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Nick is put in charge to watch his bodyguard's niece Kiara and Nick and Kiara sings a song together.
This show was good and it was sweet of Nick to finally tell everyone that he likes Macy and vice versa.
I love the whole idea of Macy And Nick, but i hated how it took them so long to tell everyone & i also hated how Kiara threated them! Copyright © 2010 - PortaldeMisterios - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons.

When Nick Jonas sang that song, I could have sworn it was a black R&B male singer who sung that song! I love the song Nick sang i also loved how he sang it to Macy!It was funny how the whole sitution with Kevin & Joe went!
It was funny but stupid at the same time But i didnt like how he didnt admit it and he is supposed to be his brother!
Joe you were wrong for not saying you're sorry to Kevin after accidently punching him in the face and giving him a black eye.

It made you think "Oooh that had gotta hurt!" Overall, the whole plot was well thought out.

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