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Bodhisattva is a beautiful tranquil meditation center ideally located at walking distance from the beaches of Hove, Brighton and less than an hour by train from London. The center is run by a community of 30 residents as well as volunteers, all having the same purpose; to connect with like minded people wanting to make their life meaningful and sharing the same wish to leave this world a better place than when they entered it. What I particularly liked and appreciated while spending a week here on a meditation retreat is that no one is trying to persuade you to be come a Buddhist. I am not a Buddhist but value and respect their principles and even though I was one of the few (or perhaps even the only one) not to focus on their Guru, they respected this and I was treated just like anyone else. This is something that many other religions and beliefs lack, it’s either their way or else you’ re lost. By respecting my differences yet still fully accepting me, allowed me the space to want to come back. After a week at their center I leave with a peaceful mind and feel loved, rejuvenated and very grateful for the beautiful people I have met here.

Yoga Sequence for Grounding and to Lift the Spirits by Esther EkhartView the video that Esther made especially for Diaforlife. SpecialtiesKadampa Meditation Centre Canada (KMCC) is located in downtown Toronto in Little Italy, and is the National Temple of the New Kadampa Tradition founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
I went to my first meditation class a few weeks ago at Kadampa, and it made a huge difference! I enjoyed the Tuesday night meditation class and the discussion with the teacher at the end of the class. If the bliss hasn’ t come through while meditating then you will surely have been blissfully touched by the warm hearts of it’s residents and visitors. I've been meaning to try meditation, but am not a huge fan of yoga, and thought the two had to go hand in hand.
I realize that learning to disconnect from our busy city is SO important, and has made a change in my perspective and perception.

You decide the class or practice you want to pursue, or can ask for advise on which ones to take..
I will be going again, and picking up some helpful materials so that I can attempt this on my own soon!
Very open about it, and its inexpensive when there is a charge (less than a movie ticket, which is my benchmark).

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