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About the AuthorTodd Wright Facebook TwitterI have provided leadership training in the U.S. I have been married for thirty years to my wife, Lisa, who manages our family, farm, and investment properties. The Heart-Led Leader: How Living and Leading from the Heart Will Change Your Organization and Your Lifeby Tommy SpauldingIn his first book, It’s Not Just Who You Know (which rose to #2 on the New York Times bestseller list), world renowned leadership speaker and former CEO of Up with People Tommy Spaulding talked about the power of building genuine and lasting relationships both personally and professionally. Anytime a leader is going to lead their organization through change, the people need to know: What? This strategy took over a year to get the ball rolling on the deep internal shift that would be required. 12 Months Out: Have the Lead Pastor and Discipleship Pastor take a vision trip to Post Falls, Idaho and Real Life Ministries to participate in DiscipleShift 1 Conference. 9 Months Out: Hold a vision meeting for current small group leaders to begin the “buy-in” process with these “on the ground” leaders.
8 Months Out: Recruit leaders (both staff and lay leaders) to attend a DiscpleShift 1 Conference led by Real Life Ministries and hosted at our church. 7 Months Out: Host DiscipleShift 1 Conference in partnership with the Georgia Baptist Convention at our church.
5 Months Out: Hold another vision meeting for small group leaders to hear testimonies from those who attended DiscipleShift 1. 3 Months Out: Facilitate follow-up and debrief with those who participated in the DiscipleShift Boot Camp. 2 Months Out: Have all church attendees fill out a card indicating whether or not they are connected to a small group.

Launch Time: We began 15 new groups with a strong commitment to the new strategy, and encouraged existing group leaders to implement some of the new strategies with their groups.
Leading Bold Change Workshop Insights based on John Kotter’s book Our Iceberg Is Melting.
During workshop for each of the Kotter’s 8 steps students are asked to identify what behaviors they would witness at each step if change process was being done well or if it was not done well, as well as action that can be taken to ensure success in next step. The final phase was a 12-week sermon series based on the Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual from Real Life Ministries. Begin a weekly small group with leadership staff using the new relational strategy, so they can experience the process and lead the way.
This was done to inspire and encourage participation for the upcoming DicsipleShift Boot Camp the following month.
It was a 4-hour training experience on a Sunday afternoon for both current and potential children, youth, and adult group leaders. This was done through one-on-one meetings and leadership gatherings to celebrate and build on the momentum created at the training.
This allowed us to build a prospect list for the new relational groups set to launch in the coming months. All groups worked through the Real Life Training Manual for the first 12 weeks as the teaching pastors led a 12-week sermon series covering the same material. From past experience managers know, how important it is to use a change model to guide the process of implementing new service therefore many will turn to the work of John Kotter as a guide. I am the Lead Pastor at Midway Church, and I am on the teaching faculty of Global Focus, Inc.

It allowed people the opportunity to experience a mini DiscipleShift Conference in a relational environment, with an intentional leader, using the Bible storying method.
We preached a sermon series built around the parables of Jesus, to emphasize and model the “storying” process even in our Sunday services. During those weeks, Midway Church experienced a 15% increase in our weekly small group attendance.
During this series we launched new home groups, and a major foundation was laid that is giving way to a renewed culture and mindset regarding discipleship done Jesus’ way.
I am a certified trainer to deliver William Bridges & Associates’ Individual Transition in Organizations, and Managing Organizational Transitions. The following is a description of our strategy to intentionally develop a disciple-making culture throughout every facet of Midway Church. Though the temptation would be to jump right into such a strategic series, the fact is that it took a full year to properly prepare the staff, volunteer leaders, and influencers in our church to embrace the coming shift.
Without the above 12-month strategy that culminated in the 12-week implementation, the impact we saw would never have taken place. Many times successful people (bosses, CEOs, etc) get bad reputation for doing everything possible to achieve so-called "power".
Most of the stories are about good decisions based on character and morals, not necessarily based on what is good for making money the business.

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