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Relationships are the source of great joy and happiness, but they are challenging and can also bring stress, hurt and disappointment. The first and most important relationship in our life is the relationship with our infinite self, our soul. Having a stable relationship with our soul as well as being aware and empathetic enables us to have authentic relationships with others.
Our relationships give us the opportunity to develop and refine new perspectives, choices and knowledge a€“ we acquire a strong sense of self. Making Art- Even if one has no artistic acumen it does not matter, just lose yourself in a drawing of your own creation, whatever it may be.
Journalism- Writing can be a great way to declutter your head by putting pen to paper and letting everything out.

Surprisingly, doing menial chores and housework can be quite therapeutic as you go through the monotonous, yet strangely comforting wash and scrub cycle.
This sort of behaviour keeps your mind focused on a simple task and can let you have some peace from the other thoughts in your brain and other stimuli and stressors.
The natural high you get after a bout of intensive exercise beats any caffeine hit you can get. The word tedious has negative connotations, but they are often important things which can result in us being in a blank, meditative-like state from the boredom they induce. The ideal venue for a bit of alone time where you can piece together your thoughts and mull over the events of the day.
Hopefully, this post will give you a fresh perspective on meditation and make you realise that it is an enjoyable activity, which can easily be integrated into your daily routine.

These types of phrases always intrigue me and I often ruminate on the meaning and derivation of them. Exercise releases endorphins which boost mood through the influx of serotonin, the feel-good chemical, into our brain.
Some of them are quite astounding, what person claimed beating the dead horse was such a heinous act to commit anyway? It gives me peace and solitude and the chance to explore myself away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

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