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It is by far the largest living lizard: the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) grows over 3 m (10 ft) in length, weighing over 154 pounds (70 kg). The team made a model of the dragon's head and throat with software usually employed to determine minute forces in vehicles. Even so, the sea relatives of the monitor lizards dwarfed all monitor lizards ever: the mosasaurs were the largest marine reptiles ever, up to 17 m (57 ft) long, as much as a humpback whale. The Komodo dragons of Indonesia (Varanus komodoensis) do not take human encroachment lying down. But their sense of smell (which is localized in the tongue) can locate carrion from up to six miles away. They say that the mystical Komodo Dragons are the closest link to the dinosaurs and going to the Komodo Dragon National Park is like visiting Jurassic Park with these endangered species. It was also a surprise to see one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, the Secret Pink Beach of Komodo Island.
It took us about 20 minutes to arrive at the port to board a speed boat and went straight to explore the islands. The entrance to the park gives an eerie feeling, you have to walk along the pathway as a safety precaution. We interviewed Maen, one of the park rangers, who was attacked by the Komodo Dragon in 2009 but survived. The dragons have a weak spot in the neck and park rangers use forked sticks to prevent them from attacking. It took us 2 hours to reach Loh Liang (which means Bay nest) in Komodo Island via speedboat. One of the reasons why their sizes are enormous is that they can eat a whole deer which is common on the island. The dragons are carnivorous and dangerous because of their agile stealthy abilities, mean sharp claws and poisonous saliva. To give a perspective, here's how big the Komodo Dragon is along the beach of Komodo Island. You can hike to the highest vantage point and appreciate the pinkness of the sand and beauty of the entire cove. There are no developments on the Island yet except for this hut reserved for catering lunch for organized groups.

I can't believe it that there's such a beautiful vibrant coral life just a swim away from the beach!
Usually, if you have a nice white sand beach there is no good snorkeling area  and vice versa. If you are a diver, you have to meet the legendary Wally Siagan (who owns Tree Top) who is known to have logged 5,800+ dives around Flores Islands and Komodo National Park and known to be the only guy who can drink beer underwater.
Mediterraneo is the only restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine in the Labuan Bajo area. This is a good accommodation alternative if you like to live the island life as you explore the Komodo National Park.
London : Families from the UK and across Europe are being allegedly lured to war-torn Syria by dreaded Islamic State militant group by offering them homes with the latest kitchen appliances as well as paying them more for each extra child they bring. The defence team had argued that the former neuroscience graduate student, now 27, was insane at the time of the attack. According to the BBC, Contreras, who died at the age of 86, had been in the military hospital since the end of last month.
London, Aug 7 - Astronomers have seen discovered how the universe's largest elliptical galaxies continue making stars long after their peak years of star birth, thanks to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope's high resolution and ultraviolet-light sensitivity.
According to the BBC, the 85-year-old former president said that he could not attend the trial because of health reasons. The injured, which included children, were immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. But even if the giant monitor lizard manages to kill animals as large as water buffaloes (and in the past it may have feasted on pygmy elephants), its bite is relatively weak. Its delicate skull differs greatly from most living terrestrial large prey specialists, but it's a precision instrument. The non-digestible parts are later regurgitated in a stenchy pellet of hair, bones and other remains. Investigaciones asombrosas ponen a prueba la inteligencia de los animales de manera sorprendente, y demuestran los diferentes poderes del cerebro, sistemas sensoriales, habilidades para resolver problemas y emociones similares a las humanas que presentan los animales. Carrion are the dragons' primary diet, but they also eat live pigs, buffalo, and deer when they can catch them, which they do by stalking and ambushing their prey.
Their saliva contains poison, and if one attacks you, the rest of the Komodo Dragons will try to finish you off.

The young Komodos mature after 8-9 years but have to fight for survival against predators and their cannibalistic mothers. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it. 8 - A jury in Colorado, United States, has spared death penalty to gunman James Holmes for shooting 12 people to death during the screening of a Batman film in 2012. 8 - Manuel Contreras, who headed Chile's intelligence service, Dina, in the 1970s and 80s, has died in a military hospital in the capital city of Santiago. 7 - Former Argentinian president Carlos Menem has missed the opening day of his trial regarding the bomb attack against a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires in 1994.
7 - Isabelle Prime has finally been freed after being taken hostage in Yemen earlier in February, said the French presidency. 7 - France is slated to conduct air, land and sea searches in and around the Reunion island with the hope of finding more debris which can be linked to missing Malaysian Airlines MH370. 7 - Seven people were killed and more than 100 injured as a powerful car bomb went off in the Afghan capital city of Kabul early on Friday morning. A new research published in the Journal of Anatomy explains it: it is about the razor-sharp teeth and the powerful neck muscles.
The Komodo dragon (who got its name from the Indonesian island of Komodo, its native area) is also famous for its ability to reproduce without sex (via parthenogenesis).
The Komodo dragon is still a dwarf compared with its relatives that inhabited Australia during the Tertiary and were up to 8 m (27 ft) long. Rather disgustingly, Komodo dragons sometimes raid human graveyards for fresh corpses, which has caused Komodo island locals to pile rocks on top of their dearly departed's graves. As a policy, I don't accept advertising from food and travel places we feature in the blog. To make up for the lack of biting power, strong throat muscles drag the meal through the razor-sharp jowls and into the stomach.

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