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Take four days off in the desert of Joshua Tree and meditate on the profundity of Buddha’s teachings on Universal Compassion. Self cherishing is like an iron chain that keeps us locked in samsara.
From the text, Transform Your Life, Learn to meditate and practice the Buddhist Way of Life in all of our daily actions, in and out of our meditation session.
The class begins with a short introduction, then we engage in a 10 minute relaxing guided breathing meditation. The commentary is followed by a 15 minute guided meditation on the main subject from the days’ class, a 15 minute inner-class discussion and we finish with a 15 minute question and answer period.

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Startup Events Orange County is a fluid collective of networks, highly customizable to suit customized events. This is followed by a 50 minute commentary on the art of meditation and the subject of the class. Buddha did not expect us to put all his teachings into practice right away — they are intended for a great variety of practitioners of different levels and dispositions.

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