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When we think or how we think will have a effect on the outcome of whatever we are trying to achieve. We have heard about the power behind thinking positive, but we must consider and understand there is a power behind negative thinking too.
Thought Manifestation is the act of holding a certain thought, idea, or intention in your mind for a certain amount of time, and charging it with enough emotional energy. We all see our mind as an invisible something, we have heard people talk about it, we are aware of it, but some people do not look after it. I am here to help and educate and make people grow, make them aware about what life is about and how to reach your full potential. I mentioned last week about alignment and how everything needs to be on the same frequency to manifest that desire. As a person who has attracted a lot of my desires through manifesting with the power of the mind and applying the law of attraction, I have noticed a lot of people find it very hard when trying to manifest their desires.
This post is for everyone who reads my content, comments on them, comments on face book, who retweets my tweets and has subscribed to my site.
We all ask the same question how to make money, the thing is we have never been taught in school how to make money. I am going to tell you what visualisation really is, everyone who applies and knows about the law of attraction is talking about visualising. Money seems to be the big topic and the big desire in todays world, simply because a lot of people do not have enough. When it comes to living a life in abundance, we have to remember we already have everything we need.
I have transformed my life using the law of attraction, but the way I made that transformation was the power of the mind.
After all that, if the theory holds, then your intention should manifest in your life in some way.
I can assure you for anyone that wants to follow the law of attraction, use positive thoughts and energy, or anyone on a spiritual journey in life, needs to have a great state of mind. I often find people have really good intentions and they also have the solution to their problems, but the main obstacle in their way is making that change.
The education system teaches us to develop education skills to set us up in being able to get a good job. So I decided to write some tips for law of attraction at work, which you can use come the new year.
When applying the law of attraction to attract money you need to access different areasA and applyA different steps. It is a way to escape the physical for some when they are going through tough times or simply need to unwind. It has a lot more you need to know to successfully apply the steps to use it correctly for your benefit. The thing is we do not realise this, the reason for this is because in the physical world we are to focused on what is going on around us and focusing our attention on what is happening in the physical. I wanted to share with you a story about a six year old boy who manifested over 150,000 dollars.
A Realistically if you think about something and give that thought a powerful positive energy over time repeating this you will manifest that thought into your physical life. So please subscribe to the website share the website follow us on twitter and like our facebook page. Negative thoughts make us see the world as negative and positive thoughts bring us positive circumstances. Well I am going to explain to you what I do to manifest my desires and all you have to do is use the same method. We know if we feel a bit overweight the solution would be to hit the gym and draw up a work out routine for three four times a week, as well as a new diet.
I have had a lot of new twitter followers recently, as I have started to round up more like minded people.
I love new year because for those that have had a tough year, new year is a time to let go of what was and focus on what is. The law of attraction tells us in order to create what we want we must line up our frequency.

