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But while searching for answers, we unconsciously attract situations that are offering possibilities to learn and experience the exact thing we are looking for. Laws of attraction is the Secret of success and happiness but it’s not the only factor for gaining those two things. The act of asking the Universe to give you something you want is actually a good opportunity to clarify to yourself what exactly do you want. Belief means that you have to behave, talk, and think like you already have the thing you have asked for.
Many people have tried with this law of attraction, but most of them fail to attract what they want into their life.
One of the most common reasons people often have negative thoughts in their mind is that they’re often been bombarded by negativity all the time. Believing and starting anew is the first and the fundamental step that you must take before you start to apply the law of attraction. If you put in 100% commitment to do this, you’ll eventually end up creating amazing results just like they do. To fully activate your Law of Attraction, you must visualize the achievement of what you want in your life. Let me show you another article from my blog, this is a MUST-READ article, Wealth Is Created With An Idea.
It’s in our nature to seek for answers about the surroundings, meaning of life, love, unexpected things or unwanted events.
Actually, the Secret can primary help us penetrate deeper truths and find out the meaning of our existence.
There are a lot of Universal laws that we should follow in order to get nearer to our Ideal and achieve our goal in life. The moment you answer this question to yourself in a clear way, is the moment you send the request.

The moment you are switched on the same frequency with the thing you have asked for, the Law of attraction starts launching events, circumstances and people that are bringing you (closer to) the desired thing.
Instead, start thinking about how you are already experiencing the benefits of the perfect body weight. You can even create your whole day to be exactly the way you want it by thinking about the things you wish would happen to you.
Think about it, with the news transmitted from the television, the radio, and lately, the internet, have become the sources of negativity. Therefore, you must get rid of the negativity first before you transmit the positive vibration thoughts from your mind.
By slowly decreasing the negative thoughts in your mind, you will then start to fill your mind with more and more positive thoughts. What you can do is find out who is the mentor in your field, and model everything he or she does. If you hesitate the power of visualization, read this article, The Theory of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. If you follow through these 3 simple steps here and apply them into your life, you’ll definitely create amazing results in your life, no doubt for that. If you want to gain worldly wealth and status, you can use the Secret, but beware, by failing to comply other Universal laws you can also lose that wealth. Try to start with the little things (such as finding a parking space) and soon you’ll experience how the Laws of attraction work. With your current thoughts, feeling and action, it will be hard for you to believe that you can actually acquire something by simply thinking and acting towards it.
Once you know what you want, you’ll have to create positive affirmation and affirm it at least twice a day. Thinking, writing and saying an affirmation is one of the most powerful ways how you can have positive change in your life.

Think about it, if you are skeptical and negative, it will be hard for you to feel motivated.
For example, if you’re in success-related field, you can model Anthony Robbins, Adam Khoo, and more. That means, if you want something in your life, you must often think about it and do more about it to make it come true.
If you want to become a millionaire, you must first believe that becoming a millionaire is possible for you. So you’ll have to first change your thoughts by thinking positive thoughts and everything will start to change. Model what they do, how they wear, what will they do when they face obstacles, how they breathe, how they eat, how they speak and how they sleep. You’ll have to clear off all the negative thoughts in your mind before you soak in any new and empowering thoughts.
The good news is, I’m going to share with you how you can activate your law of attraction right now in this very article. If you want the law of attraction to work for you, you must believe in the principle of like attracts like. Just like if you tell your friends or your parents about something that they don’t believe, they will counter back and tell you that what they believed is real.

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