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There are around 72,000 Nadis in a human body that act as conduits for prana, which is closely associated with the ego. The Prana moves with the breaths and enkindles the body's fire and the mind is carried out through these Doors by prana so that it can experience the realistic world.
On the physical level there is a physical body, on the subtle level there prevails a Nadi, and they almost occupy the same space, thus influencing one another. For your listening pleasure  American Cloud Songs - Solar Initiation - Available from Dais Records. Today, we hear the word addiction and automatically associate it with someone who lacks complete self-control until it takes over their life. Let’s be real, we may not like to admit it, but we all have struggled with one or more addictions in varying degrees. POSTURE: Sit in easy pose, with your neck straight, so the crown of your head is directly aligned with the ceiling. The pressure by the thumbs triggers a rhythmic reflex current into the central brain which activates right under the pineal gland.
Commit to this meditation for a minimum of 40 days and watch your addictions slowly lose grip over your mind.
Get your free eBook by entering your email below!This is a life changing opportunity don't miss out simply enter your email to start living the life you desire! Tejal Patel is a former divorce attorney and mediator who reinvented her life to become a children’s yoga teacher, soul coach, motivational speaker and inspirational writer. I am a Change manager working directly to the Managing Directors of several fortune 500 companies. Irmansyah Effendi,the founder of Padmacahaya Institute of Inner Studies is from Indonesia and now resides in Australia. Receiving a Kundalini awakening is a special spiritual gift and is the beginning of an exciting path of rapid self-development. FREE CLINIC - Reiki Tummo practitioners would like to share their energy channelling skills to help others in their daily lives to relieve stress and assist in healing. We will continue to invite teachers from Reiki Tummo to visit Japan to support the alumni members. Any one who attends the Reiki Tummo workshops and receives the Tummo attunements qualifies as a member of Reiki Tummo Alumni.
As an Alumni, the most important thing is to continue the practices and development in your own time until you really enjoy it!
With regular practice your health condition improves due to the cleansing of the physical and energy bodies.
Long term health conditions require constant daily energy channelling as the divine energy works gently. Your Inner Heart knows all Truth, and learning to use it you can validate anything taught to you here in Tummo or anywhere else. The tummo attunements strengthen the connection to our Heart so now we can feel it more than before.
However we still have years and lifetimes of negative energy and blockages in and around the layers of our Heart that require cleansing and we add to these negativities as we go about our daily life. Anyone who does this on a daily basis will start to smile from the inside and shine with love!!

With regular practice the core of Kundalini starts to rise higher and purify the chakras one by one. Even the social aspect of relating with other alumni members provides important lessons and challenges necessary for our growth. Many Alumni groups in other countries form healing clinics which are free, or run by donation, in recognition that their healing abilities can benefit many in need and also as an understanding of our obligation of service to other beings. After Levels RT1, RT2, RT3a you wil now have great tools to heal yourself and others and have tasted the bliss of getting closer to Divine Love and Light. To deepen your spiritual development even more and learn to live in and through your true Heart you can attend Open Heart Workshops, Spiritual retreats, Master Yoga courses etc.
These are mainly taught in person by Grand Master Irman providing an opportunity to work with the founder of Reiki Tummo. This is a very powerful method to cleanse past life trauma and learn important spiritual lessons.
MRT- become a true instrument for Divine Love and Light - learn to channel pure Love to all beings. The ego does not actually reside in the physical body, because it is not a physical element. Following the numerology, 72,000 means 7 + 2 = 9, signifying the Nine Doors through which prana can enter or leave the body.
Music with its entire pulsation has also become quite an integral part of healing different ailments. According to Kundalini meditation theories, an individual exists only because of the Three Gunas. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd.
Place the thumbs on the temples and find the niche where the thumbs just fit.(TIP- Clench your teeth and pretend like you are chewing, you will find a spot on your temples that move, put your thumbs in that groove). It is an imbalance in this area that makes physical and mental addictions so difficult to break. These visits will not be regular as the teachers travel the world to carry out the teachings. This is located in the core of our Heart chakra, below many layers, and where the spark of the Divine resides. You will be then guided deeper into your Inner Heart and taught how to start using it further with practical excercises to help you find truth for yourself. Your connection to the universe is strengthened so using reiki symbols is not necessary anymore. Although these are best used in conjunction with workshops and practice they can also be enjoyed as stand alone texts. Nadis are considered as the ethereal nerves in Kundalini meditation form and is the carrier of the ego. Most of the Nadis begin or terminate at these Doors, which are the sense organs, namely the two eyes, the two nostrils, the two ears, the mouth, the anus, and the genital organ.
Of these thousands of Nadis three are most important are the Surya Nadi or the 'sun channel', the Chandra Nadi or the 'moon channel', and Sushumna Nadi or the 'fire channel'.
The most common addictions that get attention are drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling and over-eating.

I myself have found that I surf the internet more than I should or watch more TV when I want to just drown out my thoughts and what’s going on in my life. Underlying each external behavior or habit lays a spiritual root cause that requires a spiritual solution.
The pituitary gland regulates our glandular system and when its not functioning to its prime capacity, our entire body and mind go out of balanced. Our true self is the divine essence of love light and infinite potential that is within each and every living being. However, attunements for Levels 1 and 2 can be given by distance and practiced with the local co-ordinator if only 1 or 2 people are enrolled.
In the meantime the alumni can meet togther for regular practice and healings to continue their own development. Although the concept is very simple, its harder to do than we think as our brain always fights for control. Developed Kundalini is related to development of your Inner Heart and you will need the Kundalinis gift to progress completely, and vice versa.
The advanced workshops and retreats are usually taught consecutively,one day after the next, so in 3 to 4 days you can quickly raise your level.
In the Past Life Regressions you can enter Soul Consciousness and become fully aware of your past lifes and regain the lost fragments of your Soul.
It is not only great background reading but it also gives a lot of information about what is in higher stages to look forward to and testimonials from Alumni worldwide. Though, these are the most devastating, we can become addicts of almost anything in which we indulge in excessively without self-control: sugar, relationships, television, credit card debt, sex, internet, computer games, football, earning money, spending money, hoarding money and possessions, overworking, arguing, war and even spirituality. This meditation helps create balance in the pituitary gland and is helpful for any addictions but extremely powerful to rehabilitate those with drug dependence, mental illnesses or phobias.
Due to the weight of the books the Teachers do not carry many copies when they travel so we reccommend ordering from Amazon. While meditating directly on Chakras, the person runs a great risk of exciting the nerves and Nadis in the area. Prana and Chakras are closely related; any reaction on the either part can affect the other one.
Subconsciously many of us are addicted to negative thoughts, seeking approval, love, acceptance, success, failure etc. So though your addiction might be outward, we certainly have addictions that lead to insecurity and neurotic behavior and thinking patterns and habits. Thus the opposite effect is produced, resulting the body to cool down, relax and also decreases the appetite. As you feel the groove move, feel it, massage it and apply a firm pressure with your thumbs.

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