If you do not carry out and apply these steps then you will have that unfulfilled desire and that is not healthy. Although many people die from drugs research shows that more people die from prescription medication than all illegal drugs combined. I can assure you that if you find inner stillness you will change your life and the law of attraction will be the next course of actionA  You are a human being and you live in a physical world.
It is an emotional pain, because it is an emotional pain it has a major blow on us physically.
I have mentioned in many posts about the mindsets we develop from birth to adults depending on our environment we where brought up in. I wanted to share this story with you to show you that manifesting can be accomplished by anyone. I ask myself if we think positive thoughts and we receive positive circumstances, then why can the whole world not change the world almost overnight. We speak of the words that we are used to hearing or saying from ourselves and others around us. Everyone who already follows my posts knows my ambition A which is to spread love, knowledge, positivity to as many people as possible.
Now anyone that knows about the law of attraction and how it works will find this post very helpful.
I just find that the new year is a good time for people to start off doing something different to break their old habits.
We have the spiritual power through mind power, metaphysics, law of attraction and manifestation techniques. Those caused by illegal drugs the vast majority are street narcotics such as cocaine and heroine, almost none are psychedelic.
What happensA is that the physical world affects our thoughts, feelings, belief and everything else that you need to apply the law of attraction successfully.
But the majority of people end up developing a mindset that has limitations, doubt, no self believe and many more hold backs in life. You will get these so called gurus charging you to learn how to live your life and find peace of mind. I will explain with the law of attraction and making that change, so it is easier for us to accomplish.
I have received hundreds of emails and private messages asking for my help and advice and I have gave it to those who asked, for free. A lot of people want to apply the law of attraction just to gain some life possessions which is fine. No matter what went on this year 2015 can be the year where you simply create the life you desire by setting goals and applying the law of attraction.
So when you are in a low frequency you are in a decreased state of consciousness, you perception is limited. The more clearly we see or visualise our desires the more easily our desires will come into our life. I always have said even when starting to apply the law of attraction it all starts at the beginning which is from within. This is a perfect story of a boy who was in alignment and was vibrating out to the universe and attracting all that like energy back.
There are websites out there that have over one million likes on facebook, based on the law of attraction. To help them grow and develop new ways of thinking that will set them free and result in them being the creator of their life. This is a passion I have sharing the wealth of knowledge I have in the law of attraction and being the creator of your own reality. We always reflectA at the new year at our career to see if it is where we want to be in life. You need to develop an action plan so you can absolutely materialise those things that you want. When you are in a high frequency you are in a increased state of consciousness, your perception is raised. A lot of people, teachers and books say that it is the act of visualising which is actually creating.

If you love designing then you have a passion and you show love in your work when designing then you will be successful because you are giving out vibrations of love for this part or area of your life and you will attract love for that specific area in your life leading to success. I know that a lot of people may disagree with what I am going to say, but the best tip I can give for healing a broken heart is time. I am going to tell you a story of a eighteen year old girl who went from being homeless to a millionaire all by changing her mindset. What I a going to share with you is basic and concept, most great ideas usually are simple. So this is a bit of a reflection on the past year and I want to make some new year resolutions. So instead of having the January blues try out these tips for law of attraction at work and you will be going to work in the right frame of mind.
Through the law of attraction you have the ability to pull to you anything that you can visualise and make a part of your feelings.
The real you is where all he answers lie and the core being is full of knowledge that is in the universe. So this post I am going to explain to you a very weak word that does not serve us and it limits us. But before that I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to like, share, read, follow and comment on my posts and the content I write. Why not be a new positive person in the workplace in 2015, be a leader and spread the positivity changing everyone in the work place regarding their attitudes and personality.
I want people to enjoy life and apply the law of attraction to live a life with no stress over money, health, or relationships. In order to get a good grip on this concept please read my blog there is tonnes of resources for you to get a good understanding of the law of attraction and the metaphysics of the universal law.
So why dismiss this and instead access this great being.A  The real you is all love and all attraction, the real you loves unconditionally. I have taken a break from the site as you know and wondered how my website that offers free advice and coaching, only has over five thousand likes on facebook.
The old you runs automatically and it will do everything in its power to stop you from making any changes what so ever. So below I am going to write what I have in store for all my subscribers and followers in the year 2015. We need to understand the Power of the universal law.A This is where you should begin to understand the law of attraction first. Millions of people try to change their life styles, try to change their routine, their thought patterns,but most of them fail.
I want everyone to understand the law of attraction and find themselves on a spiritual journey. The higher your vibrational frequency the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater flow of life force again through your mind and body. It is only energy, vibration and consciousness.A We Attract money using mind power and energy.
I am back after six months off to blow these websites away and not use the mind power and law of attraction as a gimmick or a money making scheme. Rather than just trying to apply the law of attraction to become really rich and to be greedy. HoldingA a high vibration and radiating love raises the consciousness of all those who come into contact with your energy field. So now is the time to stop using theA Language that holds us back and does not serve us at all.
In this post I want to get my message across to everyone that we should not need all this in our lives to be happy.

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