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Recently I started watching Robert Evan's Habit of Attraction video series where he expands on the topic of Law of Attraction and shares his own unique techniques for manifesting desires. I like Robert's idea of "building up your manifesting muscle" and creating confidence in your abilities to attract what you want in life.
The second video is great for it teaches you how to write a Desire Statement, which is a super-charged affirmation focused on attracting a specific desire into your life.
Usually Robert requires you to opt-in (give your name and email) to watch this video but he agreed to let me give you a direct link to the video without having to opt-in. This is a golden opportunity to check out what Robert has to offer before deciding if you want more.
The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.
The email suggested something today that made me face a part of me that I had never ever faced before in my life. Then I thought: instead of thinking of money as a person, let me think of this guy called money dude.

I imagined that this guy was responsible for providing all the money in the world to everybody.
Suddenly, a question popped into my head: When was the first time I really came to think about money? I want to share with you all the thoughts, grievances, and crap that have gone on about you in my life. After I had cried a lot I understood that Rs 316 was a lot of money which is why my parents didna€™t want to give that thing to me.
That was the first phase of my life: hoards of unmet desires and a desperate craving for money which made me resent my parents.
Today as I write all this out to you, money dude, I am trying to forgive all three of my phases. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. And I remember watching other school children being driven to school in cars and school buses.

A co-worker offered me a cold drink worth Rs 4, a taxi driver accepted Rs 2 less than the usual fare from me, and a glass of Pepsi that I thought cost Rs 10, suddenly cost Rs 7!
And I know that, that day it sunk in my little head that you were important money dude a€“ too important.
It was a rebound: now that I had money I wanted to spend every penny of it and feel the thrill of throwing money away. Will I be able to pay my rent and yet have enough to eat out every day?a€? I started being afraid of my money getting over. She said she didna€™t want to have it and since I loved it, I could have ALL of ita€¦Of course I enjoyed my meal and thanked the universe for this.

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