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Gary (Taron Egerton), een jongeman wiens leven dreigt te ontsporen, vult zijn dagen door elke avond te zuipen met vrienden.
OverviewA gifted young man with a troubled present is recruited to join a secret independent intelligence group known only as the Kingsmen. VANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY by George Glasgow Snr & George Glasgow Jr4th March 2016George Cleverley's Chairman, Mr. BESPOKE SHOE OF THE MONTH - FEBRUARY 2016 by Pierre Balesi29th February 2016For this month we are proud to present you with this beautiful single monk shoe featuring a Cleverley imitation wing cap design hand punched on the single piece of leather forming the forepart of the shoe. BESPOKE SHOE OF THE MONTH - JANUARY 2016 by Pierre Balesi3rd February 2016We will start the Bespoke Shoe of The Month 2016 series with this classic pair of 3-Tie derby shoe made from Kudu hide. BUILT TO LAST by Chris Elvidge8th December 2015When a man visits George Cleverley for a pair of custom-made shoes, the first step is the last.
BESPOKE SHOE OF THE MONTH - NOVEMBER 2015 by Pierre Balesi30th November 2015Medium grey suede pair of chukka boots made for a client in Los Angeles. Harry Hart (Colin Firth), een veteraan MI6 agent van een geheime organisatie, probeert hem te redden en zodoende niet te laten omgaan met de verkeerde mensen. Brought into a world previously unknown to him, full of spies, wealth, and gadgets he could only dream of, the young man faces the huge hurdle of passing the tough entrance exam.
This allows for the shoe to bear a classic full brogue look while being much lighter on the foot (no superposition of leather) and to the eyes.

Kudu is a massive and elegant antelope from South Africa renewed for its long & spiral horns, which can grow as long as 72inches. The measurements of his feet are taken, and two models are carved out of wood to form a sort of three-dimensional blueprint for his shoes.
Hij neemt hem onder zijn vleugels en zorgt ervoor dat hij deelneemt aan een trainingsprogramma van de 'Kingsman: The Secret Service', precies op het moment dat de wereld wordt bedreigd door een IT-genie met kwaadaardige bedoelingen. Then in order to make the shoe more discreet the client specially requested for the buckle to be  fully wrapped in leather.
There are two subspecies of Kudu: the greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) and the lesser kudu (Tragelaphus imberbis), both have stripes and spots on the body with a chevron of white hair between the eyes.
Graydon Carter - a man who needs no other introduction hosted his guests in the most fabulous manner. This last room is a peculiar place; cramped, dark and heady with the scent of cedarwood and leather. Each hides also feature multiple scars caused by the rustic bush habitat of these antelope types giving an even more unique charactere to its leather. Everywhere you look, wooden replicas of the feet of customers past and present dangle from the walls like strange fruit. Having learnt his craft at the renowned Mayfair shoemaker Tuczek of Clifford Street, Mr Cleverley opened his own business in 1958, working until his death in 1991.

George Glasgow Jr, was in Los Angeles last weekend to attend the legendary Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Many a star of stage and screen has passed through these doors over the past half a century, not to mention politicians and even royalty. If you were so inclined, you could probably find the footprints of many of the same men in the cement outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. As Mr George Glasgow, 64, the managing director of George Cleverley puts it, “These are practical objects.
Mr Glasgow admits that many of them even pre-date him, and he joined the company in the 1970s.With space in central London at a premium, many of the older, disused lasts are currently being shipped out of the city. With no archival process to speak of, they face the likely prospect of slipping into obscurity or being lost altogether. According to Mr Glasgow, the lasts of men such as Sir Winston Churchill have already been placed in storage. With that in mind, we thought it might be an excellent time to have a look around and see what we could find.

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