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This meditation will help you to be more in the present moment, more in tune with your body and more grounded.
As you continue meditating, you can allow yourself to experience whatever physical sensations naturally attract your attention, or you can purposefully scan your body. Continue meditating as long as you’d like, allowing yourself to fully feel whatever is being experienced in your body. In some ways it is easier to do this while walking, as it is easy to be aware of the physical experience of walking. If you don’t already knit, get some needles and yarn and have someone show you how to do a simple knit stitch.
Note for knitters: If you already knit, you can make your knitting a meditation by dedicating some time to knitting purely for the sake of knitting — not to create a finished product. If you scan, you can start with the soles of the feet and move up, go from the head down, or simply randomly scan the body.

When you notice that your mind has gotten caught up in thoughts, easily bring it back to awareness of the body. Done properly, it can be every bit as powerful as sitting meditations, and it is easier and more natural for many people to do moving meditations. Thoughts will go through your mind, but the focus on the knitting will keep you from becoming overly involved with a train of thought.
During the meditation, you focus on the sensations in your body, as you do in the Body Awareness Meditation. Notice the way the body feels as you walk — the feelings in your feet and legs, the swinging of your arms, etc. The simultaneous use of the right and left hands, the back and forth between the needles, the feel of the yarn gliding over your fingers, tricks the mind into a relaxed state.
When you notice that you are no longer observing the breath, easily bring your attention back to it.

Allow your awareness to be fully with whatever is being experienced in the body, pleasant or unpleasant. Thoughts and emotions which might have been distressing can easily flow through and resolve on their own as you knit. Notice all the details of the experience of breathing — the feeling of the air moving in and out of the nose, the way the body moves as it breathes, etc.

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