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Did you know that many Law of Attraction techniques don’t give you the full story when it comes to truly “thinking” your way to success?
For ex: if you have 10 goals or things you would like to “attract”, there may only be one or two on that list you’re a “10 out of 10” in terms of “I believe I can get there”. Have you ever been to a seminar or read a “goals” book that told you to define a HUGE goal and focus on that? My goal in educating you about this Law is to bring to light how you can finally begin manifesting that which you say you want in your life. The reason a majority of people fail to use this LAW in a positive way is because they’re thinking thoughts that create bad emotions. There are really only two emotions: emotions that make you feel good and ones that make you feel bad.
Your thoughts are causing you to feel bad, to feel the lack of what you want, and hence, you keep experiencing this lack.
In order to properly use Law of Attraction techniques, you must be in a state of allowing…you must feel good. Before you go wild using LofA methods, I want to first bring to your attention the need to Master the Basics. No matter the subject area people want to master in life, from business, to relationships, to trades, to speed reading, to video games, to cooking, etc…whatever it is…the majority always want to cut corners.

Too often, the rallying cry is, “get to the point & just show me how to do it because I don’t have the patience to learn this properly”. I sincerely encourage you to avoid those who teach Law of Attraction techniques that promise “pie in the sky” type info.
In my efforts to more effectively help you make your dreams come true, I’ve partnered with the 11 Laws team. Have you “tried” using various Law of Attraction techniques taught by the so-called “gurus” selling the various tapes and books? Consider how there may be people you’re currently listening to who are teaching you Law of Attraction techniques that are flat out wrong.
Additionally, I’m not at all saying I’m the expert who knows it all and I’m the person you should listen to.
Realize as we go through this journey together that only you can determine whether what I’ve learned from highly successful people resonates with you the way it does for me. Is that not quite different from the average (and, unfortunately, unsuccessful and unhappy) person who immediately puts up a wall regarding new ideas and information? By the way, if you’re not raking in 2-5 sales or reps per day then you owe it to yourself to Click here or the image below and watch my video that solves this issue. I hope you have enjoyed these Law Of Attraction quotes, I will be adding to this post when I can with more amazing quotes!

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In terms of self improvement & income generation, the lives and destinies of thousands of fortunate folks are being positively impacted. Each new methodology will help you with your understanding, yet it will uncover another method to aid you with attracting what you want in life…and that new method uncovers yet another way to “look” at how you can bring your dreams to life. We’ll start with the 4 Fundamental starting points to understanding the Law of Attraction and how to use this Law to attain all your goals and dreams.
I’ve been on my own journey to learn and understand what really works in terms of using and benefiting from the Law of Attraction.

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