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A recent study has revealed that those who do not get enough sleep demonstrate a lack of self-control and impaired decision making.
June Pilcher is a Professor from South Carolina’s Clemson University who co-authored the study. Better choices can be made when we exercise self-control, however, if our self-control is negatively affected it can impact on both our personal and work life. Bad sleep habits can affect out health, leading to weight gain and increased blood pressure. By making a few simple changes, it is possible to improve your sleep habits, which will then improve many elements of your day-to-day life.
We have a wide range of beds and accessories and can help you create the ultimate sleep environment.
Nowadays, entire seasons are available online on YouTube and other similar sites, or can be streamed or downloaded either legally (via services you can subscribe to such as Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ, and Amazon Instant Video) or illegally (via bit torrent, for example.) This means that instead of hanging on tenterhooks week in and week out, waiting for the next episode, entire seasons—and even entire series—can now be watched in one sitting. A study sponsored by Netflix showed that 61% of their subscribers indulged in regular binges. The survey, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, also showed a shocking link between the binge-watching habit and feelings of loneliness, depression, and a lack of self-control.

With television being an escapist medium, sad or depressed people become hooked on binge watching, whiling away the hours to forget problems or real-life situations, allowing the fictional characters to entertain their worries away. While the study doesn’t exactly point to binge watching causing depression and sadness, researchers do caution against indulging too much in the habit.
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If you are redesigning your bedroom, there are a number of beds with storage solutions to help keep your room tidy. Your favorite television show would air once a week, and the following day saw you eagerly discussing with your friends the latest episode’s dramatic plot twist or cliffhanger. While another study, conducted on 316 survey respondents aged 18 to 20, showed that 75% of participants admitted to binge watching from six episodes to as much as an entire series in one sitting. Those predisposed to sadness or depression may find themselves feeling guilty about the indulgence. As reality melts away under the glare of the flickering screen, hours—even days—are spent vegging out, work and other responsibilities become neglected. Aside from her geek obsessions, she's also an aspiring cat lady with three cats in her household.

But the advent of the DVD boxed set (seasons of your favorite show collected on one or more discs) and the recent emergence of the internet as the primary source of one’s entertainment fix has given rise to a phenomenon called binge watching, and this has dramatically changed the television landscape, as well as our viewing habits.
Also, whiling the hours away alone will leave one socially detached, resulting in the binger feeling even more lonely. Or invite your significant other for a stay-in date and turn that binge watch into something romantic.
These feelings translate across all avenues of our lives from the way we dress, to how we smile, to our professional work.
Studies show that when we feel better about ourselves, we succeed—and that along with this, having self-confidence improves our chances of landing the dream job. We’ve partnered with the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners to bring awareness for what a beautiful smile can do for you—project attitude and self-confidence.

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