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We know something needs to change but where to start and how do we avoid becoming yet another change failure statistic?Though there are many theories about how to manage change one of the best is by professor John Kotter (Harvard), a world-renowned change expert. Kotter suggests that for change to be successful 75% of the organisation’s management needs to buy-in to the change. Developing a sense of urgency around the need for change helps create purpose and get things moving. Beyond showing poor sales statistics or talking about increased competition urgency requires honest and convincing dialogue about what is really happening in the organisation and the market. Without a sense of urgency change often runs out of steam or the organisation gets change fatigue. Managing change isn’t enough, strong leadership, commitment and support is necessary. Seek out a team of influential people throughout the organisation whose power comes from status, expertise, connection or political importance.  This change coalition needs to work as a team to build urgency and momentum around the need for change.

If they are not convinced nobody else will be.Build your change coalition team through frank discussion, checking for weak areas and dissent. The key is to link these ideas to a high level vision that people can grasp easily and remember. Vision communication needs to be 2-way!Address stakeholders’ concerns and anxieties, openly and honestly. Sharing these concerns and how you plan to address them can go a long way to building buy-in. Buy-in comes from honest open communication, not pretending everything is ok (if there is resistance).Measure the implementation of your vision in all aspects of operations from performance reviews through to training. Look for processes or structures that are getting in the way of the change, continually checking for barriers to forward movement. Set short-term targets, steps along the way that demonstrate progress, not just one long-term goal.

If change is not embedded into the culture it is easy for the organisation to slide back into comfortable old behaviours which undo the changes. Quick wins are only steps along the path to long-term organisational change. To make it part of your culture leaders must live the values and vision on a daily basis and recognise and reward those behaviours in others. The vision and behaviours must become part of the daily conversation and action in the organisation. Demonstrate through conversations and actions that your organisation’s leaders continue to support the change.

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