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Ao lado da "Dynamic Meditation", essa e uma das mais famosas meditacoes ativas desenvolvidas por Osho. Meditation and emotional release prepares for Kundalini AwakeningDuring meditation the individual gets increased conscious access to lower levels of consciousness – he is confronted with his subconscious or unconscious mind. The increasing access to the unconscious may be facilitated by both meditation and feeling releasing therapy, which tend to elicit the same kind of brain wave changes (slower frequency, higher amplitude). Deeksha facilitates Kundalini awakeningOur research has shown that direct transmission of energy (Deeksha) from an awakened person can stimulate Kundalini awakening in another person very effectively. The Kundalini energy reaches the brain’s prefrontal areas approximately 12 seconds after the command was given and builds up to a maximum in both hemispheres after 37 seconds.
Gracias a la practica constante de las Meditaciones Activas de Osho y otros maestros he podido superar momentos complicados en mi vida. This “sister meditation” to the OSHO Dynamic is best done at sunset or in the late afternoon. The secrecy surrounding Kundalini yoga come to an end when Yogi Bhajan began to teach the practice in the United States beginning in 1969. The process of energy moving up through the spine can take only a few minutes but in order to experience the full benefits it may take years. One way to think of kundalini meditation is as a tool that can be use in order to awaken the kundalini energy. When a practitioners suffers adverse affects because of improperly performing the meditation it is called kundalini syndrome. Vipassana Meditation Technique, Zazen Meditation, How to Do Mantra  Meditation and more…. An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. In this excerpt from her new book, Snatnam Kaur invites you to make mantra a part of your morning ritual.
Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a practice for keeping the body beautiful and stress-free.
Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a meditation using sitali pranayama to help let go of the daily stresses of life.
With this practice that helps dissolve the urge to react, you can use frustrations and irritations as learning devices that point you in the right direction. Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat guides us through a sweet and powerful mantra meditation to let go of heavy emotions, get out of our headspace, and find self-love. Like it or not, you can’t avoid people or parts of yourself that seriously frustrate you. This Kundalini Yoga sequence supports ideal digestion by increasing energy at the navel point and keeping the digestive organs strong and flexible. Use this Kundalini Yoga practice from senior teacher Guru Jagat to help release any negativity and refocus on positive intentions. Take a couple minutes in the midst of stress and chaos for this Kundalini Yoga breathing exercise with senior teacher Guru Jagat to quickly and effectively balance your energy.

Practice Breath of Fire with senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat during the busiest times of your life to maintain your vital energy. Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a 3-breath meditation that promises to change how you feel in any situation. Try this profoundly spiritual kundalini meditation video to cultivate patience, wisdom, and renewal of life.
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By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. This process is associated with a lowering of EEG frequency and an increase of amplitudes (more alpha and theta waves). Meditation may increase attention, sensitivity and access, while the expression of feelings during psychotherapy can promote the actual release of physical and mental blocks in the body and nervous system making the person more whole.
This hypothesis has been supported in our research by both subjective observations and objective EEG measurements. Contenta que de abrir este espacio dinamico para que las personas puedan tener su OASIS de paz y bienestar en este mundo un poco caotico y competitivo que vivimos. Being fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rock-like being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Be loose and natural, and let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet. In the Upanishads which are the Hindu scriptures from the 5th century BC we find descriptions of Kundalini. Bhajan stated that his intention was to develop a science that would allow all humans to become healthy, happy and holy. In addition to awakening the full potential of the chakras the kundalini meditation also provides spirituals powers to the practitioner. If kundalini meditation takes places out of specific spiritual setting or the pracitoner does not have a clear understanding of the principles there can be psychological ramifications. These side effects can include headaches, involuntary body moments and psychological and emotional trauma. It does not require the practitioner to isolate themselves at a retreat or to study for years to see real results. Gabrielle’s three-minute meditation will help you blast through limitations and magnify your energetic vibrations.
In deep meditation more and more neurons of the brain work in synchrony at a slower and slower pace directed by bodily and subcortical mechanisms, This is an attempt by the brain to confront, contain, and eventually integrate blocked feelings and traumas at deeper levels of consciousness.
We found that immediately following Deeksha, the receiver increased her alpha and theta activity in the whole brain. It’s interesting to note that the left frontal area takes the lead since it responds slightly faster than the right and climbs to a higher maximum (mean Gamma 17.5 uV for the left side vs. Self Help robot? Kundalini  is a complete system which combines elements of yoga, prayer, breathing exercises, and physical postures.

While this is the first written record of the practice it is believed that kundalini meditation was being used well in advance of this. As a consequence he named his organized the 3HO or the Healthy, Happy and Holy organization.
The end goal of Kundalini meditation is to focus on the energy that is located on the base of spine so that the practitioner is able to achieve a higher state consciousness.
The practitioners own life experiences and emotionally maturity will affect the lessons that are learned. Kundalini practitioners will assume strict yoga postures, contemplation, mantras and intense breathing exercise.
The spiritual teacher plays an important part in ensuring that there are no negative consequences from performing kundalini meditation.
Instead people can use kundalini meditation to gain balance and peace in their lives, while still working a regular a job and taking care of their family. These old repressed traumas encountered in the process must be confronted, felt, and consciously integrated. In some subjects the increase of alpha was most significant in the frontal area where it increased from 20% to 100%  (see also Deeksha and the Brain). The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. Through the process of Kundalini meditation the individual and universal consciousness is able to become one. This non-profit organization spread the teachings of Kundalini so that it is now practiced all over the world.
This energy works it way through the body’s chakras to create a state of enlightenment.
The practice of kundalini meditation is designed be easy to follow and efficient to practice. At the time of maximum energy, the phase synchronization of Gamma waves between the left and right side goes up to a very high level. Currently there are over 5,000 people who have attained instructor status in Kundalini yoga. Bhajan did not like to think of kundalini as a religious practice but rather a science of happiness and health. Through Kundalini not only does the practioner gain spiritual insight their body and health is strengthened. When you begin the process of Kundalini meditation this energy starts to flow up your spine from the base. Through physcial exercises called Kriya the Kudalini disciple is able to achieve reach levels of deeper meditation.

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