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Your SuperpowersBuy "Your SuperPowers" Teach Your Children to Attract the life they desire! William Walker Atkinson (December 5, 1862 – November 22, 1932) was an attorney, merchant, publisher, and author, as well as an occultist and an American pioneer of the New Thought movement.Atkinson was a prolific writer, and his many books achieved wide circulation among New Thought devotees and occult practitioners. All that I ask from you is that you support my website so that we can continue to grow and bring you more free pdf ebooks and cool stuff on the Law of Attraction.
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About the BookIn this audiobook, the "New York Times"-bestselling authors of "The Laws of Attraction" guide listeners to the conscious creative control of every aspect of their lives, and go right to the heart of what most of them are troubled by: money and physical health. Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. The Law of Attraction, in a nutshell, says that if we think, and or feel positive, we attract (more) positive things (events, people, feelings) into our lives; whereas if we think, and or feel negative, we attract (more) negative things (events, people, feelings) into our lives. Most of the books and articles I have read about the Law of Attraction, work with visualisations. I just had to dream up my dream life, the Universe would listen– and my dream life would be mine! The next problem is – no one tells you how long a wish takes to be fulfilled – sometimes they seem to never be fulfilled! Where the Law of Attraction can get really insidious though is when it works the other way.

Looking back, most likely my CFS was actually me taking on loads of negative energies, emotions etc.
I have had some heated discussions about this topic with other believers, so I apologise in advance for toes I might step on – my intention is to help make spiritual work, and lives more effortless, not less so…..This one guy I discussed the Law of Attraction with kept on insisting, that the Law of Attraction ALWAYS works! The existance of electricity will not hurt you, but a misapplication of electrical currents could kill you, even if you are an optimistic, kind, or loving person. He published under several pen names, including Magus Incognito, Theodore Sheldon, Theron Q. The law of attraction is a natural law & a simple truth, Atkinson both explains the principles of this phenomenon & how best to tap into it & use it for ones highest purpose, with a no nonsense, pragmatic ease.
It goes somewhat hand in hand with one of the first things I learned on my spiritual path – our thoughts are a creative force, i.e.
For example, if someone lacks money, one would recommend for them to visualise more money: going online, opening one’s online bank statements, and seeing a wonderful, large, positive balance. There is an anecdote of a woman on a walk, passing by a house, which she falls in love with! After waking up spiritually, and putting a lot of effort into my self-healing, meditating regularly, and doing tons of spiritual work, if anything my life took a nose dive.
When we pray to the Divine, we pray to powers, which are full of compassion, and love us unconditionally! Maybe the Law of Attraction does work, to a certain extend (I do believe that there are other forces that shape our lives too though – feel free to learn more about them in ‘Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier’ (Alexander King)), but I would argue that the Law of Attraction is a bit like gravity. Dumont, Swami Panchadasi, Yogi Ramacharaka, Swami Bhakta Vishita, and probably other names not identified at present. Sure they likely won’t fulfil prayers that would end up harming ourselves or others (which remains a potential with the Law of Attraction!), but other than that, once we pray, they start working for us! Sure it exists, and it might always be there, but prayers give us wings, and help us to fly!
The works published under the name of William Walker Atkinson generally treat themes related to the mental world, occultism, divination, psychic reality, and mankind's nature. One should follow on bu visualising what one would do with the money- buy a better car, book that dream holiday etc. CFS gave me terrible constant fatigue and exhaustion, near permanent fluey feelings, night sweats, frequent throat aches, and with this feelings of depression.

I was literally overwhelmed by so many low vibration energies – it made me feel physically sick! Angels (or whatever other divine helping beings) will not stop working for us, if we have a bad day – are grumpy, despondent or doubtful.
There is nothing that cannot be visualised – a dream job, a celebrity career, better-to-great health, the perfect body, the perfect partner, etc, etc. A few months later the house comes on the market, and she manages to get her offer on it accepted. In one famous book, about the Law of Attraction, supposedly a true story – a man’s parachute does not open, he breaks his back, and is paraplegic as a consequence. As an empath one can get all sorts of negative energies, including fears, despondencies etc.
The Law of Attraction could be argued, is strictly binary in its response, whereas angels are intelligent, and compassionate.
These titles include Thought-Force in Business & Everyday Life (1900), Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World (1906) and Practical Mental Influence (1908).Due in part to Atkinson's intense personal secrecy and extensive use of pseudonyms, he is now largely forgotten, despite having obtained mention in past editions of Who's Who in America, Religious Leaders of America, and several similar publications - and having written more than 100 books in the last 30 years of his life. But knowing that one can visualise oneself healthy – against all the doctor’s predictions, he manages to walk again within a few months! I could not even remember what healthy and fit felt like, even less so visualise and feel it!
Possibly not, as the previous owners perished in a car accident – that’s why the house is now on the market.
Now if a medical miracle, such as this takes a few months – should 1000 pounds not be a doddle for the Universe?
For me personally, the cosmic cash machine initially did not want to pay out any extra besides my regular salary. Instead of spending time visualising that positive bank statement, virtually smelling it, feeling it, and then spending all the money – I just pray for abundance (definitely financial independence), and get on with my day! Basically I just pray and ask that my life becomes as happy and suffering free as possible – and that the Divine helps me in every possible and sensible way to clear anything that impedes this happy and effortless life!

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