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The horrible hidden truth behind the Secret Life of Walter Mitty that’s keeping you from your dreams. A boring photo-processor daydreams about epic adventures because he’s too scared and socially awkward to actually do anything.
He fails his quest, because (spoiler alert) Sean mailed him the photo already, but put it inside a gift wallet meant for Walter… which has since been thrown away.
The movie ends with the discovery that the photo was actually a picture of Walter at work, as a tribute to the workers who made Life possible. The Secret of Life of Walter Mitty¬†takes the form of a hero’s quest, where the protagonist goes on an adventure to learn about himself and returns newly empowered, forever changed, a master of his own universe. Although he worked at Life for a long time, his role was obscure and his real-life film processing skills are unlikely to be needed now that everything is going digital. And since he’s been showing us his finances, we know he just spent most of his savings on his life-fulfilling but unnecessary trip. He apologizes for failing his family – it was his responsibility as breadwinner but he screwed up.
The Secret Life of Walter Moody¬†seems to be saying, “There’s more to life than this! Walter took the moral high road in returning the negative even after he was fired, but the road leads him towards a life of poverty. For me, Walter’s new romantic relationship feels like a half-hearted consolation prize in the face of absolutely tragic failure and sheer powerlessness.
Sure you can learn to take mini vacations (although you’re not really experiencing foreign cultures or places if you only do tourist traps).
To truly live life you need unexpected, extremely challenging situations – and this happens most often when traveling to new places (ideally on your own). What you need to be doing is developing a creative skill – something that produces something of value that other people want and appreciate.
It’s not so hard to start a business and make more money than you had with your day job, while enjoying absolute freedom in your schedule. It’s a much better idea to make something that can be scaled, like art prints or a book. You can start off backpacking in Thailand and end up living on a cruise ship in Greece (I did both last year, along with extended adventures in Mexico, China, Turkey and Poland). What you can’t do is fulfill your fantasies through monthly inspirational movies like The Secret Life of Walter Smitty.
That’s enough to get started on a business that gives your life passion, meaning and purpose. Wouldn’t you like to start your own business and make your own passive income streams by the end of 2014?
I help authors and artists turn their passions into full-time businesses, make a bigger impact, and blaze a luminous trail of creative independence. I just watched Walter Mitty for the second time, and stumbled upon your article after attempting to clarify that the motto for the Life Magazine in the movie wasn’t actually the motto for the real Life Magazine. From that point on that I was not only enjoying your writing, but felt like it was written especially for me. Because in July 2012, after years of being taken for granted in my profession & over 2 years without holidays, I made a few spur of the moment decisions. Once I got back home, I noticed that there was a niche market of hostels around the world that didn’t have a dedicated website.
I interpreted the ending to indicate that he WILL attempt now to do something like the photographer’s character is doing, something more adventurous and satisfying.
Derek, from the reactions you have received you would think you were trying to force people to follow your advice.
I agree with you because while I work at a very routine job in the financial field, I am trying to get a novel ready to send in and hopefully get published, and I know that the time spent watching TV means it will take me that much longer to living the life I want to live. Most if not all the negative comments I read here seems to come from people that is either way too romantic, too naive or just simply lack the life experience to understand your point whether they could agree or not with it.
Now the road of ethics is a very narrow and difficult one (with a lot of subjective forks all along) and perhaps harder is to struck the right balance on what’s the right thing to do with the options you have [created].

The true riches of life come from within, so when all is gone one still feels rich this is what happened to Walter.
I would have loved your article when I was 20 and moving around Latin America and Europe by myself having Mitty-like experiences, or deploying with the Army to Iraq and Qatar when I was thirty. And I liked the end of the movie…because Walter had changed for the better, and he was optimistic about his future. 3)Also he gets the love of his life and he is at a magazine’s cover page, it would be probably easy to get a job now. And in the real world, they would never have gotten the surprise thanks and appreciation Walter was rewarded with. Walter confronts his ex-boss by saying, I understand you need to come in here and do your job…. Sure you can be happy through relationships and Cinnabons and memories of past experiences. Walter Mitty used some skateboarding skills to impress his girl and get down a mountain (which didn’t matter, because somebody with a car totally had to save his ass anyway). You want to make a product that people can buy and receive without you having to actually deliver it to them. In fact, if you quit watching TV and going to movies, and instead set the same amount of time and money away for building your own business, you’d have everything you need. Right now I'm in Taiwan finishing a PHD in Literature, writing several books, and managing a handful of online businesses. Thought I’d let you know I found your site first, because It’s always good to know where your traffic is coming from, right?
