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When an energy centre is blocked or inactive it can lead to imbalance and disease in the body. This practice is the first of an 8-set series of classes designed to revitalise the 8 Chakras. Although Kundalini yoga was taught from Master to student for hundreds, perhaps, thousands of years, it remained a closely guarded secret practiced by only a select few.
The primary objective of a Kundalini class is to awaken the full potential of awareness in each individual; a recognition, refining and expanding of that awareness to the unlimited Self.
In Kundalini, practitioners concentrate on awakening the energy at the base of the spine and drawing it upward reaching all 7 chakras. Kundalini yoga is efficient and effective in that it’s benefits are quick and powerful. This entry was postedon Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at 12:17 amand is filed under breathing, Kundalini, meditation, Pranayama. If new to Kundalini Yoga start with the minimum suggested repetition time for each posture, slowly increasing the times (to go no longer than the maximum given) as you become more familiar with the practice. Each class begins with warm ups, preparing for the kriya (the main section of the class) to be practiced.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates pranayama (breathwork), mantra (chanting), dynamic movement, mudra and meditative focus to balance your energetic body and fine tune your physical body.
These classes are beginners level and in total the seven (7) classes are 471 minutes in length. The intention of this Program is to provide you with the tools to ensure your 8 energy centres are healthy, open and active. Hatha simply refers to a set of physical exercises that are executed through asanas (postures). Yogi Bhajan, however, decided to changed this tradition by bringing Kundalini to the west in 1969.
Working internally and externally, it stimulates the lungs, organs of elimination and digestion, increases spine flexibility, circulation and balances the chakras. It may or may not be comprehensive in that other and integral parts of yoga such as pranayama or meditation are included in the practice.
He believed that Kundalini was the vehicle that would enable practitioners from all religious backgrounds to tap into their greatest potential. The chanting, singing and pranayama were the aspects that drew him to this tradition of yoga.

Because of this connection to the breath, Kundalini has the ability to make all aspects of any asana practice deeper as it allows for a tuning in to the body’s subtle energies and sensitivities. It is an excellent series of postures to do after you wake up in the morning or before bed at night.
In contrast, Kundalini yoga is considered to be the most comprehensive as it combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques as part of every class. All 26 vertebrae are stimulated in this set, resulting in increased mental clarity and memory function.
In 1971, 3HO formalized the certification and training of teachers, allowing for an international Kundalini practice.
Kundalini can be practiced with the most fit to the chair bound all in the same class and have equal results.  It is truly a practice that anyone can do regardless of skill, ability, or experience. Practitioners concentrate on awakening the energy at the base of the spine and drawing it upward.

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