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October 1, 2014 by RJ Leave a Comment Listening to our customers when they have problems is good. We are in the midst of a series on how you can improve your marketing by working with Customer Service departments.
From my experience, many leaders put their own development needs last and fail to grow their own knowledge and skills.
He was great at developing his team and making sure that they sharpened their saw, as Stephen Covey describes it! Over time, he became the bottleneck in his business:  his lack of up to date knowledge and skills were slowing his team down.
His unwillingness to learn was detrimental to the team and their effectiveness, even though that was the last thing he wanted. Tom learned the hard way the importance of consistently making time to gain knowledge is essential for his and the team’s success. Make your continuous learning an essential part of your business strategy, whether you work in corporate or you own your own business.
Another great article and a subject most managers neglect, martyring themselves in the process.
New research proves that people only confront failures when they cannot find ways to attribute failure with something – or someone – else.  But when we avoid accountability, we detach ourselves from learning. To explain why most of the saints, scholars, and other super minds always link success with failure is straightforward, because they never found a way to success other than failed experiences.
So is there any way managers can encourage learning without accusing others of responsibility? 2)      Carefully designing the job roles, scope of responsibilities and reporting structure.
3)      Creating a psychological safe culture within the organization, where employees are encouraged to accept and learn from failure. 4)      Make a norm of experiencing new tasks as the challenging opportunity for learning process, rather than as a threatening stress. 5)      Analyzing root-cause of the failure without penalizing anyone when team fails, this can increase the thirst for learning among employees. Testimonial"..If there was a Madmen ETF, your company would represent the biggest weighting!

With over 10,000,000 iPhone 6’s shipped, the product went from limited testing to nearly global usage. They are too busy working at a crazy pace to get everything done and try to keep up with the never ending flow of work. He was trying to accomplish too much and was totally unaware of (and frightened to recognize) his own limitations. His team started to become frustrated as he became more of a micro-manager, taking more and more on because of his own lack of self-confidence.
He needed to keep things going so couldn’t possibly spend time on himself.  He just didn’t have the time and was unwilling to step away from the business to learn and grow. It’s easy to get distracted by internal or external factors that steal your attention and focus.
He needed to focus on growing himself if he wanted to grow the team, and ultimately their success. Things will always need to be on your radar and being open and committed to learning and growth has got to become a part of who you are as a leader if you truly want to be successful. Understand your people – Get to know and recognize the differences of the people that you work with. Leaders are readers – Learn about leadership by reading or listening to audios or watching DVD’s. Reach out for help – You may already be proactive at helping others grow and encouraging them to reach out to you for help. In other words, they got learning from failures and sooner or later, make themselves accountable to combat failure without giving excuses and reasoning or blaming external circumstances. The dilemma of real world is that we cannot easily decrease the ambiguity of responsibility when it comes to failure because most of our assignments and projects involve team players and colleagues as well. When a person fails, his curiosity for success increases but the person should be sincerely curious about his work and life. When your customer service group moves from simply solving problems to creating opportunities for corporate improvement, your brand will look better. Instead, they want you to be responsive when problems occur, and to only make a mistake once.
He actually thought that others would see his limitations as a flaw or a weakness and therefore a poor leader.

If your attention is splattered and you’re trying to do too much, this lack of focus can be disastrous. Understanding WHY people behave the way they do can help you to influence them and help to reduce any conflict as it arises because you are aware of their filters and preferences.
As you develop, new challenges present themselves so you are continually stretching out of your comfort zone to create a new normal. In the end, all we need is to prepare ourselves to be accountable and responsible for the particular failed attempt rather than pinpointing others and uncontrollable external factors. Help your customer service team turn conversations into real listening.  Better marketing will result.
In fact, I have always considered a successful resolution a great opportunity to cement a customer relationship.
As a result, they release an update to iOS, but unfortunately, it turned out to be worse than the original. Because an organization that makes the same mistake over and over again tarnishes its brand. He started to compensate for this by trying to be everything to everyone instead of stepping back and admitting his own learning needs. You become overwhelmed and burnt out, your team becomes confused and demotivated, and your performance (and theirs) dips significantly.
Thirty minutes a day listening to an audio as you travel to or from work is an easy way to get started – that’s 2.5 hours a week! This includes understanding and gaining knowledge of your industry or business and how it is changing. Play to your strengths and look for ways to outsource things that are not your genius work. One of best ways of learning is then to reach out to others and teach it to them… passing the knowledge and skills forward to your team!

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