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Is Kris Jenner Going To Change Her Last Name Back To Kardashian Now That She's No Longer Tied To Bruce?! I sometimes forget that my surname will be changing really soon and I must admit, I will miss my current name.
But I do think it’s a little sad that most brides are so rushed to become their married counterpart, that they forget the family they leave behind (metaphorically I mean, no-one is going to war here people).
I’m getting married in a whopping 3 weeks (breath, Karen, breath) and I can’t wait to become the latest Mrs Clough.
I may have mentioned it before but I’m in a Facebook Group dedicated to “Brides in 2013” – we get to talk about ideas, get feedback on wedding decorations and – more importantly – dress choices, as well as vent about general wedding planning when it gets tough so our normal friends and family don’t think we’ve become a Bridezilla overnight.
Although I know that changing your name is a hassle, I’ve never even considered any option other than taking Joe’s name. I do think that the “Mrs” label sounds a little older than my 26 years but it’s a label I’ll wear proudly. Well I Guess This Is Growing Up is the story of me and my family as we take on the mammoth task to renovate and decorate our first home.
There are several reasons you may want to change your name, such as marriage, divorce, adoption or just the desire to have a new name. Obtain a name change form specific to your state by doing a quick online search or by going to your local courthouse. Be sure, if your name change is a result of marriage, that the marriage certificate is filled out correctly as the certificate can serve as your proof of name change with all institutions.

Changing your name to do something illegal, such as avoiding a debt or getting away with a crime, is not allowed. Changing your last name after you get married is an old tradition that has been around for a long time. Whether you need background information on a person for financial, employment or personal reasons, finding someone's history is not difficult. Congratulations to the newlyweds, but at the rate she’s going, I foresee her getting married for the third time in the near future. Even though they are ‘nobodies’ to people on here, they do have a hell of a lot of fans! It’s something that I don’t think is written about all that often because brides are so unbelievably and over-the-top excited about becoming Mrs…Whatever. In terms of their name changes though, quite a lot aren’t taking their husband’s name and a fair few will be double-barrelling.
Not to mention the fact I already have 4 names, and double-barrelling for me would have been quite the mouthful – Urgh, I’m tired just thinking about it! I will spend hours of my life politely telling people “It’s GH not UFF” and “No it doesn’t rhyme with plough you silly sausage” and I’m okay with that. I’m so often the type of person to go against the grain and try to be different, but I surprised myself with how traditional I am about certain aspects of the wedding!
This blog documents it all; from the homeware stores that we're drooling over, to child-friendly interior solutions, and the DIY fails we encounter along the way - and trust me, we have them!

Find out the exact requirements for a name change in the state where you reside and fulfill all requirements.
We’re always on the lookout for bold interiors on a budget to help transform our little patch in South Manchester into our forever family home. For instance, you start with the same forms, but in some states just having used the new name for a certain amount of time can be grounds for a legal change. I really hope for the best for them both and am looking forward to a likkle VegaPena baby within the year!
Avoid names that contain profanity, hateful slurs, a celebrity's name or copyrighted company name, as these may be rejected. A divorce decree can also serve as legal grounds to change your name without a separate court order. With a new name though, comes with it a new history and a new family that you will forever represent and it’s something I’m really conscious of. Inform all institutions that require your legal name on file, such as the DMV, Social Security Administration, credit card companies, banks and your workplace.

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