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Love is intrinsically human and exists in almost every aspect of human life whether it is acknowledged or not. But not to worry, be it you want to find love, maintain love in a current relationship or simply want to enjoy the feeling of being loved, understanding the law of attraction and love is your guide. For romantic relationships, gratitude helps achieve greater love by looking away from the negativity in your partner and instead focusing on the positive. Most people only think to ask for health when they don't have it, but you can intend great health at any time. Live your dream in your heart and let the Universe move everything to bring your dream to you.
Essence numbers are complex calculations (so bear with us!) that are used to describe important transits in an individuals life. When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give. But if you really want to understand the law of attraction in love, you need to understand the system, and how it really works. The whole world is full of patterns and logical explanations, but when it comes to love and how it works, it’s surprisingly easy and yet, totally mysterious.
There are many couples who have been together since forever, but even they haven’t found love in each other’s eyes. You could read huge research papers or listen to therapists about their definition of love and try to learn from them. There are so many couples who have actually given up on finding love, and carry on their lives talking about fairytale romances and romantic movies with their friends, but they don’t really try to find love in their own lives.

What are the most important aspects that you want in your partner? Knowing how to find love is about knowing what you want in a partner.
Sometimes, it’s not easy to make a checklist in love, but it’s always better to create a list if you want to know how to find love.
Now that you know what you want in a partner, let’s look into the mirror at your own prospective partner. Attraction is what enables you fulfill the desires of your heart; it could be money, happiness, success or love as in our case. By appreciating your partner for what the simple good things they have done or made you feel is a great way to get you two closer and even deeper in love. But can you really go looking for love, or should you just wait for the secret law of attraction in love to start working its magic?
Learn to understand the secret law of attraction in love, and you’ll see that knowing how to find true love can be as easy as a walk in the park.
Should your prospective partner be attractive, or charming, or earning a lot of money, or overly ambitious, or all of the above? Love at first sight and passion won’t care about any lists, but checklists are always important in long term relationships.
What you simply ought o do is let go of the negative emotions and replace it with positive affirmations.
It opens a channel for reciprocation as your partner feels to be of great value to you even with their faults. This is because you may think you were sparing yourself the pain of heartbreak only to realize you stopped someone from really getting close to you.

Understanding this will be the key to opening up better avenues and paths in your search for love.
Once the passionate haze of initial love fades, reality comes into play and you’re going to wish you stuck to your list of wants in a partner.
If you were to ask the billion dollars what you should do to earn it, what do you think it would say? Love cannot be underestimated as it is significant in our general happiness and well being.
This could start by the love you have for yourself, your family, friends and just about every one that shows some kind of affection towards you. Let yourself sail away in love with joy and laughter, if in the end you start to drown, kick really hard till you get to the shore, pick the pieces of what is left and live on. But even so, there exists a negative energy surrounding love and it is probably why so many people are finding it hard to build strong relationships. By shutting down the cycle of negativity, you are able to let go of past failures and mistakes in love and that you are able to focus on building and working on new and existing ones. If both of you are grateful about each other, you both are building your love and hence create a relationship that is solid and full of understanding. Unless you are able to find worth in yourself and the world around you, no else will and you will eventually be wiped out of the color.

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