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The law of attraction and its principles are very simple to follow, as simple as breathing itself. However, it is also very easy to forget; as quickly as you've attained it, you could lose it just the same. This Abraham-Hicks book presents the powerful basics from the original dialog between Abraham and Jerry Hicks.
Rhonda and other successful people including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Joe Vitale share examples and stories on how they attracted success. Next, I would make it a habit to write it down in a journal 10 times first thing when waking up and 10 times right before going to sleep. It explains that when you focus on something, you brain sends out energy signals into the universe and in return it begins to moves things around to make it happen.
It will set up events, people, and circumstances in your life that will lead you to your goal.

It also rejects and ignores what it feels is irrelevant.So how does it decide what information to keep and what information to ignore? If you’re constantly focusing on a 2015 red corvette, your RAS will begin to notice them everywhere! Physically, mentally, and emotionally you’re telling your subconscious-mind and RAS what to look for. You move your hand as your write, you think about it as you’re writing, and you feel excited imagining it.
Listen to me when I tell you this: Writing down your goals is the best tool you can use to achieve them! Does it make sense that your RAS will see your goal as important if you write it 20 times daily? It wasn’t even a month before I began receiving comments and emails from readers on how my content was great and how grateful they were to find my blog.

You focus on what you want, you meditate on it a few times throughout the day, and you’ll attract it. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Once you can develop that skill, you’ll begin making MASSIVE process towards your goals.

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