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You may say a€“ a€?How can that be, of course whatever I think doesna€™t just happen!a€?But this law of attraction book says that if you focus purely on a thought for 17 seconds, it will actually manifest in some way in the universe. Fine, suppose we believe that whatever we think automatically creates our circumstances as if by magic, then how to really make use of thoughts? For that, the book gives 22 interesting things you can do to a€?create realitya€? using your thoughts. For example therea€™s this activity where you have to write a mock check of 1000 dollars to yourself today, 2000 dollars tomorrow, 3000 dollars the day after tomorrow, and then imagine yourself spending all those checks!
Then there is this activity where you imagine how the next part of your day is going to be before it happens! When I first read this 17 second thing a€“ a€?What you think for 17 seconds, manifests!a€? a€“ I really wanted to try it. Yet another day, I was feeling terrible when I thought - why not use a process in this book to feel better? Did you know that you can Get Everything You Want Out of Life Through the Power of Your Own Mind? As you are energy beings living in this vibrational Universe, the LOA has an impact on your reality.
If you focus on lack, you attract lack as well, if you focus on abundance, you attract abundance. For example, thinking that you are going to be wealthy is pointless if you don’t believe it.
When you believe and trust that anything is possible, there is not limit, you can achieve and receive everything you desire.

If you have a positive mind set, you attract positivity in your life, if you have a negative mind set you attract negativity in your life. The way you feel everyday is a very important part for attracting what you want in your life. Feeling good and happy, always believing and trusting that you can get what you desire and removing doubt, is the key to receiving.
This book says that whatever you think about a€“ somehow actually manifests in the real world. And if you focus purely on a thought for 64 seconds a€“ you will definitely see it actually manifesting!
It says that the world is not something existing outside you - something which you observe and modify. I thought of the amazing moments I spent with this friend, how he had once dressed me up with affection, and how he had even once provided me with a roof to live. Of course I am yet a novice at what this book teaches, but trying my hand at what the book talks about is already interesting!
Therefore, for manifestation purposes it’s very important to know your thoughts, both positive and negative. The reason, this book says, most of us dona€™t find our thoughts becoming things is that we dona€™t focus on a thought purely for 17 seconds.
While leaving work you imagine exactly how you would want to travel home, exactly which seat you want in the train etc.
That means: if we think nice thoughts a€“ automatically nice circumstances will come to us.

Like we may say a€“ a€?I want to be a millionairea€? and think about it for around 7-8 seconds and then immediately we will think a€“ a€?..but how can I be a millionaire? And if we think crappy a€“ "life sucks" thoughts a€“ automatically, life sucking circumstances will come to us. When I woke up the next morning and switched on the computer a€“ the first words a€“ I saw on Gtalk were a€?I want to remind you that I love you!a€? Wow.
Thata€™s not possible.a€? Or we will experience an emotion opposing what we want within 8 seconds.
So someone is poor a€“ because he observes his being poor everyday and thinks thoughts of being poor the whole day. If he could somehow imagine himself to be rich and keep picturing that everyday, somehow the universe would give him all the money in the world! Most people are not able to feel or use all this because they keep thinking random thoughts and so they keep attracting random circumstances. And I like seeing a million dollars etca€¦a€? for even 17 seconds, the universe will conspire to actually start giving us whatever we want!

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