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For over three decades, John Kehoe has earned worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in the field of Mind Power. John has lectured on every continent and his seminal book, Mind Power Into the 21st Century, has topped bestseller lists in over a dozen countries. In 1975, John Kehoe withdrew to the wooded seclusion of the British Columbia wilderness to spend three years in intensive study and contemplation of the inner workings of the human mind. Mind Power Into the 21st Century has sold millions of copies, and has become an international bestseller, translated and published in a multitude of languages including, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Italian, and Serbian. John Kehoe did held lectures on every single continent and the seminal book he wrote, a€?Mind Power Into The 21st Centurya€? is a bestseller that topped the sales lists in over 12 countries. The truth is that most people that participated in one of Johna€™s seminars were happy with what they learned and the following that the author has at the moment is quite huge. Independent Media Planning and Buying specialists the Media Agency Group are to launch Radio Airtime Media on 1st March 2012. John Kehoe, Managing Director of the Media Agency Group described the company as the “overnight chameleon” constantly evolving and developing new services in line with their client’s needs and demands. The Media Agency Group is part of the agency landscape as a result of one too many “Wouldn’t it be great if” conversations.
Building relationships with media owners across the UK the team negotiated excellent agency rates, buying Outdoor advertising space in large quantities and passing the saving onto their clients, who would usually be charged higher rate card costs when going to the media owners direct.
Aside from WPP and Aegis, It was baffling to me that there was not an independent ‘one stop shop’ for smaller clients and agencies [who cannot commit to a large spend] to turn to when planning marketing and advertising campaigns. Radio Airtime Media has been welcomed by the industry, Daniel Thompson, Commercial Director of Global Radio Manchester said “As a commercial director within the UK’s largest radio media owner, Global radio, I am always excited to work with clients who not only understand our industry fully but have a genuine passion for it.

Establishing her career in Radio Advertising, Yvonne McCusker currently at the Media Agency Group has many years’ experience as in-house Account Manager at Bauer Media and GMG Radio and will now be heading up Radio Airtime Media becoming manager of the division. RAM promises to work in a new and unique way, independently recommending only the best stations, programmes, sponsorship and advertising opportunities to meet the clients brief, again passing agency savings onto clients. Yvonne McCusker said: “Our vision is to create a group of specialist divisions to promote our clients in the very best way using a standalone advertising opportunity or multi-format campaigns to effectively target their audience. The team at the Media Agency Group has a wealth of expertise in Media Planning and Buying, having worked with a number of major brands from Bloomberg Businessweek, The NHS, Ernst & Young, and Sandals.
Radio Airtime Media will launch on 1st March 2012 and like all divisions will work with clients and agencies with small budgets, to those who want to commission million pound campaigns. The Media Agency Group is going to be held as ‘The complete advertising solution’ and over the next year expect they to double turnover, introduce further Press, Online and Television media planning and buying services, and employ at least an extra 50 staff. Read the coverage on our story in How-do, The Drum, Radio Today, Radio Centre and Salford Online. Due to the large volume of enquiries we receive, we recommend you use a company email rather than a web provided email address. He is a warm and energetic teacher, author, socially conscious individual, and proponent of the amazing human potential to transform the world and our lives with our thoughts. His teachings relate directly to the powers held within every person to conclusively shape his or her destiny.
During this time, Kehoe forged the first straightforward and successful program for developing Mind Power. John has also written four other books, Money Success & You, A Vision of Power and Glory, The Practice of Happiness and Mind Power for Children.

He has been active for over 30 years and his worldwide recognition appeared because of the pioneering work that was done. His book is definitely worth reading for anyone that wants to understand the human mind and it is a must read for personal development. Radio Airtime Media is a new division dedicated to radio advertising campaigns to run alongside MAG’s very successful Outdoor divisions Transport Media and Out of Home International. From humble beginnings, the company started as a small Outdoor Media owner named Transport Media and realised from client feedback their services could be much more valued as a media agency as their clients found buying advertising space in the outdoor arena a daunting task simply due to the amount of products and media owners in the market. Since announcing their agency status in 2010 as a team of four the business has grown rapidly, employing fourteen members of staff and boasting billings of ?5,000,000 in 2011.
Working recently with Yvonne and the team who are about to launch Radio Airtime Media has been a pleasure. In 1978, he began traveling and teaching people the principals he had formulated, and the phenomenal success of his speaking tours soon grew to literally encompass the world.
You can easily see him in one of the seminars held and recorded for the internet and you will notice that he is quite an energetic teacher, a socially conscious individual, an author and one of the people that will tell you to use your mind to change the world.
He returned in 1978 and that is when he started to travel and teach people everything that he learned.
Success was almost instant and people from all around the world are interested in attending his lectures.

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