Sure… it may not be enough to live on just yet, but every month I’m getting more clicks than the last! I think my point was, most people who have jobs are too busy to slow down and appreciate things, or don’t have time to.
I agree with you, but with the caveat, that I probably have a similar personality type as you.
Love and humility growth and experience, if one submits there work know it will server a perpose they can see yet, it doest matter if a person has a slave driver for a boss one can find peace and rest in there word.
In a negative light it can be taken as such but do keep in mind that was not the intention of the filmmakers. But you can get the next best thing for free - FOUR books I've written to help you write, format, publish and promote your books - over 100,000 words of publishing wisdom!
And I was always taught that if you find a gap in the market, and you can work out a way to fill that gap, there will always be ways to make money. After years and years of passion-seeking adventure, I realized I was ultimately being selfish.
Their contributions to the company don’t matter (because all people will ever see is the final product). Your comments concerning The Secret Life Walter Mitty certainly illustrate a dull salesmanship on your part. He can’t write well even if he got thousands of souls of real writers encarnated on him at the same time.
It seems you are saying I should be depressed because I am tied down with a job and dependants. You’ll probably need to make a working prototype to show off before you get sales or backers.
It’s selfish to travel, work just as much as you need to, and have adventures all the time.
Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, but can you name the hundreds of employees who put them there, and what they did individually? But the truth is that I get more joy and life filling satisfaction from the daily adventures I have with my family than I ever did from my solo backpacking trips. I’m not saying that their lives are meaningless (they can find meaning in their own lives, as can the people who love them). That’s an exciting way to live your life, so you probably have great depths of emotional bliss, but also dark depression.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses not only based on our intellectual aptitudes but also on our personalities. His stories might sound interesting and ermm inspiring, but knows bullocks about Literature and writes like a toddler. I believe that’s the real issue people have is some took offense to the strong wording. It was the classroom for first year graphic design and character animation, where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney, and several other studios, discovered and mastered their craft.
Sean is the real talent, which is why Sean makes a lot of money, has total freedom, absolute power, and is really living the dream. The movie has a different meaning to everyone which I think is what makes it beautifully thought provoking .
My take away was even though at the end he found himself in a difficult spot it was fitting because it happens to everyone.
Those things are merely there to make us think – to provoke an intellectual response.
Financial struggles will happen and this seemed like a new chapter of adventure that would force him to use his ingenuity and new found skills except this time it’s closer to home.
Secondly, anyone analyzing a fictional movie to the extent that you did completely misses the point. And if you pay attention you can sense that Walter has found himself and no longer has the chronic day dreams because he is happy with himself even with the tough road ahead. Most people have poor habits that continually bring the same results, and believing that life is about meaning and inspiration rather than income is a bad habit. I think my advice is a thousand times more valuable than the feel good, passion-driven enthusiasm the movie promotes. It didn’t make me happy, so I chose to learn how to make my own income from anywhere. Movies like this, I think I say in the article though I wrote it a long time ago, make people feel good.
Sure it was full of motivational imagery and themes but they were merely a vehicle for illustrating the title character’s search for meaning in his life. Lastly, while you may take exception with how Mitty sought to find substance in his mundane existence, his character decided to do the things he only previously dreamed of.
But if you have no idea how to make money, you are always completely dependent on your boss or job for your livelihood, and that’s a very limiting way to live your life. Many people live lives of quiet desperation hoping to find their purpose only to see the sands run out in the hourglass before they are able to realize their dreams. I understand that my viewpoint and interpretation of the movie isn’t the standard reading, because my view is vastly different from what you can see. But for all your bloviating and pontificating, I couldn’t help notice your ignorance and hubris.
For someone who professes to be finishing a PhD in literature, I found your commentary on specific points about the movie totally incorrect. I was Walter Mitty when I was 16 and moved to Argentina, or when I was 18 and moved to Malta, or when I was 23 and moved to Taiwan. I could live very comfortably on 50K a year, but I couldn’t have the amount of influence I want. I want 500K a year; 50 for me and 450 so I can do huge things and help tons of people, and build a legacy, and solve problems, and improve the world. He represents the dreams of everybody stuck in a boring life and chasing freedom, but it’s an unsustainable dream.

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