama wants to create jobs, he should start by admitting that no president knows how to do it himself. They even installed a camera in the outer office to watch if someone was coming.But the word quickly got out. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonJobs was said to spend a day per week at the headquarters, and he’d often drop into the Love Lounge. Everything about this Top 100 meeting is shrouded in secrecy, starting with its very existence. The elaborately staged event also gives Jobs an opportunity to share his grand vision with Apple's next generation of leaders.
According to Jobs' whims, attendees can be bumped from one year to the next, and being kicked out of this exclusive club is humiliating. Slavery made this possible by freeing the young men from household and industrial duties and allowing them to focus on their military duties. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.

The credit crunch and the uncertainty of the recession have made starting new businesses less rewarding and more difficult.
What politician could come up with even 20 good business ideas, much less the tens of thousands needed to get millions of Americans back to work? Obama’s attempts to centrally plan a recovery with government spending will mean long months on the unemployment rolls for many workers. Instead, he should pass policies that encourage the millions of potential American entrepreneurs to take the plunge and their potential investors to fund them. Instead of disapproval, all the top brass began to frequent the hidden bar, including Jobs himself.In Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs, he writes that Jobs loved the space, although he wasn’t a drinker. For those left behind in Cupertino, chattering begins as soon the chosen few have departed. Young boys were trained to be warriors; young girls were trained to be mothers of warriors.
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The economy works through decentralized trial and error as millions of entrepreneurs try to make their ideas work. Unemployment has doubled primarily because fewer entrepreneurs now take the risk of putting their ideas into action. They have chosen to advance their ideological goals at the expense of entrepreneurship and job creation. Obama’s spending has deprived many entrepreneurs of the funding to expand their businesses. So when a good idea comes a€¦ part of my job is to move it around [and] a€¦ get ideas moving among that group of 100 people." Privately Jobs has spoken even more strongly about the Top 100's importance. Apple goes so far as to have the meeting rooms swept for electronic bugs to stymie snooping competitors.

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